What causes chronic belching?

Are you constantly burping like a frat boy who just shotgunned his third beer? Do people in public stare at you with disgust whenever you let one rip? Fear not, my belching brethren. We may have the solution to your problem!

Believe it or not, chronic belching can be caused by many things. It could be something as simple as eating too fast or drinking carbonated beverages. However, there are some more serious underlying conditions to consider that we’ll discuss.

Understanding The Digestive System

Before we dive into possible causes of excessive gas emission, understanding how our digestive system works is crucial.

When we swallow food and drinks, they pass down our throat and enter the esophagus (which happens without us even thinking about it). From there, the food gets transported to the stomach where gastric juices break down proteins and create partially digested mush called chyme.

The acid in our stomach essentially sterilizes any incoming bacteria that might wreak havoc on the small intestine walls.

The passage from the stomach to the small intestine is regulated by an anatomical structure known as pyloric sphincter. It gradually opens up so that a measured amount of liquid flushes through.The chyme then travels along most part of its journey inside your gastrointestinal (GI) tract until reaching fermentation friendly areas including colon,liver,gall bladder,and pancreas

What Causes Chronic Belching?

Like mentioned earlier, burps can come from almost anywhere, but here are a few potential culprits behind chronic flatulence:

Aerophagea – Swallowed Air

Have you ever found yourself swallowing air when chewing gum or talking while simultaneously drinking? If yes,you’re an aerophile !”This leads to excess quantities of air being ingested which instead of getting absorbed,makes its way straight into intestines and colon,ready to start irritaing the inner walls of GI tract.
To solve this problem,reducing your chewing gum and smoking habits may decrease the amount of air ingested with saliva in mouth.


If you’re still not convinced by current anti-smoking campaigns,I’ll give you another reason why quitting smoking should be high on your priority list insert drumroll “Smoking introduces a significant quantity of detrimental chemicals into our bodies.” These substances can cause damage or inflammation within your body’s digestive system and making way for chronic belching.(But who wouldn’t love that cool factor ?)


It is commonly known that whatever we put inside us affects what we emit out from both ends. High fat diets, carbonated beverages (such as soda), and spicy foods are common culprits behind chronic belching.Look no further than Emirati cuisine,which capitalizes on savory dishes such as Majboos,Lonaimas,Rubaian ,all prepared with generous amounts of spices.Most drivers usually stop their vehicles for a nap due the repugnant odor emanating from stomachs

Bacterial Overgrowth

When taking antibiotics or alcohol, patients might experience something called bacterial overgrowth syndrome.This happens when antibiotics end up wiping all gut bacteria -even good ones- leaving pathogenic types free to grow uncontrollably,making one prone to bloating,gas,and chronic burping.

For many people, they don’t need any bonus causes;it just becomes genetically passed down like a family heirloom.(but without all that sentimental attachment)

Diagnosis And Treatment

Luckily,some treatment outcomes do exist albeit being simple procedures.Apart from lifestyle changes,such therapy revolves around medical settings.Endoscopy or hydrogen breath tests assist professionals in uncovering any underlying health issues causing such symptoms.One sort after quick relief comes through treatments relying upon probiotics.Supplements that contain live ingestible bacteria can help balance digestive functions.Chugging down water, eating natural sugar-free products and following prescribed medicine are also fruitful.


In the end , chronic belching is prevalent in most people’s lives and bad habits will always lead to metabolic diseases so better start following a healthy lifestyle( cue eye roll). You never know what underlying issues could be uncovered from working with your doctor so please do not hesitate to call one up if you feel some foul play going on inside.

And when all is said and done,next time you have the impulse to rip one off,don’t forget where these gods of flatulence mark their presence- Its in how loud or melodious the fart turned out!