What causes heart murmur in older adults?

Welcome, dear readers! We’re here to talk about one of the most curious medical mysteries ever – heart murmur! But, don’t worry. This topic isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and we’ll explain everything you need to know.

So buckle up your seatbelts (unless you’re under quarantine), grab a calming cup of tea or coffee, and let’s get right into it.


Heart murmurs are quite common among older adults. Usually harmless yet worrying noises that our hearts make while blood pumps them through their valves. However, on rare occasions (or so they say) these conditions can be life-threatening too!

But then again, why do seniors experience such unpleasant situations? Well… keep reading (thank us later).

Definition: What is a Heart Murmur?

Before diving deep into facts and figures concerning this scary disease (oops!), lets define what exactly do we mean by the term “heart murmur.”

In simple terms; A Heart Murmurs refers to an unusual sound consistent with turbulent sound waves passing through the heart chambers’ valves structure during each heartbeat cycle.

To give honest details even Dr Dolittle would approve of; When our lovely little hearts beat normally/timely & rhythmically without any forceful pushbacks or resistance within its walls during contraction & relaxation … there shouldn’t be any audible noise.

This means if someone hears whooshing/quivering/whistling noises(which feel kinda unsettling), then there’s highly possible reason for concern..BUT before jumping onto worst-case scenarios let’s investigate further- First question being:

###Why doesn’t every single person develop a heart murmur

Causes Of Heart Mummer in Elderly Individuals

Though exact causes are still somewhat shrouded in mystery(it gives element suspense-no kidding!). Sometimes even professional docs aren’t wholly sure about the trigger. However, we do have a pretty solid idea of what causes heart murmurs in seniors.


Let’s just say this – aging isn’t kind to our body parts’ physiology- BUT it’s only because they love us too much! Truly when you put it like that… who can blame them?
Although now and then age is just another number; but when you get wrinkles on your skin, bonafide cavities on your teeth, or even worse … serious issues within your heart chambers’ valves structure…age checks out!

As years go by ( sorry to break it to you) our sweetie-pies hearts will face minor dehydration(dryness), clogged vessels leading towards sclerosis(hardening fibrous layer formation of blood vessels), sometimes calcification(deposits).

Now again presenting depressing details won’t solve anything lets see what step we should take next here-

Accrued Damage Over Time

Our cardiovascular systems work tirelessly day and night effortlessly providing nutrients & oxygen rich fluid throughout the whole organism. Frankly deserving way more gratitude than most would care to admit/acknowledge 😉

But do I need not mention that with time comes damage? And often paired up alongside that- COMPLICATIONS!!

Hypertension(high BP) has been indicated as oneof|the major culprits(bruty bummer)behind Heart Murmurs
such forceful contractions consistently over extended periods slowly start straining the walls around cardiac Chambers leading towards undesirable structural changes.

  • Aging

    • Older individuals are more prone

    • Biological Processes explained

    ## Symptoms Of Heart Murmer

Now once we’ve gotten down to brass tacks, let’s talk symptoms shall spring onto scene?

Most times these pesky (scary) noises within cardiac zones are identified whilst routine check-ups through stethoscopes.

Drum-roll sound for revealing an Interesting fact; Did you know every 45 minutes someone gets diagnosed with a Heart Murmur?

Now, please be aware these abnormal sounds may exist for years without showing any symptoms. But let’s highlight some of the basic signs which one should keep an eye out for:

  • Shortness of breath or labored breathing

  • Tiredness/fatigue(dude/dudette do you even lift?) + low strength

  • Fainting

These can pose serious inconvenience & discomfort however Most folks experience No effects at all

### Diagnosis

By now! You must have got an idea of how terrifying yet common this condition is, but trust us if it’s caught early/on-time, self-care can make a major difference in maintaining their health and avoiding further risks. This means once we recognize even minor unusual conditions within ourselves RUN towards Docs office/clinic/hospital(immediately also justified on healthy grounds).

Caring professionals then use techniques such as Echocardiograms/screening electrocardiograms revealing visual/graphical representation giving detailed insights about our heart valves functioning & structural contribution.

MRI scanners are often used to diagnose accurately along with Doppler ultrasound equipment graphically representing in-depth anatomic anomalies (fancy machinery comes across quite handy here J

But wait there’s more; Alongside these techniques patients generally undergo routine physical checkups (WHOOP WHOOP) where Medical Professionals ask people questions about previous health history/genetics/environmental factors affecting long-term well-being.


So far so good right?, We hope things aren’t looking too bleak dear readers because guess what no need for excessive worrisome self-pity parties here,options are available aplenty!

Let’s categorize them step by step shall ‘we?

Lifestyle Modification

This arguably holds its position among the best-well-rounded solutions focusing primarily on enhancing lifestyle approach & modifying factors that may be influencing heart health. Primarily; exercise, diet & nutrition management seems to have Most effective impacts.


Keeping oneself active engaging in routine physical activity such as cycling/jogging/walking or even strength training at the local gym (if you’re feeling muscle-sy) improves cardiovascular endurance.


Targeting wholesome regular consumption of green vegetables/fruits/low-fat meats/dairy products alongside avoiding Processed foods/Breath-taking fast-food cuisine/Excessive sugar can result in optimal outcomes.


Prescribed medicines by a professional doctor provide targeted results suppressing issues affecting one’s well-being efficiently. Certain types of diuretics/beta-blockers/Digitalis(heart rhythm regulator)/Bronchodilators(expands bronchiole reducing resistance) are commonly used options however ‘Patient’s unique physiology medical backdrop influence ideal medication choices


Taking control and responsibility for our wellbeing isn’t limited to only when we face problems but rather it’s essential throughout life’s journey towards longevity is performing routing self-care checkups maintain overall well-being through healthy habits.

  • Regular Check-ups
  • Better Lifestyle Habits
  • Avoid Stress

So folks! there you go an overview on Heart Murmur’mystery actually uncovered some valuable pointers!

We hope this aided demystifying the buzzing sound your inner voice simply refused to step down from stressing over!

Until next time….

Keep flapping those wings dear hearts!

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