What causes high white blood platelets?

Are you feeling unwell and the doctors tell you that your white blood cell count is too high? Confused about what this means or how it happened? Fear not, because in this article we will explore the various reasons why someone might have high white blood platelets.


The human body is a marvel of engineering. It operates through complex systems involving different organs and cells working together to maintain a delicate balance. One such group of cells responsible for protecting our bodies from harmful diseases are the white blood cells. They fight against any foreign substance that penetrates our system, be it bacteria or viruses.

In some individuals, however, their white blood cell count can exceed 10,000/mm³ (that’s quite a scary number). But don’t worry; having elevated levels does not necessarily mean sickness (thank goodness!). However, if left untreated or ignored over time, there could be severe health complications.



One probable cause of elevated WBC count could be due to an ongoing infection within your body (eww! gross!). This situation triggers your immune system to produce more WBCs than usual to combat germs that might be harming your body.

Allergy Reactions

Allergic reactions can also increase your WBCs’ level as they release histamines (a biochemical reaction) which lead to inflammation within the respiratory tract and other parts of the body – leading to an overproduction of WBCs., thereby putting stress on bone marrow production capacity after excess histamines stay active for many hours in one’s bloodstream.

Absence Of Spleen

Another possible reason why certain people may have increased platelet counts could result from spleen removal surgery (splenectomy). The spleen plays an essential role in regulating RBC/platelet lifespan since during its destruction process old/broken cells get eliminated from blood circulation. In the absence of spleen, these cells may live relatively longer than before -developing a butch of new ones- thus increasing platelet count in blood.


Unfortunately, an underlying condition such as cancer is another potential cause for high white blood cell levels (gulp!), particularly leukemia where there can be too much WBC production resulting in decreased RBCs or platelets.

Medication Side Effects

Several medication treatments could provoke overproduction of WBC counts because their drug-like structures resemble characteristics found within bacteria (so our immune system gets confused). This triggers the countdown to produce many more white platelets to fight off the supposed’ infection.’

Associated Symptoms with increased Platelet Count

Now that you understand some causes for elevated amounts let’s talk about various symptoms that are related. It’s vital not to overlook other signs since they indicate specific underlying disease conditions such as:

  1. Weakness: An individual with excessive white-cell amounts and depleted oxygen supply might feel extra fatigued.
  2. Shortness breathing : People find it challenging to breathe effortlessly when additional blood circulates through lungs due to higher WBC densities filled within bloodstream; this impacts respiration
  3. Bruising easily: Although bruising easily can have less serious health implications sometimes than others, sometimes it indicates something else happening beneath your skin on a cellular level.
  4. Fevers – often caused by infections or even inflammation-induced histamines wreaking havoc on our bodies’ mechanisms!

Diagnosis of High White Blood Cell Count

If you suspect you have an increased numberplatelets based on any associated symptoms we’ve listed above eat pride and go visit your Doctor! Your physician will conduct assessments/perform tests configure if there is anything worrisome going incorrect inside your body concerning the levels thereof.

Blood Test

testing effective measure comprise running Total Blood Picture(TBS), which controls components necessary for blood counts – white cells, red cells and platelets. The CBP further provides vital information about your body’s health status such as hemoglobin levels or iron-deficiency patterns

Bone Marrow Analysis
If initial tests show that you indeed have elevated amounts of white components (WBCs), then bone marrow analysis can be used to look more deeper into the problem from it’s root (“root” sounds scary! Oh no!).


Treatment ultimately depends on what underlying reasons push for each individual patient’s increase in WBC count:

Antibiotics/ Antihistamines
Medications such as antibiotics are often administered when culprit is an infection, while antihistamines would step in where allergies most likely factor high platelet count contributing factors.


MEDICALLY speaking, providing you don’t mind going under medication; “aspirin reduces the ability of blood clots to form”, so people who experience a surplus number of clot-forming components may find these helpful.”


In instances where excessive numbers stem from cancer treatment often follows through chemotherapy drugs sometimes alongside radiation therapy.


While not always necessary depending on the source responsible High white cell counts if symptoms persist post-treatment a splenectomy removing spleen gland could prevent future concerns


Remember always above all: please consult with a physician before taking any drug-regimen action plan felt helpful herein. Now outside consulting professional services recognizing potential alternative-compounds another option- Plant-based foods routinely linked fighting various illnesses.

A hectic lifestyle can undeniably leave worrying imprints capable disrupting critical balance mechanisms promoting metabolistic harmony throughout our intricate human frameworks (it is tough being human nowadays). As much as we enjoy finding ourselves active intellectual beings that strive to accomplish daily routines without unwarranted interruption – slow down occasionally and pay attention if something feels off physically); sit down take time out to look after your health, allow yourselves moments away from the digital screens amdist the frenzy of modern-day living. Remember, proper care for yourselves precedes being in good able-body states – finally feeling like supermen (and women).

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