What causes rabies?

Did somebody say rabies? Nope, that was just another stray dog yelping like it was summoned for an animal welfare meeting (except they never attended one). It’s quite ironic how the dearest of your four-legged pals can end up being a carrier to this horrific disease. Sure, sure— some voodoo might be responsible for keeping someone unlucky away from true love or vast fortunes but what really causes a case of rabies?

What is Rabies

Before we delve deeper into our subject matter today, let us first define rabies. Hmm.. How do I put it bluntly without scaring you off? Oh well! Rabies is a viral infection that affects humans and other mammals caused by different kinds of Lyssaviruses. These viruses target the nervous system and severely mar its functionality until such time when the body fights back- or not.

The virus spreads mainly via mammal saliva in injuries made from bites, scratches or licks on broken parts of skin including mucosa (the normal moist walls) found in eyes nose and mouth. Though there are less common means of transmission too.

Natural Hosts

Well then again folks where does all this mess come from ? Bet Lisa wanted to identify with her ancestors at the zoo so much she went ahead to make friends with every bat she came across inviting herself over to their daily rituals only till things got outta hand . Maybe Steve felt compelled seek comfort every night coming face-to-face with big brown bats after watching that scary Vampires show on Netflix one time too many .

But wait double-take here isn’t Lisa human ? The point exactly …Bats serve as natural hosts for certain strain types all lyssavirus in various geographical locations primarily North central South America amongst others; where these fruit-lovers extend beyond their general habits becoming an integral part within their ecosystem.

Other critters that thrive just-as-well without being a nuisance include skunks, foxes, racoons and even some monkeys. Thankfully these extracurricular activities dont really cause them symptoms because well… they’re immune! Lucky little buggers.

Transmission (How it Spreads)

You might think you’re safe when playing with Mr.Pickles the stray dog who down the street as he looks ever so friendly- until one chomp later …you suddenly find yourself in quite an alien situation. Rabies is most frequently spread via accidental bites or scratches from infected animals biting – cats dogs ferrets coyotes ,roaming wildlife any warm-blooded beast really can be dangerous leaving its non-suspecting prey to face dreadful consequences not long after.

That means if you have pets keep their rabies shots up-to-date always avoid contact with wild animals especially those showing unruly behavior where possible A bit like me at halloween parties really only I give candy instead of potentially fatal security risks.

Non-bite transmission of Rabies virus has been documented but it’s unlikely although believe me stranger things have happened . It apparently occurs through contamination of mucous membranes skin breaks which comes into direct contact with infected fluids including respiratory droplets Contaminated equipment for medical reasons may also serve as mode Of transfer so doctors make sure your scalpel stays clean we wouldn’t like folks attributing fatalities To career choice now would we?

The disease doesn’t spread through blood urine or feces; neither are mosquitos known to be carriers contrary to popular belief though couldn’t blame anyone for freakin’ out hearing about Nile fever And other such mosquito-born illnesses .

If science-fiction enthusiasts’ thoughts on Rabies transmitting via zoom calls floated you over here unfortunately that isnt gonna happen anytime soon( Probably ). Now put away all sharp objects unless its a vaccine administered syringe then my friend stab away!

Incubation period(How long it takes for symptoms to show)

Did you ever think being bitten by another dog cause humans to start growling at the mere sight of raw beef ? That awkward moment where folks might assume your a participant in new-age humanity parody just because contracted rabies? Yikes!

Symptoms do not develop overnight, there’s actually a somewhat lengthy incubation period that comes first. Yes! A whole window from when an individual is infected up till when clinical signs begin.

Usually 3-8 weeks depending on the size of wound and extent of viral contraction some cases even remaining dormant indefinitely before eventual onset …shudder.It feels like nothing could go wrong “for now” scenarios only how about we twist things never say NOPE NEVER (wimps) but rather focus our energy towards maintaining hygiene levels as self-protection measure against this madness


Once everything goes south it happens so fast with mild flu-like hum-dingers then lo-phase , laying still paralysis taking over.. Worse still, hallucinations accompanied by uncontrollable spasms or convulsions .These are all proofs enough that things have escalated beyond human control .

That bearable phase doesn’t last forever—once symptoms properly kick in and they inevitably will… Let’s just be grateful I convinced my best buddy Ryan into getting vaccinated after his beloved canine bit him behind his ear thinking he was trying claim mommy pets attention outta jealousy . Feels like a small price given amost vaccinations are cost effective; compared battling full blown rabies !

Treatment options past these points become less efficient mostly palliative including artificial ventilation giving body chance fightback though chances aren’t Always guarantee anyone within shooting distance can lend any help its worth calling them emergency services ASAP.


The good news is Rabies infection remains preventable through early intervention measures such as proper handling pets keeping wildlife away while ensuring all domesticated animals receive their rabies shot on schedule !

Well folks hope that gave you brush up facts surrounding Rabies. But please do try maintain a distance from any wild animals okay? Rabies diseases for human and animals alike are no joke!

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