What do you boil water in?

Have you ever stood there, staring blankly at your kitchen counter, wondering what to boil water in? Fear not, for we’ve got you covered. From classic pots and kettles to unconventional options like coffee makers and microwaves, here are some of the wackiest and weirdest ways to bring your water to a boil.

The classic pot

Let’s start with the basics – the humble pot. A standard kitchen item found in almost every household, it’s perfect for boiling large amounts of water quickly. Most pots are made out of stainless steel or aluminum and come with a lid that keeps the heat inside.

But wait! Not all pots were created equal. Some have thicker bottoms which help distribute heat more evenly while others might be made from non-stick materials such as Teflon-coated aluminum or ceramic. You’ll definitely want one with handles that stay cool even when on high heat so you don’t get burned when pouring.

The kettle

If tea is your go-to beverage then look no further than an electric kettle.”Electric” is certainly our generation’s favorite word because everything these days runs on electricity including devices used directly or indirectly used by humans.Hotter burning red coil beneath heating any liquid can make things happen ASAP in this device!

Not only does it need less space on your stovetop compared to a typical pot, but many models also come with automatic shut-off switches that turn off once they reach their boiling point – saving energy along the way too! It just needs a direct connection so no worries for battery (as we always forget them charging).


A microwave oven may seem like an unlikely choice for boiling anything however if it were bought recently then almost every model has ‘Quick 1-Minute’ buttons designed specifically meant for quick heating purposes.This could take atleast half time other gadgets needed.In the case of small amounts of water, it’s a time-saver that won’t heat up your kitchen the way stovetop methods do.The ‘talking’ microwave model I have even described in detail what is happening inside.

But take caution here! Keep a close eye on this method: the water can superheat, meaning it doesn’t look like boiling yet but when you disturb it (like by adding sugar or stirring), it suddenly starts bubbling viciously and spurts hot liquid. Just be careful not to touch any button blindly while using this helpful device!

Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is one of those devices that has completely changed the game when it comes to cooking, baking or just boiling anything. If you own one then trust us ,you,would know that!

This multi-functional appliance allows for an array of different functions including pressure cooking which can boil water faster than conventional ways will ever could.It also enables slow-cooking or sautéing depending on what food-to-be required.Most importantly,it needn’t be constantly attended once turned ON.Of course there are variants ranging from 5 qt all the way upto 10.Thus,a must-have-for-all gadgetlist !

Coffee maker

Here’s something different- A coffee machine for boiling water!
Believe me,you’re as shocked reading about than i was knowing upon first hearing about this ‘hack’ .A pour-over coffee maker with hotwater function acts great as an alternate/secondary instument needed at urgent instances,it avoids running into tantrums.Hygiene level remains maintained thus making appliances multipurpose.A two-in-one solution!It truly proves another saying wrong : _”Jack of all trades but master none”. Ahh thank god we got multitasking generators!

Sous Vide setup

Not necessarily found in every household,in fact only popularly seen amongst professionals,the technique works such that plastic bags of food are cooked after being immersed in water,gradually increasing temperatures for a desired final cook. If you have one at home,this sure counts and surpasses amongst the top-achievers on this list.User-friendly option,it controls temperature with great accuracy actually making things easier.A must try if cooking done often.

For boiling expect an indirect method where bags of food can be submerged in water – gradually increasing the temperature so that it remains under but gets heated till needful temperature.Most such appliances possess indicator timelines as well.

Electric Tea Kettles

Electric Tea kettles were seen before also,but here’s another reminder.Though mostly used to heat up drinking water quickly,you can absolutely use your electric tea kettle came with .The base may contain heating elements which superheat the liquid contents of any pot placed atop them,rendering even larger volumns quite quick.

A potential downside is triggering safety concerns what with unattended overheating leading to boilovers.It does not usually come accompanied by any sound or notification thus leading sometimes for people mistakenly leaving it over time.The state-of-the-art models nowadays have auto-cut compensation techniques ensuring cut off according to preset notifications .Previously could standin only2 minutes,today he is ableto help us go from cold-to-boiling within just1.5 !

Dutch oven

This heavy-duty kitchenware item was originally designed for outdoor use when camping ,but who’s stopping us from using it indoors!Slightly tough involving multiple processes while initial setup,- we recommend cast iron variants cause they worked best over direct flames-,could come really handy.Considerably large capacity,sizeable handles,normally having lids make it all worth a while.Two other benefits :It looks absolutely stunning & no material seepage towards content in pot;Thus winning hearts since forever!

Liquid Capacity (Table)

To get better understanding about how much capacity opt upon which instrument,Below enlisted is a approximate values conforming to standard design length & breaths.

Item Type Liquid Capacity (in ml)
Pot 2000
Electric Kettle 1000
Microwave Safe Bowls/Mugs/Vessels(350 ML volume) 160
Sous-vide System(1.2 L) 1200 (approximate )
Coffee Maker with hotwater function 580-680
Dutch Oven (6 quart) 5700


The options are endless for boiling water in your kitchen – from classic pots and kettles to unconventional methods like microwaves, sous vide setups, coffee makers but it all comes down which technique suits you more.We tried listing out some of the most commonly used hardwares accompanied by nuances diligently shared.Please choose wisely based on user-end result that you seek.Hope this article helped find something useful here.

Now let’s add some spices,maybe salt and herbs to truly make our dishes an ‘extraordinary’ affair .

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