What causes nose to burn inside?

We’ve all experienced that terrible burning sensation inside our noses. Is it the result of invisible nasal hair singeing or tiny dragons wreaking havoc? Well, not exactly. Thankfully, it’s a common phenomenon with a few possible explanations.


Nose-burning can be incredibly irritating and leave you feeling helpless; however, understanding what causes this condition would help us in finding ways to prevent it from happening again!

In this article, we’ll explore the most probable reasons behind nose-burns and discuss some quick remedies in case one occurs!

What are Nose Burns – A simple explanation

When we experience nose burns or nasal irritation, what typically happens is that we start sensing an uncomfortable sensation deep within our nostrils.

This discomfort could come in various forms including:

  • itchiness
  • dryness
  • stinging/burning sensations

All these sensations happen suddenly and without warning leaving many people wondering why their noses have suddenly erupted into flames.

So, let’s find out together what could cause the inferno inside your nostrils!

Causes of Nose Burns

There are multiple factors that lead to those annoying nose burns. Here are some of them!

1) Dry Climate

Dry climate conditions often take away moisture from everywhere around us—including nasal passages which tend to get sore fast when there isn’t adequate humidity around! So if you’re living in a dry environment where there isn’t enough moisture hanging around then expect your lovely little snivel wreckers (nose hairs) to get scorched through extensive exposure to heat coming straight up from lungs.
Indeed,when air is very dry, “mucus membranes” lose hydration which allows microorganisms such as bacteria/viruses causing sinus/mucosa inflammation)

2) Spicy Foods

Love spicy food? Yeah yeah… so do I! But unfortunately for us, chiles have a tendency of aggravating our sinus cavities. When spicy foods enter the nose in significant amounts – they tend to excite a given region’s neural receptors (called transient receptor potential vanilloid 1, or TRPV1) which leads many people feeling like their nostrils are on fire! Essentially, that ‘aah’ moment turns into an annoying burn.

3) Chemicals

Hairspray and cleaning chemicals may make your environment clean but they can also be tough on your nasal passageways—particularly when you’re using these products without proper ventilation around. Repeated exposure to harsh solvents such as formaldehyde or bleach fumes can cause nasty irritations especially if there is little airflow; therefore hazardous substances should always be stored safely away from sensitive areas.

Symptoms Associated with Nose Burns

Apart from burning sensations inside our nostrils, several symptoms could help identify nose-burn:

  • Watery Eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Runny Nose
  • Nasal Congestion

Generally speaking – Any allergic reaction might lead to the above symptoms hence it’s essential that one seeks medical assistance right away since untreated allergies/mucosa inflammation typically give more room for bacteria/virus action deep within our noses.

Therefore it becomes utterly imperative for one to recognize whatever events led up towards nose burns so as not only seek suitable relief options(Nasal Remedy) BUT also avoid future incidences

How To Treat Nose Burns?

Burning nasal passages don’t need to last forever! Here are some easy home remedies that could go a long way in reducing those irritating sensations:

  1. Hydration: As we noted earlier,when air gets too dry, mucous membranes get prone towards bacterial invasion–hence its imperative taking lots and lots of fluids(i.e cold water/green tea etc). Moreover-humidifiers (devices capable of adding moisture back into the air) help reduce nose-burns caused by dry surroundings

  2. Nasal Spray: Saline nasal sprays are excellent at moisturizing our nostrils—on top of this, they flush out any irritants that might cause inflammations within; therefore bringing immediate relief against stuffy/bloody noses.

  3. Steam Showers: Inhaling steam would moisten your nasal passages naturally while elevating body temperature which also helps in killing bacteria/viruses deep inside one’s lungs.

  4. Use Oils: Essential oils such as Eucalyptus are among some of the most well-recognized agents used for opening clogged sinus passage ways–which reduces irritation internally hence reducing Nose burns immensely.()

  5. Avoid Spicy Foods!: This is probably something we didn’t want to hear again but it’s true—the lesser you eat spicy food, the better your nose will be…

When To Seek Medical Help?

While most cases of nose burns don’t typically require medical attention – there’s a lot more going on than just burning sensations spurring internal complications.An individual experiencing recurring symptoms or those suspicious of underlying conditions could seek guidance from medical professionals to address their condition early enough.


In summary,Nose burning can manifest as a sudden burst of discomfort/warmth accompanied with itching/sneezing/running noses –which all involves various factors regardless…..

Moreover, many remedies exist that make living safely and comfortably possible even in extremely dry environments—So drink lots and lots of fluids/heavily breathe humid air/aerosol irritant into one’s nostril(although carefully) whenever necessary.

Taking no chances for granted also becomes important since ignoring these slight indications often leaves us susceptible towards bacterial/fungal invasion beyond what simple actions could’ve initially solved!