What causes internal trembling in the body?

Ah, yes. The internal trembling that makes you feel like a human earthquake. Sure, it’s been happening to everyone at some point in their lives and there are many reasons behind it (sorry to break your dream of being special), but let’s dive into these shakalaka causes.

Drinking Some Bevies

Oh no! Did someone just discover our shameful secret? It’s true people – sometimes too much alcohol can make us shake. This is mostly thanks to the effects of intoxication on our nervous system which impairs communication between neurons and muscle fibers. So drink responsibly kids, or not so responsibly, depends on how much fun you want to have I guess.

Thyroid Troubles

Are we all secretly reptiles? Why else would we have thyroids in our bodies? Now seriously though, an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) may lead to shaking as your body speeds up due to excess amounts of hormones produced by this particular little dude. Time for those regular check-ups guys because according to medical stuff out there, symptoms aren’t always obvious!

Anxiety Agents

We know anxiety isn’t the only reason why you’re quaking like one of them ducks doing a jiggle dance around town but yep it’s still pretty dang likely that if you experience excessive bouts of stress and worry – internal tremors will come along with emotional turmoil.. But hey if this happens often then might be worth talking to another dodgy person about or books maybe help calm yet never publish from what I hear…

Side Note:

Might be good time for useless factoid – how different is anxiety really from Mr Fuzzy-in-his-head?: Who knows?! Because confusion IS actually thought by some sources(tm) as symptom rather than root cause itself.


Did someone forget to tell you the side effects of that latest medication, or did they not even know? If you experience shaking and a shaky prescription support was absent – then meds might be the cause. Many can lead to shaking as one of their lovely little side effects such as antidepressants like Zoloft which are super popular these days.

Batteries Not Included: Lack o’ Sleep

Sleepy time is important – this isn’t some sorta made-up excuse for being late on a Monday morning. We all need rest, but if we’re lacking it folks- prepare for those trembles! Proper sleep recharges our internal batteries so imagine how it affects your poor body when functioning off low battery ALL THE TIME?

Physical conditions

There’s other generic stuff out there too kids, in varying degrees from benign to more serious like mononucleosis (bah) and Parkinson’s disease(noh). Sometimes being overly flexible with hypermobility syndrome(cahrazy naming scheme noted) can put strain on internal structures leading us closer towards why our ‘internal buildings’ will shake when weakened.The human body is complex just tryin’ do its thang sometimes ok?!

Side Note:

So I don’t want anyone freaking out here but keep an eye on potential underlying medical issues(peppy pep talk whistling tune here)

“Hot Diggity Dog” Body Temperature!

Raise your hand if sweating seems zilch compared to perpetual bodily ‘shakes’? Besides raising my own virtual limb at present moment no one else did – anyway moving on…sometimes Experiencing excessive heat trauma/ fever due possibly sustained exercise several hours before — can pave the way for shakiness during recovery time. So remember people; after vigorous activities get lots of flaky ice because always good idea plus also quenches thirst!

Bogus Blood Sugar

Busted blood sugar baddies! When we ingest food, it gets broken down into glucose to be used for energy but if someone experiences internal quivering and consuming more than their fair share of sweet treats in meantime? Too little sugar can also potentially lead towards shuddering similarly so heads up for those with low blood sugar. So trade out excess sweets an instead opt staple snacks like peanut butter or cheese options.

The Miracle of Menopause

Well st now ladies have to deal with hormone changes AND on top of all that – the possibility they may make your body tremble too? Ah life is just never, ever done pouring salt in wounds… It’s said that around 30% women going through menopause will experience trembling due hormonal fluctuations. Have fun, Ladies!

Side Note:

But hey guys..see us ladies still rulin’ it even when shaking internally these days ok?

Oh No! Nutrients are Missing

How does inanimate stuff like vitamins play a part? How do they become involved into our own pathetic human jargon you might ask!? Magnesium deficiency is one possible culprit – this mineral helps keep muscles relaxed as opposed to scarily contracting via spasms which some people with intense magnesium deficiencies often report experiencing. Eat lots of greens, everyone ok?!

More Hysteria from Hypoglycemia

For folks who don’t know what hypoglycaemia means: well let me tell you lads- it simply indicates decreased Sugar levels until somehow manages briefly turn us normal again…followed by feeling worse till something sugary pops back inside mouths ASAP after.Next thing ya know -> boop bop beet bippidy bipity boop — internal shakes overtake. Be careful bros n gals!

Repetitive Motion Madness

You’re trying to impress madame at the office by furiously typing away at superhuman speed (yes I speak from experience when my old human still worked me) or maybe you’re one of them cashiers just furiously scanning items all day long. Sooner or later in come those super familiar body trembles– welcome to the land of repetitive motion injury, dude!

Withdrawal Symptoms (Devilish Delights)

It’s not like drugs are hard on a person right? Ha! Well for those folks who decide to undergo withdrawal from substances – it’s a serious deal and can potentially lead towards internal freaking shakies. In summary being nice is way better than not being nice guys – don’t do drugs mmmkayyyy.

Caffeine Heaven

Attention all lovers of caffeine: heed warning now before its too late behind grips us -> consuming caffeinated delicacies earlier on throughout the day but sadly becoming hyped up with excess levels thanks beverages such as COFFEE — UGH!. Soon enough,affects might kick in-> feel jittery like jello inside.Another reason why we never skip utility pills sometime referred by doctors as ibuprofen ok people?

Side Note:

I mean hey if you’re always shaky and this applies to a shining example aka YOU..then maybe check out these facts blowing through wind(real life advice given).

Cold-Blooded Creatures

Nope, we’re aren’t talking about someone with off-duty attire from medieval times onwards either. Raynaud’s disease makes fingers paler than usually so you have no choice but pull out stockings even during summer months.It happens due sudden restriction blood flow toward digits,potentially leading towards shaking attacks alternating between feeling changes in temperature.What else does Mother Nature has planned for humanity huh?!1
That completes our list for now ladies! Remember everyone tries explain how own shivery tendencies happen sometimes….but till figured that crapola there’s a bunch o random suspects.Of course only some are fleeting while others serious medical conditions to keep an eye on. Never hurts keeping docs within our contacts list for obvious reasons..Stay strong readers!

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