What causes pain in right rib cage area?

Rib cage pain on the left side or right side of your chest is a common symptom experienced by many people. The most common cause of sharp or dull pains in your rib cage is a pulled muscle or fractured rib.

What causes right upper quadrant pain under ribs? Inflammation of the cartilage between the breast bone and the ribs is a common cause of pain under rib cage. In case of infectious mononucleosis, pain in the upper right quadrant is experienced. It is usually accompanied by fever, sore throat, and extreme fatigue.

What causes burning pain under ribs? 14 Common Causes of Pain Under Right Rib Cage Lung Disease. There are different types of lung diseases that can cause pain under your right rib cage. Kidney Disease. Kidney stone, also known as urolithiasis, is a common painful disease. Gallbladder Problems. Liver Problems. Gastrointestinal Problems. Costochondritis. Appendicitis. Pancreatitis. Injuries. Pregnancy.

What causes pain in upper stomach between ribs? Causes of Pain in Upper Stomach Between Ribs. 1. Esophageal (Gullet) Disorders. Upper central abdominal pain during swallowing may appear in esophageal varices (primarily in chronic alcoholics) or in esophageal ulcers due to prolonged stomach acid reflux.

Why are my ribs sore to touch? Ribs Hurt to Touch. If you experience rib pain when you press the left side of your ribcage or stretch your body, among a couple of problems could be the perpetrator. Swelling in the rib cartilage, referred to as costochondritis, is a reason for pain because area.

What causes pain in the upper quadrant?

What causes pain in the upper quadrant? Upper Right Quadrant Pain Pain in the upper right quadrant can be caused due to numerous reasons like disorders of the liver, stomach, etc. Many vital organs are located in the stomach area. Gallstones is the most common of all gallbladder diseases.

What does upper right quadrant pain feel like? Right upper quadrant pain (RUQ) can feel sharp and stabbing if caused by trapped gas or a kidney stone. Or, you could have persistent gnawing or cramping pains if you have inflammation or infection in any of the organs in your upper right abdomen.

What causes pain in the right side under my ribs?

Constipation. Another digestive problem that can result in right-sided pain under your ribs is constipation. Hard stool that builds up in your colon can cause abdominal pain that can also affect your lower chest. A case from 1998 reported on a boy whose breathing problems and chest pains were caused by impacted fecal matter…

What does pain on your right side under ribs mean? The pain under your right rib cage can be mild or severe depending on the causes. A sudden and sharp pain around your rib cage indicates that an injury or muscle pull . It could also be related to the inflammation of your organs. If you have pain after eating, it may be related to digestive problems such as indigestion, heartburn, or peptic ulcer.