What causes lumps on testicles?

Gentlemen, have you ever run your fingers down below and found something that shouldn’t be there? Something strange and bulbous that’s throwing off the symmetry of your family jewels? Fear not, for today we are going to delve deep into the world of lumps on testicles.

What is a Lump?

Now I know some of you blokes out there might be thinking “What do you even mean by lump?” Well fear not mate, because I’m about to enlighten you. A lump is any abnormal growth or swelling which can feel like an extra ball in the bat-sack area.

Common Causes of Lumps on Testicles

Testicular cancer isn’t as prevalent as Bieber-fever but it’s still up-ya considering how little attention us men pay to our health. However don’t’ worry too much yet – most lumpy-bits turn out to be benign (that means they play nice inside ya).

Here are some common causes:


Cysts occur when sacs filled with fluid form around hair roots in your balls-erocious region (one had better choice comedic euphemisms rather than brash medical jargon). They’re usually painless and harmless but if those little rascals grow large enough, they may require treatment or removal.

Epididymal Cyst

This sounds like a hard worded insult from the local fish monger – however no; this time it refers to cyst formed within tubes located at the backside of each testicle called epididymis where sperm matures gloriously! Impressively enough 90% case-men commonly experience them after reaching puberty so now when someone tries teasingly calling YOU “Epi-whatever” just tell ’em actually it’s incredibly normal hair flip


If you got yourself one of these, it just means that you’re collecting some fluid in the bags where your ballock twins hang out. They tend to be pretty harmless and may disappear on their own or need a little bit of medical assistance.


Not quite like varicose veins (which Grandma Norma loves showing off), but largely similar; varicocele is caused by enlarged veins within the scrotum which can cause pain – this fella ain’t one ya wanna mess with.

Less Common Causes of Lumps on Testicles

If none of those things ring any bells for you then as always there’s more obscure possibilities! These ones require more caution though snake-wranglers cause they could potentially ruin someone’s day.

Testicular Torsion

This is serious enough to warrant further investigation. If a twist in your tubes occurs it will cut off blood flow to your healthy balls; if time isn’t persisted upon immediate action after onset symptoms arise- LOSS OF VITAL ORGAN OCCURS!!! So yea, pay attention gentlemen: Listen when ur package calls


Orchitis sounds like an exotic flower found only on Indonesian hilltops, yet naah – sadly coming down closer to earthy notes from anatomy class we learn that orchitis refers to inflammation of one or both testes, oft occurring due viral complications (weakest biggie-small voices while singing “Every breath ya take!”)


A majority chunk well-spent talking about benign causes earlier however malignant cells too make appearance and unlike mentioned above need snooping around the earliest possible moment!

Hey buddy don’t fret yet though – so what? Flipping normal humans have bodily weaknesses!!!! Everyone should listen when yangs/swooshes/jingle bells say something unusual/has appeared next week again/noticed laterally odd ‘kernal’!

After reading that, if you found yourself reaching down for a quick grab and wondering about every lump ‘and’ bump – then my friend I’ve done my job right! Fear not though, as there are things to watch out for.

Signs & Symptoms

While harmless lumps may be left alone or monitored over time, signs like an increase in size and shape may indicate different aspects such as cancer.

Keep your eye on the following symptoms:

  • Painfulness, swelling, hardness/tenderness or sensitivity is certainly cause of concern.
  • If ya notice change in nature/texture/shape/color/etc., it’s 100% worth getting checked
  • Presence of non-regular discharge.

When to Visit the Doctor

It’s a marvelous idea u plan regular check-ups/proactive self-inspections lest nothing goes without attention & care!!! Listen when behavior changes: abrupt/unplanned/the unpredictable need yanking at large manscaped /un-man-scaping canvas(you know who r!!).

All jokes aside gents; we all got one life to live so let us do our honest best in cherishing ourselves/bodies/happiness!!

Here’s some trivia from me cousin Badger: didja know that women conduct more heath-related research/articles vs. men? Yeah! Hence why their insane standards scrutiny upon ’emself leads them often bombarding most credible site everyday (source – Badgers sneaking up behind unknowing Amish family members): yet guys happily hang smart phones mid-air surfing barest surface.

Let’s catch-up with them innit?! Let this article serve as medicine reminder before we start feeling sickened—or much worse!

Remember when checking form of beans sacs-ing each other away—keep calm(and continue having fun-Ok mate??)!

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