What causes my hands to shake slightly?

Have you ever tried to hold a cup of coffee and noticed your hands shaking uncontrollably? Or have you tried to sign an important document only for the pen strokes to look like squiggles on paper? Don’t worry, shaky hands are a common phenomenon that can happen to anybody regardless of age or gender.

What is Shaky Hands Syndrome?

Shaky Hands Syndrome, also known as Essential Tremor, is a neurological condition characterized by involuntary trembling or shaking movements in various parts of the body. These tremors usually occur in the upper limbs such as arms and fingers but can also affect different parts of the body like head, neck, jawline and even voicebox.

So why do our Hands Shake?

The exact cause(s) behind hand tremors is still unknown. However, there are several factors that increase their likelihood:


If someone in your family has shaky hands syndrome or other movement disorders; chances are high that it may have passed down through generations – this means you too might be at risk.


Aging increases the likelihood of developing hand tremors since muscles become weaker over time due to nerve degeneration.

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress causes an adrenaline rush which leads to uncontrolled muscle activity causing minor shakiness.

Other Common Risk Factors

Besides genetics, aging & anxiety there are many other reasons why our precious digits end up with shaky sensations some more uncommon than others:

Reasons Explanation
Parkinson’s Disease This condition affects brain cells responsible for producing dopamine needed for coordinated movements resulting into shakes effects
Multiple Sclerosis Affects communication between brain cells leaving nerves untreated resulting into movement disruption
Thyroid Disorder Overproduction / Underproduction (Hyperthyroidism & Hypothyroidism) of thyroid hormone can cause both subtle or severe tremor
Side Effects from Medications Some drugs to due to their formulation may result into poor nerve signaling leading resulting in around 20% of cases
Strokes A stroke symptoms like paralysis, difficulty speaking, walking or balancing could cause Shaky hands amongst numerous other symptoms

Foods & Drinks

To add a little bit more fun, here’s are some amusing reasons excluding medical conditions that might be causing your minor shaking:

Excessive Caffeine

For coffee lovers beware. The shock state you put your nervous system through by overdosing on caffeine doesn’t make things easier for the hands.

Alcohol Consumption

Moderate drinking once in a while is not terrible but regular/habitual intake weakens the central nervous system leaving occasional hand spots behind.

Now that we have figured out what causes those slightly shaky fingers let us look at ways to manage them.

How Can You Manage Your Hand Tremors?

If you happen to find yourself with shaky limbs ailments; always try visiting a healthcare professional – early intervention may help avoid complications and unnecessary medication.
Other than medications, Lifestyle modifications such as exercise (as advised), reducing stress levels and getting enough sleep can significantly reduce these disturbances if taken seriously. :
Here are few tips:

  • Try Controlled Breathing: Deep breathing exercises has remained an age old technique of managing sudden anxiety spells
  • Avoid beverages: Reduce consumption of drinks off excessive strenght like alcohol and caffeinated ones)
  • Quitting smoking cigarettes (Seriously QUIT)
  • Strength Training under low levels resistance assists building stronger muscles – Bigger Muscles = Better Stability
  • Freezing Technique where deliberate fidgeting movements attempt redirect brain signals aiding posture stability
    -Ninja Mind Fighting Techniques : Suppressing anxious thoughts even before your body releases rapid heartbeats results in great mental control assisting muscle stability

Final Thoughts

In summary,your minor shakes on multiple occasions don’t always hint to an underlying health condition. But in some instance they can signal or suggest a greater possible chance of developing Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Thyroid disorders amongst other major ailments as we’ve have highlighted.The best approach will still be hope for the best but prepare for worst neurologically speaking by practicing good lifestyle habits and never undervaluing investing into you body fitness & management (After all your Body is your own Board-room)

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