What causes heart flutters?

Have you ever felt like your heart is doing the Macarena in your chest? Or that a tiny hummingbird has taken up residence in there and won’t stop fluttering its wings? We’ve all had those moments where our heart feels like it’s dancing to a different tune. So, what causes these heart flutters? Let’s break it down.

What are Heart Flutters?

Before we dive into the causes of heart flutters, let’s define what they are. Heart flutters, or palpitations, refer to an irregular heartbeat that can feel like your heart is racing, pounding, fluttering, or skipping beats. These episodes can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes and usually don’t require medical attention unless they’re accompanied by other symptoms.

How Do They Feel?

There’s no one way to describe how palpitations feel since everyone experiences them differently. Some people might feel their heart skip a beat or two while others may experience rapid thumping sensations that last for several minutes. However you experience them though (if you do), most people agree they’re uncomfortable at best and downright scary at worst.

What Causes Palpitations?

Now onto the meaty bit; what causes our hearts to go out-of-sync with themselves!

1- Caffeine Overload

We all love coffee (well…most of us), but too much caffeine can leave us feeling anxious and jittery – not unlike one of those chihuahuas on an espresso run.

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system which leads to increased levels of adrenaline in the body causing some people’s hearts to race uncomfortably as their body tries activate fight mode before running away.

Fun fact: While heavy Starbucks sweaters know this well – limiting intake often brings benefits

2- Alcohol Consumption

While we’re at it, let’s also single out alcohol for its role in heart palpitation drama.

Unlike caffeine, which has an immediate effect on the body, alcohol begins as a depressant and might cause sleepiness or relaxation. It is one of them sneaky poisons that are like “Oh you thought I was nice huh” because once consumed it can quickly transform into the opposite especially when consumed iteratively.

According to medical experts, excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks may lead to irregular fluttering feelings within your chest region.

Fun fact: While drinking generally brings more cons than pros (and hangover sucks), studies suggest sipping some red wine will help reduce risk of heart disease (Winning much).

3- Emotional Stress

Have you ever felt like your heart was beating so loud everyone within ten metres could hear it? If yes then Congratulations! You’ve felt what stress-induced anxiety palps feel like.

Stress and anxiety activate our fight-or-flight response; causing adrenaline levels to peak and making hearts pump faster – this state often called tachycardia if prolonged.

Fun fact: Try ASMR Videos (/maternal voice) next time you find yourself anxious/stressed (the soothing sounds they make helps increase dopamine levels).

When To Seek Medical Help?

Most cases of heart flutters usually resolve on their own without any long-term health consequence beyond scaring us half-to-death but for severe recurrences here are f\zeed symptoms we think would necessitate scheduling an appointment with Dr House;

Symptom Description
Fainting loss consciousness

|Rapid heartbeat|(anxiety induced rapid beating can be alarming but should last only few seconds) |

|Chest pain /discomfort |(tightness radiating towards arms/neck/jaw)|

I mean who wouldn’t want to call house in these cases!!!

Additional causes professionals look at would be hormonal changes (hello menopause, where my ladies at?), certain medicines , electrolyte imbalance and hyperthyroidism.

Heart palpitations are gradually becoming more common amongst people, some may be as a result of unhealthy routine habits or even pre-existing medical conditions that deteriorate over time but most often they come through no fault of our own. Easing into healthier routines can help reduce the occurrence or frequency of these merry-go-round rides as we go about our daily lives – without needing to have “Dr House’”number on speed dial.

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