What causes uric acid to go up?

Are you feeling mayhem in your body and cannot figure out why? Gout is a form of arthritis that has been known for centuries, causing terror among its sufferers with acute pain and swelling. It is said to be caused by the build-up
of uric acid crystals in the joints. However, what causes uric acid to go up?
In this article, we will explore some common reasons.

What is Uric Acid?

Before diving into the factors that cause an increase in uric acid,
let’s take a moment to understand what it is.
Uric acid is created when purines – substances found naturally
in our bodies and some foods – are broken down. Normally,
uric acid dissolves in our blood and travels through our kidneys,
before being excreted from our body via urine or stool.
However, if there’s an excess amount of uric acid formed
or if it doesn’t dissolve well enough or comes out very slowly
from our body, then it’ll lead to hyperuricaemia.

Hyperuricaemia sounds like such a scary condition but fear not!
It just means having too much uric acid levels in the blood.
We don’t have superpowers so we can’t stop producing
purines completely cold turkey as they help make DNA molecules.
Thus excess usage of them leads us on this wacky journey called gout.

Diet Can Be The Culprit

Diet plays one of the most significant roles when it comes
to increasing/decreasing nucleotides’ production or implying their metabolism; thus high-pitched cravings for bacon cheeseburgers could trigger a gout attack easily!

Foods or beverages with high purine content: beef organs (livers!), beer(paradise lost), salmon fish(we know fish makes us smarter)herring(partnership between salmon and herring), lamb(lil lambsy who lost its way),
dried beans(pinto,white&black together to bring chaos), lentils, peas(always watch out for that innocent green pea who’s lurking nearby ),
mushrooms(fun at parties but not in your stomach)spinach(I’m the avatar, you gotta deal with it)! Thanks to this lineup of ingredients, I’m pretty sure individuals living with gout day-in-day-out come up
with some innovative meals; even Gordon Ramsey will be sweating buckets over them.

If you have a sweet tooth- great news! Dessert companies aren’t part of the conspiracies they are actually clean thankyou marie antoinette.
Consuming fructose – found naturally in fruit/fruit juices/artificially flavoured drinks can lead to higher levels of uric acid(Hollywood lifestyle documentary hosts were definitely right!).

Body Weight

Don’t worry if you accidentally fall into the category of “people watching what they eat.” You’re not alone! Obesity rates have been increasing year after year globally(even our fathers’ age has decreased according to studies). Sarcasm aside: When we carry excess body weight,
it puts more pressure on our joints(something people must pay attention too!) increases insulin resistance and affects kidney function.

Insulin which regulates blood sugar also lowers excretion capacity.
when lower amounts of purines are secreted from humans with obesity(high risk for health problems)
then high-pitched concentrations accumulate in their bloodstream making this ride bumpier than before[Obesity(where burgers become world-renowned),welcome The Demon!].

Hydration Level

A common phrase goes as follows:”Drink water like a fish!” Wonder why? Without enough hydration(blood thirst,take me back!),urine production decreases and uric acid becomes denser. Dehydration basically turns uric acid crystals into spikes oh no!

Therefore make sure to hydrate frequently, from plain water to yummy drinks of coconut water(beach in your cups!). Note though- alcohol-filled hydration cannot be considered! As mentioned earlier, high levels of purine need to be urinated out. However,
alcohol does the opposite thing and minimises the process altogether by
preventing purines’ secretion out of our bodies.In fact, wine and beer can be classified as moderately high in purines(harsh news for enthusiasts).


Finally a form of medication called diuretics that helps increase urine production but makes the highway bumpier since less excretion means more accumulation A.K.A The Demon’s trickery is at its peak.

Commonly used common idioms like “kill two birds with one stone.”
Although harmless festivities may sound they really do bring potential risks
to long-term health implications such as gout. So folks get educated
on what puts you on this ride because once boarding it isn’t easy getting off.
Stay safe always!

#In conclusion,\
we hope this article painted a clear picture around some factors responsible for causing an increase in your body’s uric acid levels.So next time when you consider binging Saturday night plans or having that extra cocktail hour rethink if it’s worth saying hello to gout symptoms once again.[Saying no never hurts right(?)].

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