What do hives come from?

Have you ever woken up to find red, itchy patches all over your skin? Did you feel like a human-sized mosquito had practiced its needlework skills on your body while you slept peacefully through the night? If yes, then you might have experienced hives. These raised, swollen bumps that itch and burn can be extremely irritating and uncomfortable.

Hives are not dangerous or contagious but can cause immense distress to the person experiencing them. In this amusing article, we will journey together into the wide world of hives exploring everything there is to know about what they are and where they come from.

H1: The low-down on Hives

First things first – what exactly are hives? Also called urticaria in medical terms, hives refer to pale-red bumps that appear suddenly on a person’s skin due to an allergic reaction or other stimuli such as stress.

These bumps may vary in size ranging from small dots (pin-head) rash-like blotches covering larger areas of skin(whopping dinner plates). They’re usually round with irregular edges often accompanied by intense itching sensation. Their visual appearance happens because they capillaries beneath the surface of our skin become filled with fluid causing puffiness & swelling leading serious discomfort for various individuals.

In most cases, hive symptoms tend to clear away within 24-48 minutes after disappearing without leaving any trace behind while some people could continue having recurring outbreaks for a longer period until treated medically due underlying causes.

So now that we know what these pesky things look like let me enlighten you guys all about where they come from. Buckle up!

H2: Something bugging You?: Allergic reactions

Let’s start good ol’ fashioned allergies (aaachoo!) – sneezing season hasn’t just ended during springtime; many substances found throughout our environment can trigger an allergic response. These irritants come in various forms – including pollen, insect bites/stings/venom plant oils (poison oak and poison ivy) nuts, certain medications (sedatives). Exposure to any of these allergens can cause an allergic reaction leading our body’s immune system to overreact by releasing histamine which causes hives. Soothing away the itch takes taking antihistamines.

H2: Inflammatory Foods are a Red flag!

Regrettably, what we eat can play a role in triggering hives as well! Certain foods might trigger our immune system cells causing inflammation resulting in urticaria through poorly-digested proteins getting beyond intestinal walls into bloodstream linked gluten for individuals suffering from autoimmune conditions such like celiac disease or Crohn’s disease.

Some may experience difficulty while digesting fresh fruit due protein chains similar with pollen hint:pollen-food syndrome which would develop without caution after eating raw fruits & vegetables such as apples melons ‘writing makes me hungry'(Stomach growls)

What could be varied? Every one reacts individually based on their own unique constitution and tolerances when it comes to food consumed.

However, some most common inflammatory foods often associated/have been triggers for exacerbating the condition amongst people include;

  1. Milk products,

  2. Peanuts/nuts sesame seeds.

  3. Shellfish

  4. Chocolate

5.Ever heard of ye ol cheese?

Therefore if your skins starts itching outta nowhere after noshing down any of these items listed above – you know who made you do it 🤷🏻‍♀️ #foodGuilt😔

It is high time we started being more cautious what each plate served holds(if it didn’t have veins coming out and was smoking hot visually appetizing)! This shall not stop us from digging into good grub too though only just cautiously perhaps 🙂

Bee Aware: Stings, Bites, and Venom

Stings/Bites/Venom brought to you by the insect-kingdom have also been known to trigger hive breakouts in some susceptible individuals. Insect parts including hairs from caterpillars can give different people allergic reactions too!!

One of the most famous culprits creating chaos belches out poisonous venom – the bee!

It’s not just honey they are producing you know… They create these itchy wheals when their stingers get stuck into your skin after vigorously palpating its nearby flesh with its happy-feet making loud ‘buzz buzz’ noises 😜

The itching causes caused by these harmless-looking mini insects’ bites might seem temporary but unfortunately could send more severe afflictions possible needing attention if someone is allergic/overreacts.

So unless you’re Maya The Bee(Yes a reference I Just did) – beware of hives🛑

About Drugs(sadly unillegal kind…)

What else? Some things prescribed casually for personal use like medication/drugs say aspirin even (Good Pain relief methinks) others such as antibiotics/narcotics may cause allergy-like symptoms prompting an outbreak in urticaria-form-allergic response trapped between blood cells noticing that component as foreign thing inside body kicking off immune system process& histamine being released eventually leading to Hives partying taking place on skins.

However not everyone reacts negatively…. Oh isn’t life complicated?😒

It’s all happening up there: High-Stress levels

The human brain! A vast universe often never willing to rest or take breaks until we appear befuddled; stressors beyond normal coping abilities soldiers deal with lotsa times long/short-lived problem provoking-inflammatory responses throughout our bodies causing skin rashes eruptions ‘rise me ladies’!(Reference here)

Stress-related hives tend occur around nose/mouth zones (Where does it all begin?) Or on neck also general itchiveness throughout arms, legs. Just breathing in and out deeply can help alleviate hives caused by stress or undertaking other relaxation methods known to you …many atop Himalayan-peaks.

Miscellaneous triggers

It is very uncommon but could be due several other contributing factors – such as Chronic infection diseases like lupus associated with bodily systems malfunctioning eg musculoskeletal microbiomes initially meant for fighting immunological response instead of disease-fighting leading histamine explosions after being attacked triggering systemic tissue damage; physical stimuli/sunburn harsh weather conditions(drafts/hypothermia), Stressful life/world events & exposure to radiographic materials etc those things that make clairvoyants grab on to their mood rings with a vengeance… It’s said they cause people pain/discomfort sometimes leading into chronic idiopathic urticarial presentation no particular reason found for the development..


In this lighthearted journey through the diverse world of hives scratching the surface of various causes responsible for itchy high-rising party appearances, we’ve learned various common/uncommon reasons making our skin act up! From local bees looking stingray, blaming shellfish and inflammable food choices or even feeling too #woke at times(all my zen warriors – relax!!).

Hives occur frequently without prior warnings leaving patients desperately seeking relief ranging from antihistamines/ soothing ointments used topically(& fake promises heard whispering throughout alleys…) which regardless always give temporary reassurance until physician consulted in giving an exact scale/offering sustenance lasting relief from itching/burning sensation/removing-reason-causing-hive outbreaks!

With all these insights gained today however let us take some comfort that Hives outbreaks haven’t quite reached zombie-apocalypse levels yet;) Be sure not become complacent though-bee-ware(haha) what may be causing one’s next hive outbreak!!!

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