What causes severe shoulder blade pain?

Shoulder blade pain is an excruciating experience that can be caused by various factors. This discomfort can negatively affect our daily activities and overall well-being. However, there’s no need to panic if you’ve been experiencing this inconvenience as there are ways to remedy it. In this article, we’d explore the underlying reasons for severe shoulder blade pain.

Anatomy of the Shoulder Blade

Before delving into what causes shoulder blade pain, it’s crucial to understand the anatomy of the shoulder blades – have a seat because things are about to get technical! The human scapula or ‘shoulder bone’ attaches itself onto muscles and bones such as; humerus (the upper arm bone), collarbone, chest wall ribs and spine via ligaments which bring forth a complex series of movements necessary for bodily actions like lifting objects over your head or waving down Taxis on busy streets in New York.

Causes of Severe Shoulder Blade Pain

  1. Muscle strain: Just like every other muscle in our body needs rest days from vigorous exercise routine so do our shoulders deserves some TLC too! Straining or pulling the trapezius muscle located at our upper back may trigger pains (ouch!) radiating towards both sides making even typical activity astonishingly uncomfortable.
  2. Poor posture: Incorrect standing positions wearing high heels or sitting hunched positions for extended periods can cause mid-back discomforts leading up till below shoulders; watch those spines darling!
  3. Frozen Shoulder Syndrome: If after prolonged bedrest or lack of mobility manifests particularly post-surgery due It could lead adhesive Capsulitis (uhmm.. what?) …in simpler terms being unable to move erratically results by stiffness- usually lasts between six months but two years ooh boy… note here patients with limited mobility are more susceptible
  4. Rotator Cuff Injuries– Rotator cuffs involve four muscles, can bear heavy loads and remarkably excellent in preventing dislocations but injuries can lead substantial pains as raise your arm over your head to wave at that cute person across the room (you’re welcome).
  5. Osteoarthritis: Debris build-up causes swelling leading tissues rubbing against each other like rocks being ground together, causing unbearable pain.

Symptoms of Severe Shoulder Blade Pain

Identifying symptoms is crucial when diagnosing shoulder blade pain. It’s essential to be mindful if you experience any of these signals:

  1. Moderate/ severe discomforts at mid-back
  2. Inability or difficulty lifting objects or reaching below/ up high without noticing pains
  3. Pains triggered from bodily movements such as “lifting a Coffee mug”, and so on

Remedies for Severe Shoulder Blade Pain

  1. Place an ice pack: The application of cold compresses helps reduce inflammation accompanied by hot showers/baths eases stiff shoulders/muscles which increase mobility -think about it; you’d want some love shown towards bones stuck flat against our backs just because they have no pretty features (Rude)
  2. Physiotherapy Sessions: Here, ailment cause identification first before creating a program personalized accordingly coupled with physical workouts targeting established muscle groups & spines aimed at relieving pressure upon focused region(s). Like having personal trainers only this time we’re going directly after those neck-breaking shoulder blades that has been wrecking havoc around here!
  3. Meditation Sessions: Guided appointments alongside deep breathing techniques unwind tight muscles whilst serenading troubled minds into feeling relaxed attending sessions guaranteed ease headache too!
  4. Stretching Techniques/Warmup Exercises are vital part for every fitness routine aiding reduction in perils linked with injury & increased flexibility- This involves moving arms/body gently back-forth triggering chill vibes to our muscles.
  5. Supportive/ comfortable chairs long periods- Task/pregnancy pillows may also help, works by preventing shoulders forced indelicate positions; remember the first time we heard ‘posture matters’? yeah they weren’t kidding!

When to See a Doctor

Severe shoulder blade pain accompanied by some particular issues as follows warrants prompt medical attention:

  1. Difficulty in breathing or chest pressure can be indicators of coronary illness
  2. Abnormal sweating patterns and nausea would call for immediate hospital visits
  3. Symptoms persisting more than 10-14 days affecting daily routine – it’s probably best to get real doctors involved!
  4. Visible swelling or protrusion from region(s) (ouch!)


Shoulder blade pains could arise due to various reasons ranging from frozen shoulder syndrome, muscle strains, poor posture among others; but understanding that there’s no one size fits all solution when symptoms occur calling for urgent actions is crucial alongside adopting pain relief techniques such as physiotherapy sessions, meditation practices & cold compressions coupled with warmup exercises and stretching is sure way towards aiding relief either pre/post diagnosis.

Our take? We believe our backsides deservably require the occasional love too don’t you think so? Take those necessary steps today towards easing those stubborn shoulder blades with these wellness regeneration methods they’ll thank you later!

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