What clear foods can i eat before a colonoscopy?

Preparing for a colonoscopy is much like preparing for the apocalypse. You have to be strict and disciplined, cut down on your vices, and most importantly: be ready to evacuate everything you’ve got somehow. One of the primary concerns many people face before their scopes is what to eat beforehand; namely, what clear foods are safe to consume?

Fear not! We are here with an answer – one that will help you avoid any additional awful surprises during this precious time.


Before we delve into all the tasty tidbits, there’s something crucial that needs pointing out: when it comes to clear fluids (including pre-colonoscopy diets), no red or purple-colored liquids allowed because they can create confusion in the body’s blood vessels, which might make reading images les legible (science has spoken).

But wait there’s more!

When should these preparations start?

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, preparation for your colonoscopy must begin well ahead of time. Start three days in advance by avoiding meats and high-fiber food sources.

It would also help if you could arrange transportation afterward because let’s be honest – nobody wants “that guy” who holds up their recovery halfway through due to indecisiveness or digestive mishaps (We’re talking bowel movements).

Ready? Here is our top pick list!

Clear Broths
Chicken broth
Beef broth

Nothing beats having hot soup when feeling under the weather while hospitalized due indigestion issues brought about by worries linked with stubborn backlogged waste trapped inside your intestines waiting for extraction.

If thoughtfully prepared using low sodium alternatives such as ‘Better than Bouillon,’ chicken stock offers lots of flavors without harsh saltiness that makes taste buds feel engaged.

Regular beef stock isn’t as nutritious, but for those who love beef flavour, it offers more choices of taste.


Gelatine is an excellent source of protein and perfect before a colonoscopy. Jell-O belongs to the group of clear fluids you can have beside water or fruit juice like apple juice.

Consume in moderation only since too much sugar intake might not be healthy besides providing unnecessary energy boosts which might make things difficult when attempting dialed-back exercises ahead of surgery day (cough cough if we know what we’re saying).

Possible flavours:
lemonade coolers’ flavor.

(You can find all sorts in your local supermarket – variety makes life so colourful)

Sports Drinks

Electrolyte imbalance is a prevalent concern after bowel preparations typically associated with muscle cramps due to decreased electrolytes caused by fasting looking at you gym lads/gals – this tip will suit you perfectly! Drinking sports drinks such as Gatorade helps maintain balance.

But wait; there’s a catch!

As they are deemed necessary because they taste terrible alternatively manufactured using refined preservatives that may end up resulting in kidney stone plus obesity risks. It would be best advised not always to add them into meal plans afterward once everything’s re-stabilized post-procedure.

Water & Fruit Juices
In conclusion,
Though nothing beats good old-fashioned H20, fruit juices like apple juice offer additional benefits needed during this pre-exam cleansing stage.

Drinking loads and loads of red grapefruit/orange/pineapple juices will make one feel less stressed-off from various tendencies suggesting unavailability or nausea prohibiting partaking beverages throughout exam preparation process leading up till D DAY itself

Now that you’ve had the scoop on what foods are safe for consumption before your colonoscopy let’s talk about how eating these essential ingredients beforehand ensures that everyone involved goes smoothly without any hiccups down below (pun intended).

It is our hope that this insightful overview provided above will not only be beneficial in keeping your tummy happy, but it’ll also help you remain vigilant when it comes to matters related digestive health – after all, nobody likes an unplanned emergency during one exam.

Well, there we have what has been a breath of fresh air (literally) with everyone’s concern related colonoscopy diet. Now let’s do ourselves a favor and sign up for gym memberships which’ll offset any future inconvenience(s) brought about by bowel mishaps!