What causes knee bursitis to flare up?

Knee bursitis, also known as ”housemaid’s knee”, is a condition in which the small fluid sacs called bursae, located near the knee joint become inflamed. This causes severe pain and swelling around the knee area leading to difficulty in walking and performing day-to-day activities. Knee bursitis can be caused due to various reasons. In this article, we will explore some of them.

Understanding Bursitis

Before we dive into what causes knee bursitis to flare up, let’s talk about what it is exactly.

Bursitis refers to inflammation of one or more bursae that are present throughout your body including shoulders, hips, elbows and knees. These tiny fluid-filled pouches act as cushions between bones, tendons and muscles during movement helping reduce friction for smooth motion.

There are over 150 different types of these sacks scattered throughout one’s body each serving an essential function depending on its location except when they trigger excruciating pain just like knee-burst

General symptoms may include:

  • Pain while moving affected areas
  • Swelling or redness
  • Difficulty flexing limbs
  • The sensation that something is blocking range-of-motion

Various Causes Contributing To Knee Bursitis

Now let us look at various factors contributing towards causing this condition.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Repetitive strain injury happens when there is frequent stress applied across multiple points leading into excessive wear & tear by the tissues surrounding joints. As a result causing chronic inflammation such as strains or sprains led from unusual movements capable enough for developing pathologies which commonly induce involuntary muscle twitching/pulling/knocking resulting in getting oneself enrolled with physiotherapy programs consisting regular exercises promoting leg strength

People who repeatedly perform tasks requiring kneeling down such as carpet fitters or cleaners stand a higher risk of developing knee bursitis than those who don’t

Overuse Injury

Overuse injury occurs when the joint or tendon is overworked, leading to wear and tear. This repetitive strain caused by intense physical activity exposes the joints/tendons beyond their normal operating capacity causing chronic irritation in its wake eventually giving way to inflammation thus welling from below that prevents extreme motions such as kneel-down

People involved in sports like basketball or football tend to experience overuse injuries brought about by consistent pressure being applied on lower limb muscles/joints

Sudden Impact Injuries/ Trauma

Sudden impact trauma happens when one sustains an injury due to a powerful blow or accident capable enough damaging muscle tissues along with inflaming surrounding structures responsible from preventing & reducing motion resulting into mild bleeding around subcutaneous region along with swelling within days that often cause physiological shock which can prolong damage . Experiencing sudden bursts movements making direct contact with external surroundings like hitting hard against concrete floors result into sufficient acute force strong enough for immediate response involuntarily coming up in reflection worsening things further if neglected

Car accidents, falls or other traumatic incidents- especially those involving high-velocity impacts sustained across joints prove highly susceptible for triggering knee bursitis relating pain & discomfort making recovery time much slower than expected.

Managing Knee Bursitis To Minimize Flare ups

Managing this condition is important. We will look at few ways through which we can minimize flare-ups and help ease existing symptoms.

Rest The Affected Joint For A While

Facilitate taking rest while avoiding weight-bearing activities using crutches/walking sticks keeping away elevated leg length cause deviations proving necessary whilst ensuring appropriate rests depending upon individual specific cases according are highly advisable towards curating rashes/inflammation including hot fomentations resulting aiding inflammation without persistent seizing attacks manifest out appropriately allocated resting positions

Even if you feel tempted to carry on using the affected joint, you should try to rest it for as long as possible.

Protect The Knee Joint With A Bandage/brace

Applying compression around area surrounding knee joint with ostensible support guards significantly protect & reduce injury depending on bilateral ligamentous alteration after chronic conditions

Wearing a supportive brace or bandages during physical activity can help prevent further damage while reducing strain ensuring maximum flexibility thereby ruling out recurring injuries like hamstring tears assisting stability much better without impairing movements


Regular use of specific NSAIDs Proven from abundant literature sources where nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are an essential tool to reduce inflammation and pain – Nandrolone Decanoate, Diclofenac Potassium, Etodolac Trixaprofen etc prescribed properly via medical therapeutic agents have known efficacy in regular dosages, promoting faster recovery time during ongoing treatment ensuring optimal efficiency working together integrating correctly mandated interdisciplinary approach

Take these medications only under doctor supervision to ensure that they don’t interact with any other medication you are taking.

Physical Therapy & Stretching Exercises

Involve yourself into physiotherapy using specialized stretches/elevated positions aiding strengthening muscles preventing subsequent flare-ups enhancing motions thus playfulness towards stretching/balance incorporating one’s fitness goals making your journey more worthwhile ensued by gradual improvements eventually resulting in additional flexibilities suited best
Regardless of what is causing bursitis in your knee. Therefore strengthenig usually starts through appropriate low-impact exercises aimed for modifying abnormal movement patterns introducing moderate resistance training to improve overall endurance finally targeting strenuous activities including proprioceptive rehabilitation therapies providing immune functionality returning before surgery required


As we learned throughout this article,Bursitis relating pain could happen due to multiple reasons. Some feasible ways of curating mild cases involve resting/joint protection/cold packing/rehabilitative regimes/exercise programs avoiding overuse syndrome symptoms managing inflammations . For more severe conditions professional medical attention is advised to determine course for the best treatment method. Therefore, it becomes important to identify the underlying cause and take necessary precautions accordingly as prevention is always better than cure!

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