What does 10kg weight loss look like?

So, you have decided to lose ten kilograms. That is fantastic news! Now the question that comes to mind is: what does 10kg weight loss actually look like? Will your face become unrecognizable? Will you need a whole new wardrobe? Fear not because we’ve got all of the answers here!

The Basics

Before diving into it, let’s quickly go over some basics. One kilogram equals approximately 2.2 pounds (please don’t ask me how they came up with this number). Therefore, losing ten kilograms would be equivalent to shedding off twenty-two pounds.

Additionally, many different factors can impact how much weight one loses and notice when they do so – their initial body size and composition (hello genetics!) exert enormous leverage; someone who starts at two hundred pounds may work harder than someone who begins at three hundred but fail to show progress as visibly as the heavier person does.

Physical appearance

Now let’s get down to business! Losing ten kilograms can lead to an array of physical changes in appearances. Here are ways:


  • Your chubby cheeks will slim down.
  • You might have a more defined jawline.
  • Strangers will stop confusing you for Santa Claus during Christmas time.


  • Bra sizes might shrink-a-roo (for those with big boobies)
  • Men won’t be hiding their man-boobs anymore behind baggy t-shirts.


-Let’s keep it real weight around our abdomen (even the little pooch.) It usually makes us feel uncomfortable and self-conscious especially if our pants tend not to stay up straight (useful tip: buy readjustable belts.). If you’re carrying extra fat around your mid-section losing kg amount around there could help stabilize any back pain or discomfort.

Legs/ Buttocks

  • Cellulite and extra fat around the thighs can be frustrating for most. Lucky heading towards ten kilos might reduce these issues, tighten any sagging skin or dimpling (bye-bye donut bottoms).
  • No thigh friction equals no holes in your jeans from all that rubbing against each other.


  • Bingo wings will decrease (for those who were looking into wing-suits.)

Fitness Level

shedding 10 kg of weight may go hand-in-hand with increasing levels of physical fitness if accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise plan. Here are some changes you could notice:


Improved heart function means that increased oxygen supply is provided with every beat which makes it easier to keep up exercises for longer periods than before thus making physical activity not just bearable but enjoyable.


Let’s face it: carrying extra weight affects our own posture so losing around 22lbs takes away unneeded effort off our bodies.. This means having much more energy throughout the day to feel motivated to do something as simple as jogging, walking upstairs without feeling huffed and puffed after everything.

### Improved breathing:
More movement at this point would help train your lungs to pump harder which better prepares them when running quickly or hiking up hills.

## Clothing
Yes! Losing found kilograms mean clothes start fitting looser-do its time for a shopping spree? Here’s what changing size you’re likely to result in:

Old Size New Size
16/18 12
14/12 8
10 6

As previously noted two individuals with different initial weights won’t experience change identically; their body composition plays an important role since muscle weighs more than fat tissue, someone who ate fewer calories won’t have quite the same effect on their scale reading as someone doing strength training however both are still significant for health benefits.

General Health

Lastly, 10kg weight loss can lead to an improvement in general health. While the above-mentioned changes are fantastic, getting healthier and reducing your risks for chronic diseases is vital. Here’s how:

Reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes

Everyone nowadays knows some or all of Alzheimer’s diagnosis being linked to type two diabetes so losing ten kilos reduces insulin sensitivity thus enhancing glycemic control which apart from just helping symptoms could ultimately leads towards the reversal or prevention of developing type two altogether.

Lowered blood pressure

A report by Harvard Medical School stated that even moderate reductions total body mass index scores (losing just a little bit around our waists), greatly improved lowered blood pressures since less strain occurs hence better regulation throughout all bodily functions especially if exercising too.

### Improved cholesterol levels
According to research by Mayo Clinic shedding about twenty-two pounds led (Let me reiterate: LED) several people seeing marked improvements with regards to their lipid profiles resulting in a decrease in both “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels while increasing “good” on high-density lipoprotein(HDL)—this can famously lead towards reduction chances of heart disease –who doesn’t want that?

Losing ten kilograms may seem daunting at first but as illustrated, there are countless reasons why it’s beneficial – not only aesthetically but also physically and mentally. Remember; change begins within oneself (queue inner Yoda voice/breathing sequence). A successful journey always starts with baby steps!

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