What do you use ghee butter for?

If you’re reading this article, chances are that someone has highly recommended ghee butter to you. Or maybe you stumbled upon it while perusing the butter aisle at your local grocery store and now have no clue what to do with it. Fear not! I’m here to guide you on a journey through the land of ghee, exploring its existence, uses, and benefits. So buckle up your seatbelts friends, because we’re going on a ride!

What in Butter’s Name is Ghee Anyway?

Ghee butter (also known as clarified butter) originates from India where it has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic tradition. Fun fact: In Sanskrit, ghee means “bright” or “radiant,” which makes sense since many people who incorporate ghee into their diets often report improved skin health.

So how is ghee made? Well folks, it’s quite simple actually – all one needs to do is melt regular unsalted butter over low heat until three components begin to separate: clarified butterfat rises above white milk solids and water at the bottom of the pot. As soon as those white milk solids start to brown before removing from heat!
Then strain through cheesecloth or coffee filter so only pure golden fat remains.

The end result is richly-flavored melted gold, ideal for frying eggs or other dishes quickly without burning due its high smoke point whereby heating oil creates smoke and harms Saturated fats (Opens in new window). The process also removes any lactose making harmless putatively suitable even if dairy-resistant(i.e., lactose intolerance).

Wait…But Why Should I Use GHEE Instead Of Butter?

Aside from being used globaly :), gasp there are actually several reasons why one might choose to use ghee instead of regular butter:

  1. Increased Flavor: During the cooking process, the removal of milk solids allows ghee to caramelize and develop a unique nutty flavor that is much richer than regular butter.

  2. Higher Smoke Point: Due to its low water content, Ghee can be heated at high temperatures without burning or smoking; it’s perfect for frying or roasting.

  3. Longer Shelf Life: With moisture removed, ghee has lower chances of being oxidized- making it last longer.

  4. Lactose-free(sugar): By filtering out the lactose contained in butter, those who are lactose intolerant don’t have to give up luscious on sauces .

How Can I Use It? Give me some Ideas!

Now that we have discussed what makes ghee stand-out over regular unsalted butter , let’s dive into some suggestions on how you too can incorporate ghee into your cooking routine (We’re not condoning eating plain scoops of butters tho…)

In Baking:

Ghee functions just as well as any other fat within recipes so swap out vegetable oil when baking next time.

In Cooking Proteins:

Incorporating small amounts of GHEE onto meats when seasoning adds extra richness and tenderness to meats like chicken & beef : )

For Additional Flavoring

Instead of spreading humdrum peanut-butter consider mixing ghee with honey or jam for a taste-enhancing treat!

Up Your Coffee Game!

Drop two tablespoons of melted golden oils instead cream/sugar mixture adds sublime depth/moisturizing aspect roast .

These suggestions by no means comprise an exhaustive list! Really anywhere one would use regular cow-derived fats should work will also sustain replacing vegetables oils since it has higher smoke points

Okay Okay…Sound Good But How Do I Properly Store This Butter?

Great question Mr./Ms. Curious! Because ghee has had its water and milk solids removed, it does not need to be refrigerated because microbes cant grow without soil!. Store in a cool dark place away from excess heat for up to 6 months. Or freeze up to a year.

Well That’s A Wrap Folks!

From cooking mediums to healthier butter alternatives, I commend you on navigating through the complex world of ghee. Don’t let the unfamiliarity of this substance deter you from trying new recipes – after all, experimentation is what makes culinary arts so exciting! Now go forth my fellow foodies with your newfound knowledge of clarified butter and prosper (just don’t consume by spoonfuls)!

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