What causes hand foot and mouth disease?

Hand foot and mouth disease is a viral illness that mostly affects infants and children under the age of 5. However, anyone can contract this virus regardless of their age. This disease causes sores or blisters to appear on the hands, feet, mouth, and throat – hence its name ‘hand foot and mouth disease.’

The Culprit: Enterovirus

So what exactly causes hand foot and mouth disease? It’s caused by a group of viruses known as enteroviruses – the culprits! These guys also cause other illnesses such as polio.

Enteroviruses are tough little creatures to eliminate due to their stability in different environments ranging from damp places like swimming pools to your keyboard if not wiped down in months.

How Does It Spread?

Hand-foot-and-mouth-disease spread through person-to-person contact. Entrovirus usually enters your nose-congested respiratory system including nostrils before exposure transfers it onto surfaces.. If an infected toddler touches you (or sneezes/coughs without covering his mouth) & then touch another surface after he doesn’t wash his hand with soup immediately- Bingo!! Infection progresses more rapidly when several people are gathered within confined spaces falling victim around contagious individuals being near them is just asking for trouble .

As mentioned earlier since these viruses survive longer than regular flu bugs they’ll cause anonyone who comes into physical contact with contaminated objects or members residing together at home succumb inside the same breathing space quicker than social distancing measures could prevent possibility transmission early on!

Another deft mechanism of efficiently spreading hand-foot-and-mouth-disease lies acutely manifesting via Fecal-oral route spreads through oral cavity consuming contaminated food products(pretty self-explanatory!)

Symptoms of Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease

Hand-foot-and-mouth-disease symptoms revolve around the appearance of sores that may be accompanied by fever & sore throat. These could really put a damper on one’s day promptly!! Let me take you through the more detailed picture.

Mouth Sores

As mentioned earlier, the first sign that someone has contracted hand-foot-and-mouth-disease is mouth sores. You can spot these initially as pea-sized blisters usually located inside your toddler’s cheeks, on gums and if they’re in a bad state- further developing into open ulcers – the last thing your bub needs since it’d cause pain while chewing or drinking fluid intakes(Sip water for relief!). Let them heal eventually atop yellow-grey crusts resembling varicella zoster virus(chicken pox!).

Rash Development

After suffering from severe itches on palms&soles plus rashes initiated around red bumps( similar to bug bites)in babies’ nappy area,you might consider HFM.”Mommy I miss my early days with no rash(&acne)” On top of physical discomfort being sick,is PTSD esp kids!,parents would have to designate doctor trips handling petty household chores like preparing meals and basic hygiene caring for affected teens.


A high-grade fever accompanies this illness ranging around 101 degrees Fahrenheit(approximately 38-39°Celsius). While swollen/throat pains go along with raspy voice/breathless coughing fits lately improved asthmatic conditions from those contagious (It’s not exactly funny when one considers hospital bills)-do we appreciate our lungs now don’t we?

Who Is at Risk?

Take care-some complain ‘’it doesn’t apply to me anyhow!’’. It does! Children are particularly susceptible because their immune systems haven’t yet fully developed . More specific examples include:

  • Household Of Affected Individual(s)
  • Nursery Employees / teachers.
  • Parents who often interchange contact items w/infants.[This is important to note for all new mommies out there.]

How To Prevent Hand-Foot-And-Mouth Disease?

  1. All individuals must take frequent hand washing measures utilizing anti-bacteria sanitizers / soaps.
  2. Refrain from engaging in shared utensils(items) developed due to human transmission of the virus
  3. Avoidance of contact with infected people by all members inside a household(By that we mean stay clear and well away at ALL COSTS)

Do maintain hygiene standards especially if suffering colds or cough-induced infections.

Lastly, If you notice any symptoms related to (HFM), do not panic; Contact healthcare professionals immediately for professional assistance with thorough diagnosis alongwith effective medication, hope this read amused you enough and also shed enlightening tips simultaneously! Stay safe peeps!!