What causes feet to go numb?

Have you ever had that tingly sensation in your feet, like they’re asleep? Or maybe it feels more like they’ve been replaced by blocks of ice? Whatever the exact feeling may be, having numb feet is never pleasant. Let’s take a closer look at what causes this annoying symptom.

It’s All About Circulation

When our extremities – such as our hands and feet – go numb, it usually has something to do with circulation. That means blood flow. So if we can figure out why our circulation isn’t up to par, then we might just be able to solve the mystery of the tingly toes.

Sitting Still for Too Long

One common cause of poor circulation is sitting still for extended periods of time. This often happens when you’re on a long flight or car ride and feel too cramped to move around much. You may notice that after a while your legs start going numb from lack of movement (and not necessarily because your traveling companion has fallen asleep on them).

To help prevent this issue, try taking short breaks every hour or so where you get up and walk around a bit (if possible). This will get your blood flowing properly again and help stave off those dreaded pins-and-needles sensations.

Tight Clothing

Another reason for restricted blood flow could be tight clothing – especially shoes that don’t fit correctly (or are just really hard-bottomed). When material squeezes various parts instead of letting things breathe freely (like sweat, oh Lord), it unseemly constricts nerves thereby decreasing efficiency in bloodstream transmissions.(Big yikes!)

If you wear shoes have caused foot pain before remove them replace/rest until there’s proper enough room between sole & top surface without socks squashed right now against fingers/toes stretched uncomfortably thin…seriously: give your poor digits some breathing space here.


In some cases, numbness in the feet can be caused by an injury wether minor or severe. If you’ve damaged a specific nerve in your foot (or anywhere up along leg), that may translate to zombified sensations & perceptions: again it’s all about adequate blood flow/starvation of the five senses which extends to whole body reacting bizarrely overtime without proper stimulation/response from oxygenated cellular tissue damages being incurred during heavy activity (or chronic soreness).

Medical Issues

While circulation is often a reason for numb feet, other serious medical issues could also play into symptom development. Below are few potential causes that may result:


One side effect of diabetes is neuropathy – damage done to nerves resulting from prolonged exposure high levels sugar within blood.(one more reason why ODing on candy isn’t recommended) This condition has wide array symptoms and includes numbness, tingling, weakness and/or pain that usually begins start at the extremities (e.g., toes/feet) then moves its way upwards into back/atrophymuscles later on as disease continues progressing.

Be careful here evaluating nutritional choices especially if prediabetes exists; consult medical personnel who would offer information/guidance follow correct protocol so avoid progression worse scenarios with best treatments available(which probably wouldn’t include ice cream sundaes…sorry folks).

Peripheral Artery Disease|

Peripheral artery disease leaves sufferers arteries hardened/narrowed which restricts a healthy flow of blood throughout their bodies—particularly legs/how much supporting these lower win end resulting wearing where no feeling sensed(because there ain’t any). Other notable signs one should looks out for will be crudely discolored skin decaying falling off structures accompanied random hairs growing right out despite many conventional methods not working whatsoever either such infectious bacteria specifically targeting region affected from PAD(Pass down antibiotics people!)

This sensation typically only gets worse if left unchecked, so early detection/set up proper measures with your health professional crucial step fighting/ridding chances this condition becoming a long term threat.

Multiple Sclerosis

Like diabetes, multiple sclerosis can cause severe damage to nerve endings within body. While numbness or tingling in the feet may seem like minor side effects associated with MS (a common autoimmune ailment), other symptoms include muscle weakness, blurred vision and even cognitive difficulties with potentially serious implications.

To handle identifying these sort of medical emergencies immediately! If you’ve been experiencing any combination of aforementioned issues please consult a qualified doctor right away.(Stat!)

Nerve Damage Likely Culprit

Another reason for feeling numb is nerve damage (or inflammation) within nerves being pinched off by various structures(such as tumors/broken bones). This often seems like it comes out nowhere initially(although sharp jabs of agony might indicate otherwise) but once first sensations progress into numbing sensory feedback loop circuit that keeps on perpetuating itself almost becomes second nature/(un)pleasant everyday occurrence possibly warranting some help.

But Why Do These Things Cause Numb Feet?

Now that we’ve talked through some potential causes, let’s explore why each of them could lead to numbness in our favorite appendages – our feet!

Essentially when things wrapped too snugly around extremities become starved blood flow/nutrition(via oxygen from red cells), they sustain wound/deterioration which leads not only an acute decrease functionality but chronic levels suffering later down line such as nerve compression(inflaming swollen irritation) except best case scenario should be routine checks done early enough detect/mend less serious harm(before amputating limbs ensue).

Well folks—those are just few reasons why someone might end up experiencing numbness in their vital digits at one point or another… add above tips monitoring situations much more manageable given time frames extent individual lifestyle habits.

Consider grabbing more comfortable clothing/shoes one day, take walks every once awhile plane journeys or long rides to be able to stretch out and find the glory that is a relaxed pair of feet!(Seriously!)