What do nangs feel like?

Are you curious about what it feels like to take a hit of nang? AKA whip-its, laughing gas, nitrous oxide. Whatever you want to call them, they’ve become extremely popular in recent years among partygoers and festival enthusiasts alike. But what is the sensationlike? Are they all hype or actually worth trying out?

Inhaling The Gas:

Firstly, let’s get the basics out of the way: How exactly does one consume Nangs? Usually when people talk about using nitrous oxide recreationally; inhalation through balloons is most common! Nitrous Oxide can ruin your throat lining if not consumed via balloon. Unless you’re looking for some long-term damage (which Nobody wants), We highly recommend avoiding consumption through other means.

The beginning

When you first inhale a balloon full of laughing gas, everything starts feeling kind of tingly and taking deep breaths seems incredibly effortless than usual at that moment. For 15 seconds after absorption begins (about halfway through inhale) sparks start traveling up from mouth to jaw to forehead giving an unusual excitement which makes majority users start giggling this behavior could last longer depending on weight, gender height etc…

Changes in Sensory Perception

Once those initial tingles creep over your body and cause laughter or euphoria — lasting around 30 seconds — things really begin to get interesting with audio changes being especially noticeable! In this altered state sounds probably would be heard differently as ever before where louder noises may sound distorted while music could seem more vibrant and emit psychedelic vibes.. Alternatively profound thoughts may cross mind putting one in a completely different settings often resulting spiritual awakenings!

Afterwords Users tend go back normal sorta immediately but some effects will stick around varying according each individual such as light headedness or restless legs for few minutes thus its considered safe even during work hours because its affects are short term.

The Nang Hangover

Though laughing gas euphoria lasts for mere seconds, its effects can extend up to a few days afterwards. As such, many people report feeling a bit sluggish or off-kilter even hours after their buzz has worn off.

Other side effects could include confusion, dizziness and fatigue — though these symptoms usually abate within an hour of your last hit! Users should note that those experiencing anxiety and unstable psyche shouldn’t be dabbling into this fun substance at all because it would worsen long term mental health condition!


All in all nangs feel amazing with brief transcended experiences however the lasting effects on both physical health and overall judgement are not something to take lightly especially if done repeatedly!!

So go ahead; have some Laughing Gas if you’re curious! But make sure you understand the risks before making any decisions!.