What cures pink eye?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing pink eye, then you know how frustrating it can be. Nobody wants to walk around with a crusty, red eye that looks like it’s about to jump out of your head and attack someone. It’s gross. So if you’re currently dealing with this miserable condition or just want to prepare yourself for eventual conjunctivitis (aka pink eye), then keep reading.

First things first: what the heck is pink eye?

Before we dive into cures, let’s start by defining what pink eye actually is. Contrary to popular belief,it has nothing to do with being overly emotional or crying all the time. Pink eye is an inflammation of the thin transparent membrane called conjunctiva that covers the white part of your eyeball and lines your eyelid from inside.

If your body gets exposed to some kind of irritant – whether chemical or biological- , mucus membranes on this area start getting irritated too and produce too much tears (exact opposite maybe?).

Usually affecting one side at a time initially but can expand over two eyes subsequently, patients experience symptoms including itchiness in one / both eyes accompanied by redness & swelling alongside excessive tearing and pinkeye discharge.

So now that we have established what exactly pink-eye is (not emotional instability) but rather viral or bacterial infection process which could also result from allergies – How do we get cured?

Home remedies for curing Pink Eye

There are various natural treatments available today which facilitate quick healing process however caution should be employed before administering any such therapy since more serious health conditions may not exhibit routine symptoms in early stages so diagnosis must precede cure adoption accordingly:

  1. Tea Bags: The tannins found in tea bags have anti-inflammatory properties which may aid relieve some symptoms of pink-eye . Ran outta’ herbal teas? You can always use black tea bags, because they work as well. Brew a tea bag in hot water and let it cool down to room temperature – drop the tea bag on your closed eyes without rubbing them. When you’re done, discard the teabag right away.

  2. Honey drops: Few natural/organic brands offer 100% pure organic honey products which can soothe pink-eye symptoms when mixed with distilled water (three parts to one) before adding few light trickling into each eye – use dropper or medical syringe for filling up eyeballs such that no volume remains wasted around bulbous margins of ocular sockets

  3. Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is known for its antibacterial properties, and hence make an ideal home-made treatment ingredient available readily almost everywhere at any time (unless you live under arctic ice shelves maybe?). Simply extract some gel from an aloe plant leaf and feel free apply it along eyelid rims repeatedly throughout day until healed; try diluting enough glycerine in extracted juice if required so application isn’t stinging but soothing instead!

  4. Essential Oils: Using herbal essential oils like chamomile , rose oil etc help incredibly in reducing inflammation sensations while improving overall body health through anti-bacterial components present there-in.Dilute drops of these oils with appropriate carriers such as sesame oil (when applying topically); further benefits gained from inhaling fumes emanating post pouring them onto tissues used primarily during cold weather seasons or if suffocated adjacent by extended exposure towards other respiratory toxins.

Medical Treatments for Pink Eye

If your pink eye is severe or not getting better after using over-the-counter remedies then your doctor may refer you to an expert who will be able to run individual tests based on patient requirements.

It’s very common practice that optometrists prescribe eyedrops containing antibiotics agents like polymixin B sulfate + chloramphenicol or erythromycin, to minimize the risk of developing vision complications.

Other medical treatments could also include cleaning extra debris building on eyelashes itself . Your physician may also prescribe a course of action involving compressing your eyes for 10-15 minutes as often as they deem fit or providing you with some antibiotic pills which can aid in relieving symptoms suffered a while.

DO’s and DONT’S To Cure Pink Eye

Apart from obvious treatment options already mentioned above let’s breakdown different actions that you need to avoid;

  1. Don’t rub your eyes: Rubbing will exacerbate any irritation so resist temptation when experiencing pink eye; just leave it be!

  2. Avoid allergies triggers wherever possible while having Eye patches secured onto sockets until full recovery time expires otherwise there is possibility irritants/foreign contaminants introduce causing re-infections especially during sleep cycles where more microbes thrive within air-conditioned spaces (grab yourself an eyepatch if necessary).

  3. Keep personal hygiene intact – Make sure towels and pillows are washed frequently since dirt accumulation all over certain areas leads towards spreading infection faster than casual no rinsing lifestyle adopted by humans globally nowadays coughZOOMduration

4.Refrain from touching your face – whenever in public places wear masks /gas bands/turtlenecks/prohibit kids sneezing aiming at each other.

5.Wash your hands thoroughly – Especially after snot encounter
hands contain germs leading up-to our facial organs including sensitive membranes enveloped around cornea.

When should I seek emergency care?

It’s important that you pay attention to symptoms such as fever, blurred vision or extreme sensitivity to light – this maybe case requiring professional intervention before things get worse than ever imagined beforehand.
If after taking medications for few days (even weeks), if patient suffering symptoms haven’t subsided include redness disappearing completely or viewing haze effects being smeared across surface of everywhere their gaze lands onto daily – delaying further wouldn’t hurt you but your vision instead.


Pink-eye isn’t exactly something most would celebrate, however it’s not the end of world either. Taking proactive steps for prevention or when treating those symptoms is crucial to an ideal recovery plan, so ensure proper precautions are taken – & corrective measures put into place at earliest stage possible via seeking medical attention from qualified professionals nearby cities (or within network). By following home remedies suggested here it becomes easier dealing with annoying flesh wounds children might give us once in a while amidst intense concentration-cyclops mode OR help adults focus back on their day jobs without being sidelined by terminal infections.

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