What causes cramps in front of legs?

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an occasional exerciser like me, we’ve all been there. You’re busy trying to push your limits only for your muscles to resist and remind you of their presence with excruciating cramps in the front of your legs.

What’s up with that?

It’s frustrating when this happens. Sometimes it feels like no matter how much stretching, hydration, or rest you take — they still come back with a vengeance.

But don’t worry! With this quirky guide, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about what causes these cramps so you can get back to the things that really matter (Netflix bingeing!).

What Are Leg Cramps?

Cramps are involuntary muscle contractions that feel like sharp pains. They usually happen suddenly and without warning which makes them very uncomfortable especially around your pubic area (now try an uncomfy awkward laugh).

The cramp will often subside after a few seconds, but someti…Ouch! Okay I got one as I was writing this but let’s keep going.

So why do these pesky leg cramps happen?

What Causes Leg Cramps?

There are several different factors that may cause leg cramping at various intensities:


Do not underestimate watery drinks! When our bodies do not have enough fluids particularly when exercising vigorously or sweating profusely – it just might be time gulp down tonnes of water coupled caffeine-free beverages ( yasss H2O ?)

Imbalanced Electrolytes

Electrolytes such as sodium-potassium-or-magnesium work well hand-in-hand giving energy and electrically charged particles essential for proper nerve usages inside body cells ensuring coordinated use of muscles.

  • Sodium-Pumpkin seeds contain magnesium;
  • Potassium-Advertisement grapes and bananas;
  • Magnesium-Arugula, spinach.

Overuse of Muscles

We call them exercises for a reason (Oh you didn’t know?). Too much use of muscles or harm done by trying to squeeze in too much physically demanding activity is detrimental. A necessary rest period will do you good!

Poor Circulation

Improper blood flow misplaces the essential nutrients most needed for its usage when required. Check out these awesome tips especially if your work schedule requires extended sitting duration:

  • Wriggle toes and feet;

  • Make an extra effort to walk around during breaks;

  • Take frequent bathroom breaks rather than avoiding such important nature calls (#NoShame) .

How Can You Alleviate Leg Cramps?

Don’t let the battle with cramping legs bring forth a higher risk and show their face again longer than necessary!

Here are some common remedies that may alleviate leg cramps:

  1. Roll it Out: Use a foam roller or tennis ball right beneath your thighs after exercise until there’s pain relief.
  2. Hydrate (Again!): Drink at least eight cups of water daily (Pun alert:
    Hint – The more the merrier!) Also consider an expanded variety intake through inclusion via sports drinks which consist of electrolytes infused into them greatly nixing deficiency.
    3.Bananas Anyone?: Try potassium-rich food including banana fruit, cantaloupe melon, sweet potatoes!
    4.Magnify Your Health Goals!: Incorporate magnesium-foods enriched with broccoli, pumpkin seeds among others!
    5.Consume Quinine Tablets: These tablets tend to settle muscle twitchiness due to quinine’s main ingredient commonly used in help curtail disease-induced maladies spread from mosquitoes e.g malaria but generally safe for other conditions like leg tremors caused as well by unknown factors to name but a notable mention.
    Nothing better than stretching too! Focus on areas that cause discomfort for at least 20-30 seconds.

Let’s do our legs some justice and give it the alleviation they not only crave but desperately need!


So whether you’re running track or running late to a meeting, hopefully this quirky guide has given you some insight into why those pesky cramps happen in your thighs. Remember, in most cases it is just your body’s way of telling you to take a step back and address what may be causing inflammation!

Until next time (stay hydrated)…