What colors to not get for braces?

Braces have come a long way since the early days of metal wires and brackets. Nowadays, you can choose from a plethora of colors that will adorn your teeth for months or even years. While selecting the perfect hue can be exciting, it’s important to consider how each color affects your smile – and your social life! There are certain shades you definitely want to avoid if you don’t want to become the unwitting star of every “awkward moments” compilation on YouTube.

What Are Some Popular Brace Colors?

Before we dive into what NOT to get, let’s take a look at some popular options among those with braces:

  • Clear braces
  • Silver or grey
  • Blue hues (navy, sky blue)
  • Red shades (maroon, bright red)
  • Pink tones (hot pink, light pink)

While these are by no means the only colors available for braces (and thank goodness!), they tend to be some of the most common. Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s talk about why you should steer clear of certain colors.

Don’t Be That Guy/Gal: The Worst Colors for Braces

  1. Yellow

Not just unappealing but also grossly repulsive when paired with orthodontic hardware

Yellow is already not an attractive shade in clothing or makeup; unless one desires to channel Big Bird on Sesame Street it should probably not make its way onto your teeth.

  1. Green

Unless St Patrick’s Day festivities call for traditional garb there really is nothing attractive about having green in any form slathered all over ones pearly whites

Green might work wonders as an accent color on some outfits but unfortunately this vibrant hue looks predictably ugly in dental fashion because mixing this particular color up with food particles could likely result in unpleasant outcomes.

  1. Brown

Reserved for nature and mahogany furniture, try NOT to put this on your chompers

Braces are not exactly the most fashionable accessory one can have so why add insult to injury? Brown should remain a color option for wooden furnishings only.

  1. Copper or Gold

Going back to the 90’s means going back in time – choose something that has been modernized instead!

Who would want gold or copper appliances in their house when stainless steel reigns supreme? So it stands to reason that its just as un-chic when it comes to orthodontia.

  1. Black

(Cue ominous chord)

Black might be slimming in clothing wear but applying this rule of thumb with braces is not recommended considering how noticeable plaque buildup becomes all against black hardware.

  1. Neon Colors

Chances are, you will regret these choices some few years down the road!

Neon colors were admittedly fun during rave parties or neon runs; however, selecting similar hues for braces might make sense prior because doing so results more likely than not culminates later on into cringe-worthy memories from youthfulness past!

  1. Multi-colored

(Not quite looking like Rainbows…)

Multi-colored faces don’t merely look cool…but multi colored teeth? Not so much!. Leave it up to ice cream sprinkles and rainbow popsicles

  1. Patterned

Not Hipster enough…..but too juvenile

Plaid sounds cute.. until oneself takes an objective moment away from perceived hipness …plus these prints get old very fast.

Conclusion: Select Your Brace Color Carefully

The decision-making process behind getting braces involves several factors other than color emblazonment such as cost considerations,care requirements & convenience amongst others.But adding aesthetics ,which may seem shallow but nevertheless important factor for parents who hope their kids feel confident about sporting them helps with social interactions especially for pre-teens and teenagers to feel more included amongst peers.But its understandable how personal taste differs so choose carefully because no one wants to look back on those old photos cringing with regret …not even for a free student’s allowance!

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