What causes shaky feeling?

Slow Breathing – Hyperventilation can also be a cause of feeling shaky. It often occurs during times of intense anxiety. Solve it by slowing down your breathing.

Why do I feel weak and shaky? Anemia (low red blood cell count), infection, or hormonal imbalance (especially with thyroid hormone) can also cause a weak and shaky feeling. To help determine what is causing you to feel this way, the best thing for you to do is to see your primary care doctor for a detailed history and exam.

Why is your body shaking for no reason? There are physical causes of shaking, but these tend to be less common. Also, during periods of stress, the body may deplete important resources, like water or magnesium. Sometimes the body shakes as a result of this nutrient loss.

Why am I constantly shaking? Other Factors That Affect Shaking. It’s possible you’re shaking for other reasons. Diabetes and Parkinson’s disease are both linked to shaking and tremors. Dehydration and hypoglycemia are two very common causes of shaking.

What causes you to shake so much? Why Am I Shaking? Anxiety Disorders. The “fight or flight” mechanism is the way our bodies prepare us for big events, such as a dangerous situation, or an important exam. Low Blood Sugar. If you haven’t eaten for a while, or are in shock following a traumatic event or injury, your blood sugar may be low, and this may Caffeine Overdose. Overactive Thyroid.