What causes numbness in hands and fingers?

Numbness in hands and fingers is not always as alarming as it may seem. Have you ever woken up to a numb hand after sleeping on it? It feels like your entire arm got cut off and replaced with a prosthetic version that can’t feel anything at all, right?

Well, don’t worry; this feeling isn’t just reserved for laziness.

What Is Hand Numbness?

Before we dive into the causes of hand numbness, let’s have an overview of what it means when a part of our body goes numb.

When a part of your body goes numb, you temporary lose sensitivity or sensation to the affected area. This usually happens because blood vessels or nerves get squeezed out due to poor circulation causing temporary damage that leads to loss of feeling.

Here are some reasons why you might be experiencing weakness or numb double U’s:

Non-Serious Causes

  1. Pressure on nerves- placing pressure continually over long periods can cause tingling sensations.
  2. Prolonged use – activities such resting elbows on tables which compresses the muscles restricts blood flow thereby leading limbs going limb.
  3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -This condition damages median nerve causing zings akin pins running down one’s fingers .
  4. Repetitive strain injury (RSI)- Pain resulting from repetitive movements being done using certain parts like typing/mousing excessively.

In comparison to serious conditions that result do real damage causing permanent give rise issues medically referred to as peripheral neuropathy:

Serious Conditions Linked With Arm/Hand Numbness:

These include illnesses caused by underlying health disorders;

5.Brain stroke- During which brains areas controlling senses get damaged thus interfering/control loss signaling transmission between brain/sensory receptors located within other parts/rather limbs)of one’s system.

6.Raynaud’s disorder– An autoimmune disease attacking your blood vessels preventing blood flow- leads the parts of your body suffering from periodic ischemia thus losing feelings.

Surprising Causes Of Arm And Hand Numbness

So, you thought only routine activities or underlying health diseases caused numbness in hands and fingers— think again. There are a myriad of surprising reasons such as:

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer that can sneak up on anyone who isn’t careful with their gas stove fumes or tucked in garages exhaust emissions. Numb fingertips are one of the symptoms poison victims exhibit .

People displaying other signs like nausea/ headaches should evacuate areas likely to harbor carbon oxidation agents fast.


A malfunctioning thyroid gland results in low metabolism rate causing to disruption neural gain signaling resulting in irregular signals sent out meaning someone dealing with both hypothyroidism/nerves compression pain goes hand-in-hand.


This attention-grabbing name represents spinal cord damage after clusters of fluids gather around/in-between nerves within spinal columns . If left untreated it develops into painful burning sensations followed by arm/hand loss coordination.

Warnings Signs For Serious Illnesses Conditions

While some multiple causes of hand/limbs numbeness may result do serious medical complications, when experienced alongside these symptoms its best consulting specialists able recognizing nature-related illnesses:

    1)Difficulties balancing/self-movement 
    2)Lack coordination functionality regarding bodily movements  
    3)Change usual skin color.

It’s better safe than sorry so…protect yourself against further problems by keeping risk factors mild ready for minor changes made more comfortable based upon specific needs.


Our bodies bringing tell-tale warning signals indicating something’s not quite right inside our bodies. A problem occurring do not hesitate getting checked and seeking treatment advised regular check-ups especially if you’re a suspect of having underlying medical conditions.

In the end, whatever the circumstances causing your hand numbness always err on the side of caution consulting professional practitioners before handling treatment options to ensure managing symptoms effectively resulting in doctor approved positive feedback.

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