What causes fluid on the knee and swelling?

We all need our legs to carry us around like the majestic kings we are. However, when one of them starts to swell up like a balloon, it is easy to feel like your kingly status has been taken away from you. Enter fluid on the knee or knee swelling: one of life’s most unwelcome guests.

In this article, we will explore what causes fluid on the knee and swelling in all its irritating glory – complete with ‘beautiful‘ pictures that will make your inner scientist proud.

The Inner Working of Knees

Before delving into annoying conditions afflicting knees let us take a brief look at how they work. Our knees are composed mostly of three bones: femur (thigh bone), tibia (shinbone), and patella (kneecap); protecting these parts are articular cartilage which acts as shock absorber between bones during movement. Cartilage also keeps bones from rubbing against each other while preventing injuries due to friction abrasion.

Making activities using our knees enjoyable is therapy lubricating fluids covering joint surfaces; synovial membrane producing synovial liquid perform critical functions in maintaining healthy joints by nourishing cartilages for smooth joint function & prevents excessive damage when performing physical activity.

It seems pretty straightforward so far but things can get very uncomfortable very quickly if any part stops working correctly, leading to conditions such as fluid accumulation (Oh my lordy).

What exactly is Fluid Accumulation?

As noted above, there’s normally some waxiness happening inside your joints which helps everything slide nice-n-easy without any unwanted grinding, just like those ball-bearings keeping those fancy rotating chairs enjoying friction-less light spins… smooth right?

One component responsible for ensuring total slipperiness within our kneecaps comes in liquid form known as synovial fluid produced secretion by Synoviocytes cells inside synovial membrane lining our knees. But sometimes, the synovial membranes in your precious knees get all worked up and start secreting it like there’s no tomorrow`, resulting in extra fluid production.

To put it simply; more secretion of synovial fluid means increased fluid build-up within joint capsules that exceed normal levels results to OVER-INFLATION leading to swelling out whatever can’t expand anymore specifically around knee-caps area & not just one side + tiny-shivs rubbing on the inner aspect of our leg -aah-

Not only will your knees look supersized, but they’ll also feel extremely painful which is super fun(sarcasm alert).

What are the Major Causes of Knee Swelling?

As we know now what leads to liquid accumulation within joints causing inflammation (painful) reducing mobility when a damper is applied- especially at night(bye-bye sound rest), Different scenarios could be responsible for this increased amount of synovial liquid discharge such as:

Physical Injuries

Taking hard falls during sports activity where sudden bending or twisting positioned undue pressure on knee joint often damaging cartilages including tendons, ligaments extending through kneecap affecting flow inhibiting excess liquids from moving with full force suitable space leaving our patella unable to move with ease – That’s bad right?!


Have you heard about medical conditions that make your body deteriorate fastest than would usually happen? think arthritis right? Of course! There are over 100 types currently documented & distinguished by wear-and-tear emanating from longer lifespan affects and other related factors such as nerve damage inducing systemic infections worsening blood-supply distribution creating issues flaring liquids build-up due reduced muscle replenishing rates all via various ways.

Some forms exclusively affect weight-bearing sites like hips or commonly-knees hence why people lead an unhealthy lifestyle likes drinking heavily while smoking take heavy tolls bearing massive pain attempting to climb the stairs without stumbling downward.


Ever experienced foot or fell short from inflammation relating sudden bouts of severe pain? That’s gout for you. A scenario where your body system cannot keep track of uric acid amounts causing it to pool within joints increasing toxic amount pouring in limbs such as our favorite kneecap over time receding into severe pains like its counterpart arthritis- if you notice features different between both conditions that’s just because they is different types with their unique spin on this uncomfortable situation.


Knee swelling and fluid build up can leave anyone feeling frustrated, annoyed, and incredibly impacted psychologically but don’t fret my lovely reader knowing what leads to these devastating conditions provides a clear understanding enabling identification at an early stage reducing inevitable health side-effects related issue solving immediately whilst providing future care plans necessary information regarding the best ways handling them preventing any compilations occurring after treatments carried out – remember prevention better than cure!

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