What causes irritable bowel syndrome?

Ah, the joy that comes with a fulfilling meal. Chew after chew and before you know it; your stomach starts grumbling like a wolf howling at the moon. But alas! The satisfaction is short-lived when as soon as digestions kicks off; unpleasant symptoms assail. Some folks experience bloating and abdominal cramps while others battle erratic bowel movements making for an embarrassing situation.

If this sounds like you, then there’s a good chance you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). As many as 45 million individuals in America are grappling with IBS-related symptoms¹ so ghosting this topic would be unjust.

But what causes IBS? Buckle up ladies on gentlemen – let’s explore!

Toxins Gone Wild 🔬

Ingested toxins can cause havoc inside your intestines, leaving behind destruction that takes time to repair. Once consumed, toxins may start to damage cells of your gut lining leading to inflammation² which impedes efficient waste removal during digestion causing discomfort.

Some commonly ingested poisons include;

Glyphosate Found In Herbicides🍃

Herbicides such as Roundup contain glyphosate³ – an ingredient known by cancer researchers who’ve flagged it for being potentially harmful⁴ Have you ever tried avoiding driving over freshly sprayed fields or using non-toxic herbicides?

Caffeine☕️+Sugar🍭 Heaven

A little caffeine makes us happy but too much leads to anxiety-induced symptoms supplemented by sugary drinks that jumble our adrenal system triggers constant cringing pain listed under IBS-D type symptoms classified under the NIH guidelines website page⁵ Are plain water or herbal teas too bland for tasting buds? Experimenting once in awhile will save more than money on emergency room visits years later hear me out 😂

A No-No To Love-Hate Relationships 💔

Relationships are difficult at times! From love-hate, being complicated or just casually plain wrong. What of those between the brain and gut? Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie flick right?

One incredible hidden knowledge is that there exists a nervous system in your gastrointestinal tract –separate from the central nervous system⁶. This pipeline facilitates 90% passage of our food ingestion feedback for processing thereby availing nutrients responsible for good health.

However, things get messy when this pathophysiology becomes dysfunctional due to insufficient sleep, and imbalanced diets shifts cause heightened levels of anxiety traumas either seen or felt^7 by any child/adult.

This causes rumbling ambiance with increased abdominal pain assaults among other physical responses which often leave one feeling powerless alone while surrounded by others note how it rhymes 😂

Gut Microbiome Anarchy 🦠

The gut microbiome comprises more than 100 trillion microorganisms³ including bacteria viruses named ‘phages’ fungi amoeba Archaea throwing us into disarray trying to keep that in check is no small feat. Specific strains starve competing ones make them obese or just kill them off altogether (pretty brutal, right?)

Having an imbalance in alternating friendly versus harmful microbes contributes highly towards gut inflammation triggering IBS symptoms.^8 While forming balanced colonies keeping flora going strong always start slowly introducing foods containing pro-biotic organisms like yogurts kefir sauerkraut kimchi chewable tablets capsules etcetera seeing how you feel as time goes forth making changes helps track progress instead of blindly grabbing random products ending up combusting all intestinal walls sideways.

Wrap Up Time💡

Digestion shares eccentric mystery yet so critical function once working incorrectly irregular manner takes over causing frustration. Some people can experiment while others may need professional help getting back on track reaching that correct balance creating one-person healthy family commencing a self-help journey towards cure. Don’t forget to document your symptoms along the way to understand which triggers should be avoided.

Now with a detailed overview of IBS, its links and causes; fellow reader it’s time to take charge of that imposter below our belt by taking necessary steps towards major improvements in health looking forward to reading future feedback on this topic 😎

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