What do adderall do to you?

Adderall. The ubiquitous pill that seems to have become a staple of the American workforce. It’s reputed for its ability to keep you focused, productive, and awake at all hours of the day – but we bet there are still some questions you may have about it. Questions like “What does Adderall do?”, “Why is everyone always talking about it?”, or “Is it really worth staying up for 72 hours straight just to reply to one email?” Well, fear not! We’ve compiled everything you need to know about this magical little drug – along with some humor and honesty thrown in!

What Is Adderall?

Let’s start with the basics: what actually is Adderall? In medical terms, adderal is a stimulant medication made from a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine salts (salts which apparently make those chemicals more bioavailable…or something). Essentially, this resulting compound helps increase dopamine and norepinephrine levels in your brain so you can stay alert and attentive.

Why Are People Always Talking About It?

Nowadays, people seem obsessed with mentioning Adderall as if it were their best friend (well…depending on how much they take). And while on college campuses many consider buying black-market drugs an easier way than studying itself- there are some legitimate uses too!

ADHD sufferers use adderal frequently because it has been clinically proven that adding small amounts puts your neurotypical partner between death by boredom via having every documentary watched on Netflix consecutively while simultaneously being chained sidekick without focusing at work–which honestly sounds terrible; enough reasons already.

Who Needs It?

So who exactly needs these intense focus powers? For starters: people diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD – probably weren’t surprised by our mention of it above. Another group is those who are suffering from narcolepsy; a sleep disorder, characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness and disruptions in night-time sleep – that pesky REM cycle just won’t let you stay asleep.

Oh, and there’s one more reason people may use Adderall: none other than the most daunting deadline of all- Finals season. Yup! Plenty people do get tempted to mix some Adderall into their study routine as an exam-performance enhancer.

What Does It Feel Like To Take Adderall?

But we know what you really want to hear about are the effects!

Taking it for the first time can make you feel like superwoman or Superman but….generic versions could have a slightly different effect though. Feeling spiffy? We’ll start with positive impacts!

Pros Of Taking It

    1. Enhances Focus And Alertness
      If your brain usually feels like molasses while trying to complete tasks and maintain concentration—Adderrall turns on the lights in front of it so every thought processes at godspeed!
  • 2.Improves Memory Retention
    While no drug could help memorize entire volumes overnight (yet), this combination/calculation might improve memory recall.

3) Increased sociability

Feeling outgoing enough to propose offering help packing videos stores during rush hour despite not owning a car? Or asking your boss about relocating upstate without causing offense while they’re innocently using fax machines unsuccessfully since ’02’? These social skills definitely impress anyone!

4.Feeling Energized

What would someone offer for boundless energy when naturally running low? Let us think… anything outside taking caffeine every post-lunch slump, which isn’t even advised…

5.Working through Deadlines As A Superpower

Yes, deadlines become manageable once rushing feelings replaced with eager-to-work attitude.Could work for up to 72 hours without break. Survived? Yes, we did.

Cons Of Taking It

As incredible and fulfilling the Adderall experience can be- excellent attention comes at a price! The pros are obviously tempting but what we shouldn’t ignore are the negative potential effects as well:

  • 1) Potential For Addiction And Abuse
    Adderall is essentially an amphetamine molecule coated in salt, and any experienced drug user will tell you that: ‘if it’s a stimulating compound – then yes, it has got addictive properties.’

2) Jaw Clenching/ Teeth Grinding

It’s hard getting sleep when your jaw is becoming one with itself. Most people would agree that this ultimate worst side effect stinks–especially how little control there seems to be over face muscles.

3) Risk of Heart-related Problems

The generated adrenaline spike provides good focus but could cause blood pressure problems or even affect heart rhythm; nothing like inducing panic attacks on top of general anxiety.


Hard work plus hard play equals… headaches? This isn’t too unusual especially during the later comedown stage.

5.Gastrointestinal Disturbances/Diarrhea

Taking medication induces digestive system mayhem sometimes leading alcohol-esque type nausea sensations complete with eventual regret based on drinking shot-sized add-on earlier taken pills (you’ve been warned).

How Long Does Adderall Last?

Nowadays our days are shorter than ever because–surprise—amphetamines do have some pretty short half lives. In layman terms-This pharmaceutical superhero isn’t here to stay long! A therapeutic dose lasts only about four-six hours max.

Ironically enough though– after-party come downs can hit ODDLY harder than our pharmaceutically-sustained party high just before. Worse yet…including an oddly tempered emotional disposition depending on dosage size (Watch out around PMS time upon withdrawing after medicating every day since the last week–PMS extra hard.)


We now know Adderall is an ADHD drug that helps those with narcolepsy or need to be hyper-focused for short periods of time as well as all-night study cram sessions (note how we say “short” periods- ’cause long-term use isn’t ideal) It improves memory recall, sociability, focus and alertness. But it also could lead to addiction/abuse problems, jaw clenching/ teeth grinding (which are neither cute nor cuddly), risk heart-related issues like blood pressure discomforts or palpitations—if you do mess around –spare some warning signals such as headaches/migraines (no thanks!), annoying gastrointestinal disturbance/diarrhea (yikes!) So remember: while this little pill can work great wonders for you in a pinch – but there ARE costs too; so only take it if necessary…and hopefully under medical supervision!

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