What causes burning pain in feet?

Do you ever feel like your feet are on fire? No, not literally. But do they burn with pain as if they’re engulfed by flames? It’s not just you, my friend. Many people suffer from a burning sensation in the feet that can range from mildly irritating to downright excruciating.

The Basics

Before we dive into what causes it, let’s first understand what we mean by ‘burning pain’ in the context of foot pain:

  • It refers to any discomfort or heat feeling that people experience.
  • Often symbolized by sharp pins and needles feelings.
  • Sometimes accompanied by swelling and redness around the affected area.

Now that we understand it more detail, here are some possible reasons why your feet might be behaving badly.

Reason 01: Peripheral Neuropathy

You see, our nervous system goes undamaged – ideally! However,’Peripheral neuropathy’ occurs when something harms them outside our brain and spinal cord—the peripheral nervous system consisting of millions of nerves joining our skin with internal organs divided among three types,

  1. Sensory
  2. Motor
  3. Autonomic

If sensory nerves get harmed due to an underlying condition like Diabetes Mellitus; these impaired sensory signals sent towards brain cause tingling sensations or generate burning pains.

Symptoms caused mainly because nerve damage prevents conveying information accurately leading confusion among neurons manifesting into false messages such as ‘I’m on Fire’ (neuropathic hyperalgesia).

Triggers for Neuropathies

The most viable culprit behind this painful torment is typically poor regulation over sugar levels influencing neural health, but several other factors affect neural function directly or indirectly—causing neuropaths-like symptoms listed below;

Cause Description
Alcoholism Affects liver functionality causing low Thiamine (B-vitamin) absorption
Autoimmune diseases Antigen proteins attack our neural structure caussing disability
Traumas or Injuries Physical harm leading to neuropathic pain in consequence
Nutritional deficiencies Vitamins (B1 & B12) and minerals deficiency culminates degradation of specific peripheral neurons.

Reason 02: Plantar Fasciitis

Have you been feeling burning on the heel-side of feet? You just might have Plantar fasciitis.

This condition occurs when your plantar fascia; a thick band connecting your heel bone with toes lengthwise, inflames due to excessive tension.

Plantar Fascia tissue starts developing micro-fractures outside its lively range causing local inflammation at the attachment points around heal-bone inducing severe stabbing sensations.

How to Prevent

There are various ways by which you can alleviate symptoms, particularly;

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Adequate stretching
  • Proper rest after heavy standing activities.
    Here’s what not do;

  • Don’t keep standing for a prolonged time—wearing high heels during long walks pressures too much on this region.

  • Avoid running aimlessly —if keen/regular exercise is desired try engaging cardiovascular activities like aerobics instead.

Reason 03: Athlete’s Foot

Don’t worry; we haven’t gone mad yet!
We included this only as similar symptoms confuse ailment frequently. Athletes foot medically known as tinea pedis fungus infection causes redness scaling and itching along between fingers surrounding nails or underfoot midsection resulting in sensory malfunction—causing pinprick hot sweats or tingles generally affiliated with neural-based discomfort.

Pro-Tip : Stay DRY!

Prevention lies mainly in keeping body part dry so avoid using synthetic socks wear breathable sneakers minimized sharing tools-like nail cutters-towels amongst unknown partners/family members.

Here are some more reasons that might set your feet ablaze.

Reason 04: Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma illness troubles people by inflaming the nerves due to prolonged pressure, irritation on toes’ bottom (between third and fourth). The condition commonly results from high heels or tight-fitting shoes coagulating nerve fibers invading sensory structure inducing stabbing shoot tingling sensations during physiologic interactions.

Treatments for Morton’s Neuroma

Prescription medicine, insoles foot pads avoiding surgery if initial diagnosis provides relief; however, escalation towards drastic approaches might be crucial but only as a final resort.

Reason 05: Gout

Gout; the disease of ancient history dramatically caused strong mild-to-severe burning heat accompanied by redness/bruises around big toe experienced severely upon touch/pressure causing sufferers utter agony making lame excuses like sitting at every chance they get.

Excessive uric acid buildup ending up being affected node-forming crystal formation within joint space near fingers/toes needing strict medical attention-preventive measures consist of decreased meat protein consumption-limit drinking-indulge exercise-maintain weight/body fat-levels always under vigilant monitoring prescription drugs also essential removing body wastes-fluid quickly without accumulation.

Burning sensation/discomfort is an irritating feeling preventing us from performing daily routines optimally—it could merely result from wearing ill-fitted sneakers-high heels-leading to Plantar Fasciitis/MortonsNeuroma-or Gouts-environmental factors-do exist such as Tinea Pedis-simply maintaining proper personal hygiene helps curb neuropathy while OTC pain meds-steroids-given under expert guidance support active lives-winding down this humorous yet informative article about ‘What causes burning pains in feet’?