What causes the heart palpitations?

If there is one thing that is sure to give us a fright, it’s when our hearts suddenly start beating like an out-of-control jackhammer. We have all been there – relaxing on the sofa or lying in bed, minding our own business, and then…Bam! Our heart goes into overdrive for no apparent reason.

So what exactly causes these pesky palpitations? Well folks, you are in luck because today we will delve into the nitty-gritty of heart palpitation woes. Buckle up and let’s get this show on the road!

The Body Electric

Our body is an amazing machine that runs like clockwork (well most of the time). At its core lies an intricate network of electrical impulses that powers everything from our breathing to pumping blood throughout our bodies.

When things go wrong in this electrical setup, it can result in palpitations. One common cause of palpitations is due to something called ‘atrial fibrillation’. This occurs when the top chambers of your heart send out abnormal electrical signals causing your heartbeat to become irregular.

Another culprit could be ventricular tachycardia which sends out abnormal rapid electrical signals leading to a similarly fast and erratic heartbeat.

Coffee Woes

Ah coffee – some people swear by it while others feel anxious just at its mention! Love it or loathe it; caffeine can play havoc with your heart rate leading towards those dreaded palpitations.

But why does this happen? Essentially caffeine stimulates your central nervous system tickling its fight or flight response leading increased adrenaline levels making your hearts pump faster than normal resulting uneasiness followed by heart racing disorderly which may lead even towards serious cardiac events if not dealt within time such as panic attack or A-fib!

PS: But don’t worry too much about this coffee conundrum- evidence shows moderate daily intake has potential health benefits (Phew).

Stress, Oh Bless!

Stress is terrible in general without even considering its effect on your heart which can be super creepy. Although some occasional stress may not affect most people so dramatically but it could trigger palpitations in few individuals.

Wondering why? It’s quite simple actually; when you are under emotional or physical stress, the body releases a cocktail of hormones causing an increase in breathing rate and surge of blood to crucial organs- putting significant pressure on your heart leading anxiety induced palpitations!

PPS: So…Try to keep Calm and Cool like Cucumbers!

Medications Mayhem

It’s often hard to know which pill is doing what inside your body; medication-mayhem can sometimes lead you towards surprising health woes too. Biphosphonates/steroids/diuretics/nasal decongestants/antidepressants prescriptions have all been included due to their potential adverse effects inciting heart issues for users such as thumping, fluttering sensation.

So folks…when you get prescribed medications., make sure that -Yes! Your trustworthy chemist also puts labels with various side-effects before purchasing them all together; do ask for advice from the medical experts if things go fuzzy lightening fast.

PSS: Always read labels if possible and don’t hesitate contacting pharmacists for respective directions just at hand!

Needless Nicotine

Nicotine – this deadly addictive substance , oh dear- we’d better watch out because it can turn our hearts upside down (quite literally). Vapers beware – research proves that vaping nicotine leads to faster than average heartbeat highlighting acute risk factors.

This happens because nicotine directly interferes with certain receptors between brain/hormones/blood vessels/cells/nerves causing similar adrenaline rushes triggering increased pounding making hearts beat much stronger/faster than advised by nature; As they say these days ‘Stay away from Smoking/Vaping’ and Protect your breathing space.

It’s not always the Heart

As horrified as we get with palpitations, it should be noted that they often don’t necessarily relate to a heart disorder or disease. Palpitations also have common associations with Thyroid (overactive), underlying anxiety or panic disorders, blood-sugar levels dropping prompting adrenalin response leading towards further episodes of running pulses even causing shivers down spine!

So avoiding self-diagnosis, let’s add “see-a-doctor” on priority list, upon any unknowing experiencing symptoms…Just like an apple a day- a general check-up keeps troubles at bay!

We hope this article gave you some insight into why your heart might betray you every so often; whether it’s due to coffee overindulgence/electrical malfunctions/stress/medications/nicotine temptation. But remember folks – in all sincerity take care of yourselves because after all-
your heartbeat is too precious for any unnecessary concerns!

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