What does a diverticulitis attack feel like?

Do you feel like there’s a tiny elf inside your stomach trying to escape? Do you experience bloating, abdominal pain or constipation? Well then fella, it might be time to get yourself checked for diverticulitis.

You’re probably wondering what the heck that even means. Don’t worry, I’m here to give you all the deets on this mysterious condition. In this article we’ll discuss everything from what diverticulitis is, what causes it, and most importantly – what does a diverticulitis attack feels like?

First things first – Let’s Talk About Diverticulitis

Diverticula are small pouches that form in weak spots of your colon wall. If these pouches become inflamed or infected, that’s when you know something is up with your colon. This inflammation known as diverticulitis can cause some potentially painful complications if left untreated.

Now before y’all go crazy overthinking about how exactly those little buggers got into your gut; let me assure ya – nobody knows for sure why people develop diverticular disease but generally speaking diet appears to play a major role.

First hypothesis: A low-fiber diet

Supposedly The Western world has turned its back on fibers claiming them unimportant for good health (sighs well done America!). But research says halp folks! As per Science Daily increasing fibre reduces risk of death from cardiovascular disease,colon cancer (as evident with other types of cancers) &apparently avoids future painful flare-ups by preventing development of diverticular disease.

Second Hypothesis: Ageing

No one likes getting old..yikes right?! Research suggests age being another factor associated with incidence rate while explaining ‘ruptures occur more often with older patients’, as older colons tend to become weaker making bowel movements more difficult and stressful.(groan).

How do I know if I have Diverticulitis?

If you experience the following symptoms in unison, it’s quite possible that those little pouches of yours just got inflamed and we need a thumbs up from a doctor. Here are the signs:

  • Abdominal pain – this can be sudden and debilitating
  • Irregular bowl movement aka Constipation &/or diarrhoea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Bloating and gas
  • Smaller appetite

Fun fact: Some individuals with diverticular disease never develop any symptoms whatsoever while others may encounter only mild cramps or bloating!

Yep fella, ‘if your system ain’t broke’, wait for it…why fix it!

If left untreated however severe complications such as obstruction,bowel perforation, abscess formation (puss filled sacs) can arise.

Get seen by medical professional STAT if deemed an emergency.

So..What does a Diverticulitis attack feel like??

The symptoms usually start mildly ending up being acute.(Ouch!) Hints include:

  1. Lower-left Side Tummy Pain: This is the most common symptom that points towards diverticulitis . The pain stems from swollen tissue getting stuck through defect on one side of small intestinal wall leading to inflammation affecting activity throughout the bowels.
  2. Feverish + Fatigue: When inflammation sets in feel exhausted(just notice how tiny tasks appear bigger when you’re tired?), possibly feeling feverish ,even tempted to cover yourself with blankets whilst sweating(as sweat secretly knows all our innermost feelings winks)
  3. Constipation /diarrhoea: Irritation in intestines usually cause cuts around stool passing irritating anus along way causing unusual numbers of #2 events along multiple trips; Either emitting stool rarely or frequently every 2 hours..phew!
  4. Bleeding Straight Outa Your Rear End: There exists a kind of single bacteria known as Clostridium difficile(colloquially referred to as C-diff) which can damage your wall intestine leading to painful inflammation &diverticulitis symptoms complicated by recurrent bloody diarrhea(nope, it ain’t cool)
  5. Cramping Woes: I sure do not prefer any situation involving my organs cramping but inevitably in cases of diverticulitis this shall be one symptom experienced.affecting the overall stamina whilst performing daily chores

The Treatment Plan

If you’ve been diagnosed with diverticulitis and are experiencing an acute attack — don’t walk there RUN! Call for help – At most times treatment shall comprise of:

  1. A Liquid Diet
  2. Antibiotics
  3. Painkillers (if needed)
    4.Rest- Restful recovery is key especially if undergoing chemotherapy.

Typically antibiotics may very well turn out completely effective in less severe infections whereas surgery is possibly recommended if facing repeated attacks; that might just be something worth discussing in depth with your doctor.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Your body deserves the love but so does real estate on current earth.(lol). Sure you say brush teeth twice a day cause poor oral affection should never appear however same goes for colon health!

Here’s how you could lead your way towards prevention:
– Eat enough fiber (HINT!! Fruits,Veggies,Grains), this helps avoid constipation keeping those digestive tracks spick and span!
– Heaping water intake-because hydration helps bowel movements occur more smoothly.
Stay away from smoking(just waiiiit!, smoking, badder than 3-day-old pizza).
– Visit regularly-Gastroenterologist visits check bowels functioning optimally,lower risk off catching infection.

Parting Thoughts

Remember prevention is better than cure.The guidelines discussed here increase the chances you may never end up suffering from diverticulitis! Symptons inferring Diverticulitis such as bloating,constipation, abdominal pain or diarrhea might at first appear like no chaos,sure but with inflammation waiting to creep in,you’d rather stay cautious!

So be careful what you put inside ya gut buddy, don’t wait until it’s too late and ends up becoming an emergency.Wishing good health for all my readers!

In conclusion stomach issues can often times look similar before leading to different situations especially contemplating over a progressive disease..hence in instances where acute intestinal symptoms show up,it’s advisable ringing urgent medical attention due to potential risk off catastrophe by delaying diagnosis & intervention.

Diverticular attacks could indicate malignant or benign tumor development. Henceforth right assessment thus heads onto effective medical aid.Arrangements comprising of minimally non invasive procedures prior surgery intervention have proven more cheaper (over healthcare systems) creating ease of accessibility towards care services.

Stay present for your body today so that tomorrow it shall remain healthy.(pun intended)