What does 48 look like?

Ah, the big four-eight. It’s one of those milestone ages that can be both exciting and terrifying, depending on how you look at it. Some people believe that 48 is the age when things start to go downhill (or uphill if you’re an optimist). But what does 48 actually look like? Let’s take a closer (and comical) look.

The Age of Wisdom

At 48, you’ve lived long enough to gain some legitimate wisdom about the world- or so they say (who are they anyways?!). You’ve been around for four decades and change, which must count for something! So logically speaking, at this age:

  • You may begin using old proverbs and familiar quotes more often in everyday conversation.
  • Your thoughts become less erratic and more focused, providing grounded opinions on certain topics.
  • Adult children now give weightier value to your years of experience than ever before.

Please note: “The godfather” references don’t apply here!

Mid-Life Crisis… or Second Wind

This term has been thrown around quite frequently by every individual across all walks-of-life- mainly because the finality associated with ageing stresses everybody out(hence we’ll make humourous excuses!).

If you’re like most people (over-dramatic), midlife seems a perfect time to assess everything about yourself- from relationships (after all who needs bread when I got cookies!), career choices(let’s blame Covid), parenting techniques ^(because lockdowns sucked) ^(:(),and overall fashion sense(if camouflaging with my couch is not considered chic then oopsie!)

Here are some quixotic opportunities to help cope:

  1. Take up new hobbies such as gardening; unfortunately marijuana cultivation doesn’t qualify!
  2. Plan dream vacations though travel advisories might have different plans
  3. Invest in a fitness training plan but don’t overdo it, strength isn’t built overnight 💪.
  4. Test experimental fashion trends ^(who says ski suits can’t be considered as winter formal attire?!)

All in all (another cliche !) life begins at 40 (or 48).

Physical Appearance-For Better Or For Worse

If you look at yourself in the mirror every day and need some positivity, then congrats!! You have already achieved a milestone! (note sarcasm). Youth is indeed fleeting(That’s Shakespeare for you), and the physical appearance changes marked by various wrinkles,bags under your eyes(below mid water line) ,gray hair to name just a few.

At this age:

  • The signs of aging are perhaps becoming more apparent(why wouldn’t they just leave us alone!) It ‘kinda’ feels like Everything that was fit into one piece might now require an extra half-piece ^(^Sorry^_^fashion-advisors).
  • Most adults begin experiencing diverse health ailments including back_ache knee pain which no exercise seems to satisfy
  • On the plus side(last silver lining!), Genes ultimately play a vital role, making certain individuals appear much younger than their actual years.

Don’t worry; we’re not going down without crying out loud(New-York style)(aka doomsday preaching)-“Eat well”,” Drink plenty water!” ,”Exfoliate daily!”, “Try this new anti-aging cream!” (And go broke trying these remedies!).

Financial Acumen

This heading will trigger memories post-pandemic times(if there’s ever real ending).

It is said that money only serves happiness until bills start coming due(Living proof😓) Here are facts we didn’t learn n school(us humans aren’t perfect!).

  • Your retirement plans should’ve been made earlier^(but panic texting with friends works too)^(/s).
  • Credit-card bills increase with every passing year 😖.
  • Real estate agents follow you everywhere just to discus refinancing options.

Let’s give a few financially savvy tips:

  1. If one desires quick cash- start reselling items on the Internet
  2. Take online courses and trade cryptocurrency
  3. Find an affordable financial advisor, but make sure they’re legit (Better safe than sorry!)

In summary: Don’t expect to be set for life during mid-age (After all there are always cake deliveries that need paying)!

Family Life

Family is so important no matter how old you get (that got sentimental fast!).

At this age:

  • Many of your children would’ve moved away and started families of their own, making themselves unapproachable(Did we mention our zoom skills too?)
  • Relationships become more critical between spouses or partners^(Best way to maintain- share food & never discuss hot button topics!)
  • More free time with spouse/partner as well!^(We don’t condone new relationships though!)

And if the events above sound depressing, then perhaps it’s time for a little self-love.

The Endgame

You’re 48 plus now! It conjures up images of being old; because why when majority in Hollywood refuses to show us wrinkles ^(^disclaimer-we aren’t envious^)!

Here are some random observations-

  • You might have been qualified in Indian mythology as half blessed(half-cursed)!
  • Social media presence may also spark interest from several Gen.-Z people(Is that even relevant??) Ohh dear, memes however they might not feel relatable anymore.
    – BUT

                                                         Age is Just A Number(But quite honestly everything else makes it look..just right...?)

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