What causes water build up around the heart?

Do you ever feel like your heart is swimming in a pool of water? Well, that weird feeling could be caused by an accumulation of fluid around your heart. But what causes this unsettling phenomenon? Let’s dive deep and explore some possible reasons!

Congestive Heart Failure: The Classic Culprit

The number one reason when it comes to accumulating fluids around our hearts is congestive heart failure (CHF). This condition occurs when our heart cannot pump enough blood effectively, meaning it fails to meet the metabolic needs and demands required.

As a result, our body begins retaining fluids due to the lack of circulation. This often leads to swelling in places with thinner skin such as ankles, legs, feet or stomach but can manifest itself on any part!

Infection-related Pericarditis: More than Just Some Painful Memories

Pericardium refers to a sac-like tissue covering that surrounds the heart. If pericardium becomes swollen (pericadritis) , fluid buildup may occur within the bounds of its lines thereby compressing against normal blood flow around your hearty companion for life! Lackluster humor aside (ahem), pericarditis is most commonly caused by viral infections but could also stem from autoimmune diseases like lupus or rheumatic fever – so make sure you stay safe out there folks!

Blood Clotting Disorders That Support Hematoma Formation

A hematoma perfectly describes clumping together of pooled blood inside tissues outside vessels surrounding our gorgeous cardiac muscle! They typically occur after certain surgeries post traumatic events (we would’ve said ‘sucky times’ but we respect you too much)…but clotting disorders related impairments may lead towards building up excesses amounts within around your golden ticker.

Metabolic Syndrome-Related Complications

Several lifestyle factors overlap into developing “metabolic syndrome”, which itself is defined by multiple factors including abnormalities in cholesterol, blood sugar and pressure as well obesity itself! All of these contribute to a viscous cycle that make our physical health progressively worse. Potential complications include diabetes, stroke, heart attacks or none other than heart failure: so make sure you’re treating your body like the temple it deserves

Medications That Just Won’t Quit (Causing more Problems)

Medications can serve different purposes when it comes to treating cardiovascular diseases- some aimed at slowing down its progression while others minimizes damaged tissues; but no matter what medication someone takes- there will always be potential risks. Sometimes the very drug we ingest leads to an overproduction of salt retention beyond what our kidneys can expel naturally- thus becoming vulnerable towards lower extremity edema or even pericardial effusion!

Miscellaneous Causes for Heart’s Little Swiming Pool Moment

Several less common causes related fluid build up around your enthroned sovereign organ are often due towards kidney dysfunction/malfunctions leading towards increasing bodily salts future internal obstructions potentially pancreatitis thereby vascular issues emerging from large artery dissection – all requiring immediate medical attention.

In summary folks -pay attention and never take action late if unusual symptoms ever arise because who else could love your tiny heart as much as you should…except maybe Frank ‘Ol’ Blue-Eyes Himself’ Sinatra shimmy dances out

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