What causes dizziness and fast heart rate?

Are you feeling dizzy all of a sudden like your world is spinning? Does your heart feel like it’s about to pop out of your chest because it’s pumping so fast? Well, guess what (insert sarcasm here)? You’re not alone! Millions of people experience these symptoms at some point in their lives. It can be scary and uncomfortable, but fear not my friend – we’ve got the scoop on what causes these symptoms.

The Culprits


Have you been slacking on drinking water lately? Dehydration could be wreaking havoc on your body. When there isn’t enough fluid circulating through your system, blood flow decreases, which makes our hearts work harder than usual. In turn, this triggers the production of adrenaline causing an increase in our heart rates as an attempt to pump more oxygenated blood throughout our bodies – making us DIZZY!

Drink that H2O!

Low Blood Sugar

Skipping meals (or following a low-carb diet) may have landed you with low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia), leading to feelings of lightheadedness or faintness as well as palpitations (heart racing). If left untreated hypoglycaemia eventually leads to confusion , seizures and death among other things.

We know diets suck altogether (so let’s raid that cupboard) but observing proper nutrition by eating healthy foods high in fibre with fewer carbohydrates should help resolve any erratic bouts of hypoglycemia attacks.


Is being pale becoming too cool for school.. Oh nope!, does it come with fatigue,palpitations,fainting spells absolutely nothing close cool when put together right?. Tiredness from physical activity,(not really), unrestful sleep might just mean iron deficiency anaemia AKA an enemy-induced problem. Oxygen moves slower resulting into insufficient supply within our systems. The heart then pumps faster as an attempt to improve oxygen circulation aggravating the symptoms.

Pro-tip, consume iron-rich foods,and at worst case scenarios, take supplements with consults of a nutritional specialist.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress is inescapable; work,studies,relationships among other things engulf our daily lives can become overwhelming- accelerating heartbeat,hyperventilation which could activate your fight or flight mechanism inducing adrenaline rush THIS IS NORMAL EVEN FOR THE TOUGHEST OF US! But not normal if you feel nauseous oftentimes dizzy/unstable amongst others.

Speak to someone when feeling anxious…it really helps Trust us!!


Ever felt like every object around was giddy? Yeah sure these funny eye movements might have contributed but most times it’s more severe than that (underlying health issues.. yikes!). It results from slight disturbances within the inner ear fluids creating wicked balancing mechanisms tossing all equilibrium off-balance. Other unsettling feelings accompany this: ringing ears,migraines,nystagmus(eye tremors).

Treatment varies; physical therapy ,medications,dietary changes(a little ginger powder/to quicken healing), surgery.and just maybe,get less alcohol-induced….. LOUD MUSIC!


Nausea,vomiting,faintness, tunnel vision,(felt like you’re walking on air)..wait what?,these are quite common when experiencing dizziness whereas fast heart beating(didn’t think we’d need to explain) palpitations(the heart skipping beats-like a great beatboxing performance!),shortness of breathe(due to increased respiratory rates) including others signify testing

Questionings,troubleshooting,reviews on history,some medical examination coupled with blood tests,radiography,MRI/CT are procedures conducted before proper diagnosis can be established (all worth checking out though!).

Treatment Options

Medicinal Support

Pharmaceutical companies have generated arrays of products for tackling dizziness situations. Depending on the severity and causative agents, a number of drugs could be prescribed to prevent recurring symptoms (we don’t recommend just self medicating though).


Physical therapy may come in handy when experiencing hypotension(low blood pressure),speaking with therapists specialised in anxiety reduction might also relieve future triggering effects as well. In worst case scenarios, surgery.

Pro-tip– We strongly advise speaking first with healthcare professionals before attempting any form of treatment.

Prevention Techniques

Personal Hygiene

Whaaaaaat?? (You read right!) Poor hygiene habits are susceptible to infecting our inner workings leading to more discomfort or even feeling faint! (gotta stay clean y’all).

Regular Exercises

Don’t let that lazy gene kick in – this would slowly eradicate fatigue complaints keeping us energized over time causing irregular heartbeats; our very own body work-out session!

Proper Eating Habits

‘Matter no dey die’ as Yorubas say but sometimes it does matter….Protein-rich diet helps produce hormones which subsequently corrects low blood sugar levels..thereby avoiding episodes associated with fast heart beats .

Put away junk food and Fura da nono…yes!,they only top up calories without benefiting us nutritionally.

Stress Reduction Techniques.

We cannot stress enough..pun intended!! Meditation,Yoga(beneficial praises from fans!),exercise and most importantly,get Social can aid with lowering anxiety levels amongst others

While we see these Symptoms as “light-hearted” issues not deserving much attention…..it’s essential always to seek medical advice once detecting those triggers before they escalate into complicated health problems..

Taking care of ourselves should never become an option either by observing healthy diets, staying properly hydrated, derestricting stress triggers amongst other habits are crucial towards maintaining our well-being.

Stay safe y’all!