What does a leaky heart valve feel like?

Have you ever felt like your heart was doing the cha-cha slide inside your chest? Well, it’s not always a fun dance party going on in there. Sometimes, that feeling could be caused by a leaky heart valve.

What is a leaky heart valve?

Before we dive into what it feels like, let’s quickly explain what a leaky heart valve is. Your heart has four valves that ensure blood flows in one direction through each chamber of the organ. If any one of these valves can’t close tightly enough or seal properly, blood leaks backward and doesn’t get where it needs to go.

The ‘Feels’ of It All

Ahh yes…the main event – all about how it feels when you have issues with your mitral or tricuspid valves.


Gasping for air after running up some stairs might make sense if you’re as fit as Jabba The Hutt but if this happens even during an easy walk on flat terrain then perhaps Yoda knows something you don’t (and so does your doctor!). One common sensation related to leaking internal plumbing happens to be breathlessness; think Darth Vader without his mask struggling for breath instead of intimidating young Jedi Knights!

There are many reasons why someone may experience breathlessness which makes diagnosing the cause more challenging than climbing out of Sarlacc Pit! Fortunately, medical professionals use imaging tests such as echocardiograms or X-rays in combination with their expert intuition & questioning skills to help identify whether those lungfuls truly do come from poor cardiovascular health.

Irregular Heartbeat

Perhaps you’ve heard people from United States trying out British accent and messing up pronunciation here and there..well same thing goes for our ticktocking pumping-machine friend in our chest cavity due to leaking valve(s). An irregular heartbeat can manifest itself differently depending upon how severe the issue is. Some folks may not notice it at all while others might feel like their heart is trying out some sort of dance move or doing back flips (watch out for Crazy, Stupid, Love’s Dirty Dancing remake!) and making them dizzy.

Thankfully for us there are ways to catch this symptom early on – through something called an electrocardiogram. In this test patients have electrodes attached to their body which allow a physician or technician records electrical signals from different parts of their ticktocker over time helping doctors diagnose rhythm disturbances i.e irregular beats whether they come from leaky valve(s) or other causes.

Swollen Feet & Ankles

Remember those moon shoes kids liked jumping around in during 90s? Unfortunately swollen feet caused by leaking valves aren’t nearly as fun! When blood doesn’t get pumped through your pipes properly fluid can accumulate in ankle regions leading to swelling! While you can certainly try wearing flip-flops instead of trainers unfortunately that won’t fix underlying issues with plumbing mechanisms present within ourselves.

It isn’t always easy finding what exactly triggered these instances but thankfully experienced medics know how to ask right questions and examine ankles carefully amid medical examination; usually go-to solution includes prescription medicines as well attention towards reducing dietary salt-intake!

Chest pain

Time for a mini Da Vinci Code moment: Did you know severe chest discomfort could actually hint towards sinister feelings behind-the-scenes relating back-door entry left open by faulty valves rather than mere muscle spasms?! Especially if it happens when exercising (or performing usual daily activities).

Don’t worry though – just because such sharp pains exist it’s not necessarily surgical scalpel time yet; troubles from lower-grade leaks can be overcome via lifestyle modifications including exercise limit precautions and prescribed medication routine according medical advice provided after thorough exam/testing!

So What Should You Do?

If any of the above experiences sound familiar reach out promptly (after finishing off that yummy pizza) to medical professionals who have years of experience in diagnostics and fixing plumbing. And, please keep away from self-diagnosis through internet as our lab newsbots (!) say it often leads to wrong conclusions,misconceptions or unnecessary worries.

Your heart is a hard-working organ that deserves nothing but the best when it comes to care. So give your heart some love and go seek out expert diagnosis if you feel something isn’t quite right!

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