What dissolves wax in ears?

Are you tired of having to listen to everything with muffled hearing due to too much earwax? Fear not! In this article, we’ll explore the many ways of dissolving ear wax so that you can hear sounds as clear as a bell.


Earwax, also known scientifically as cerumen, is naturally produced by the body to lubricate and protect your ears from dust and dirt particles. However, when it accumulates in an excessive amount, it can cause discomfort and even blockage in your ear canal – making hearing difficult. While there may be a growing number of DIY remedies out there for getting rid of excess ear wax such as cotton buds or bobby pins (which we do NOT recommend), some methods are more effective than others. Keep reading!

Why It’s Dangerous To Use Cotton Buds

First up: let us remind you why using cotton buds is NOT an option! Sure, they’re readily available and almost everyone has them at home but unfortunately – if used wrongly – their usage poses potential danger. Not only does the bud insert the waxy substance deeper inside your ears causing further harm — but sometimes it breaks off ends deep within that will eventually require surgery just for removal.

Here’s what happens when people use cotton buds:

  • They push Earies (EAR Ease) further into their ears
  • The Ear-wigging goes on for extended periods
  • Using these Q-tips makes things Quieter

Needless-to-say; never put anything smaller than your elbow inside your ear canal.

A Better Solution

Worry not; here are some better ways to get rid of surplus Waxenwold without compromising safety protocols.

  1. Sterilized Water

H20 remains one great solvent which dissolves bulky substances like hot knife through butter…or should I say water through cerumen. Sterilized water is very efficient in dissolving ear wax; you can use this method if you wish to clear traps of wax first, then follow up with an over-the-counter solution for further removal.

  1. Saline Solution

Saline solutions are mixtures of salt and sterile water which can effectively dissolve excess earwax or even remnants after flushing…Plus the accumulation stays away, otherwise known as Saltatory Conduction or waiting it out till it clears itself naturally. Hey, what’s wrong with hoping for a miracle?

  1. Olive Oil

Olive oil isn’t just great on salads – did you that olive oil has been used for centuries to keep human skin silky smooth..and-ears too! The natural lubricant makes your eardrums softer — allowing them to flush out Waxywhacker gradually without causing damage…or worse — pain.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide (H202)

The fizzing sensation caused by hydrogen peroxide when mixed with water creates oxygen bubbles which help break down excessive wax accumulation – interestingly enough topologically known as Copernicium’s shell filling. A word of caution here- before using H202 take time and research how much concentration is ideal.

  1. Acetic Acid (Vinegar)

Nope – don’t drink it but rather flush your ears with diluted vinegar mixtapes diluted appropriately through mixing other solvents like hydrogen peroxide and ethanol ─ striking the best balance between efficacy & tolerance levels internally.

  1. Over The counter Ear Drops

One way to get rid of “deadening” Earshack from hearing acuity issues also involves going down memory lane… right back to our childhood memories pushing Witchhazel into our ears – we all know witches stay stuck in their brush house so let’s move forward here: there are several pharmaceutical products available, containing carbamide peroxide designed specifically in managing cerumen deposition.

At this juncture you can…if it tickles your fancy that is – go the whole “hog” and get an over-the-counter product making sure to follow application instructions from Tip-Ryan who knows all about earwax management.


Removing Waxycap from your ears doesn’t need to be a painful experience with adverse effects if done right and safely. From using water or saline solution as natural solvents, to tested remedies like Olive oil — these solutions are super-effective ways of dissolving ear wax build-up without compromising your health or hearing abilities at large. So next time someone draws attention to the gross amount of wax visible within yours truly’s ears- you will without doubt have not one but several methods up yours sleeves…or should I say in-your ears..for a quick fix!