What causes discoloration?

As humans, we often take for granted the incredible balance that our bodies maintain. However, certain anomalies can occur that leave us scratching our heads – one such phenomenon is discoloration. So what actually causes discoloration? Here’s everything you need to know:

What Is Discoloration?

To put it simply, discoloration refers to changes in the color of skin or other parts of the body. These changes can be sudden, gradual or permanent – and can range from simple darkening (hyperpigmentation) to lightening (hypopigmentation).

Knowing Your Colors

Before diving into the reasons behind why something is changing color, it’s important to understand a little bit about how colors are produced by your body.

Our skin contains cells known as melanocytes which produce special pigments called ‘melanin’. Melanin helps protect against damage by absorbing harmful ultraviolet rays from sunlight( though too much exposure could potentially cause irreversible sun-damage on your precious skins). There are two types of melanin: eumelanin and pheomelanin – these pigmentations cause people have different varying levels of skin tones .

Common Causes

Discoloration isn’t a rare occurrence by any means; In fact – there are many potential factors contributing why discolouriatiion occurs . Some common culprits include :

  • Hormonal imbalances : An excess or deficiency in estrogen and progesterone levels can result in hyperpigmentation also known as melasma.

    While “pregnancy mask”, “liver spots” , “mask of pregnancy” among others may sound like what fancy dress mums use for Halloween events used; they aren’t costumes at all but instead just funny names for forms hormonal variation linked with some level hyper-pigmention.

  • Sun damage : Over-exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can cause a suntan on some persons, but unfortunately in other people it leads to acting as fuel for further formation of age spots, liver-spots or actinic keratosis (solar flare). Always use SPF.

  • Side effects from medication: Some medicines that are poisonous treats affect melanin production – hence affects skin pigmentation. #StayHealthy

So What Else Can Cause Discoloration?

Here’s where it gets interesting… Other causes of discoloration might surprise you:

Disorder Explanation
Auto-immune related diseases People who have autoimmune disorders such as lupus ( also known as systemic lupus erythematosus) may produce factors that damage their own body tissue including skin; which then leads to pigmentation changes.

Dengan Yeast and Fungi Species

Yeast malassezia,a fungus species that lives on the skin naturally leads to development Pityriasis versicolor , a surprisingly common condition particularly amongst our sweat-prone friends.Outwardly characterized by the production of irritating flaky patches on affected areas,the fungus species impairs melanocytes function resulting hypo-pigmention.

  • Anemia-induced paleness : The lack of enough oxygen-carrying hemoglobin in red blood cells lowers ones ability times tint one’s Red Blood Cells(RBC), causing many different parts from nails/ toes and fingertips turn pale-white.

Discoloration is something most people would rather avoid – so when do you seek treatment? That depends on what has actually caused this skin anomaly in first place! We got you covered:


Some remedies could be:

  • Chemical peels: A chemical solution applied over an area may get rid off dead skins products thus reducing its pigmentation.
  • Laser Therapy: Dermatologist can use light therapy to fade hyper-pigmention in affected areas of your skin.

The number 1 preventative measure here is avoiding sun exposure as much as possible, by using off lotions with high SPF protection like 50+.#StaySafe


Hypopigmentation often caused by autoimmune disorders thus certain creams and medications could help enhance repigmenntation

  • Time and patience … all the while you rub/patting away creams or treatments.

Who would have thought that a collection of fungi species living on us, hormonal fluctuations or unyielding solar beams originating from those fiery nuclear explosions that cause heat/energy into space up there?..could lead to such strange changes in our skin hues. There really no definitive cure for discoloration – honestly some people refer it as “character”!
It comes down to accepting things we can’t change , an embracing in situations where one might prefer experiencing normalcy.The only thing left resides; taking steps to reduce further harm/damage,gently nursing oneself back into healh.We hear love a good challenge right?

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