What clothes to wear after breast augmentation?

Let’s face it, ladies – we all want to look fabulous after our breast augmentation surgery. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into this procedure, so why not show off your new assets? But before you unveil the girls to the world, there are some things that you should keep in mind when it comes to what clothes would work best.

First Few Days

The Busty Babe Bra:
You’ll likely be sporting a post-surgical bra for at least a few days following your procedure. These bras can be bulky and unflattering; however, they serve an important purpose by providing support and preventing any movement or irritation that could alter healing progress. If you’re fortunate enough (sarcasm intended) to have purchased one of these bras prior to surgery know as “Busty Babe”, then make sure that is what compressing them cans during those early recuperative days.

Loose & Comfortable Clothing:
You will definitely want something loose-fitting and comfortable immediately after your breast augmentation. Anything too tight can cause unnecessary pressure on the surgical area which could interfere with healing or potential damage your stitches, also resulting in pain throughout the recovery process.

1 Week Post Op

As soon as day five but no later than seven days post-operation…

Oversized Buttoned Blouse/Dress
Oversized buttoned clothing options serve two purposes specifically for any woman recovering from plastic surgery :
a.) Easy access – No overhead-hole requirements makes putting anything over her head feel like stepping through hot coals.
b.) Youthful style – Why use blouses meant for grandmothers when sometimes larger-sized blouses scream youthful! Go with styles having fun prints or just bright colors if big floral designs are adequate.

2 Weeks + Post-Op

When more mobility is granted ..

Fitted Outfits:
As soon as the 14 days checks on your milestones scal off, you would feel comfortable with trying fitted outfits. Think of clothes that cling without squishing and present the girls much better. Go for high-quality fabrications such as cotton or spandex.

Padded Bras:
Though a “strapless push-up” might feel like it hangs too heavily once donned, padded bras are actually an excellent option to provide those perfect wardrobe options to add support which already exists at this point though they may prove slightly uncomfortable depending on how tightly fastened.The padding offers extra volume by filling any slight space between increased breast size and decreasing chest area more complete.

Strapless Dresses/ Top Style Clothing Pieces:
By now you should be nearly healed meaning straps won’t cause discomfort neither will not-so-heavy top style clothing pieces.After two good weeks have passed , strapless items become ideal candidates plus allow displaying neckline while still maintaining maximum comfort Sticking closely knitted tube-like dresses is best if applicable.

Post-Scar Hideaway Clothes / Slightly Revealing

At week four through eight…

High Cut Swimsuits/Bikinis:
Planning out my vacation finally after taking time off work? Start here – Try elevated cuts in one-piece beach garbs or bikinis showing off new curves still hiding minor scars (if experienced) could also blend solid colors with tiny designs! Whether lounging near waves or getting sun-tanned, high cut swimwear extracts youthfulness and emphasizes thighs – Your doctor doesn’t need further explanation though!

Low-V Line/Shirts
This can be considered year-round staple tops that every woman should own but even better post-surgery when wanting attention directed elsewhere. These are great strategic finds where everything else down there remains hidden except maybe belly button piercing showoffs’

Tying it Together

So there we have it ladies! While one factor to certain post-op wardrobes include not rubbing against scars, sleepwear take on the cream of the crop whenever women try to align clothing in order to avoid causing more discomfort. Ultimately it’s about finding whatever makes you feel your very best while keeping healing progress unaffected. By keeping these tips in mind and remembering that dressing yourself requires a bit more mechanical caution post-op than usual knows as “TLC” which shouldn’t be disturbing after spending resources on enhancement because ultimately a wise choice leads toward quick recovery plus presentable new wardrobes!

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