What causes blue fingers and hands?

You might be a little concerned if you looked down at your hands or fingers and noticed they seemed to have turned blue without explanation. While there are a number of factors that may lead to your digits turning the color of Papa Smurf, don’t panic just yet!

Why Are My Fingers Turning Blue?!

First off, put down any magic mushrooms you’ve been snacking on recently. That’s not what is causing the hue change in your fingers. In fact, seeing blue hands isn’t all that uncommon (unless you’re living life as an Avatar).

Raynaud’s Syndrome

There’s actually a medical name for this condition: Raynaud’s syndrome. It affects up to 10% of folks worldwide (no joke), but it doesn’t discriminate by race or ethnicity, so anyone from anywhere can suffer from this bad boy.


Symptoms include numbness and cold sensations in affected areas, coupled with color changes where circulation flow isn’t quite flowing like it should be. Think white fingertips then progression into red or blue shades depending on severity and length of event duration.

So What Gives?

Raynaud’s is kind of sassy; it doesn’t really let us know why we get its devilish flare-ups consistently unless one does fancy schmancy diagnostic testing — which let’s face it…who has time for?! However daily habits such certain diets heavy on preservatives along with other unknown triggers seem to contribute often times in addition an underlying disease association i.e dermatomyositis…If you think about though fun-killers exist everywhere right? even things we’ve never heard before could potentially effect Raynauds activities i.e walking through mists nightly while singing lullabies at full steam? You never know!

Heart Failure

This one sounds pretty serious but also comical when assessing the typography during actual diagnosis: blue bloaters. Add high blood pressure into the mix and all of a sudden you’ve got those sweet little digits turning blue on us without warning.


The signs are like most other congestive heart failure issues i.e edema in feet, legs and stomach -not exactly what we’d call “fun”, which is basically when your insides become fluid filled extra-large ketchup packets. Low oxygenation due to untreated obstructive sleep apnoea can lead to hypertension as well which given its relationship with Raynaud’s could also contribute…

Blood Clots

Blood clots don’t just occur in dangerous times on planes or from arthritis – they’re undoubtedly the silent assassins of any body in general an example that shouldn’t bring much humor but still unfortunately brings some laughs (even if it causes guilt)…but laughter never hurt anyone right? Left unchecked and left ignored these fckers will destroy life supply to finger tips removing everything sometime painful(its ok laugh at his jokes folks)


Aside from oh…. Death (awkward pause), peripheral cyanosis takes place when circulation gets stunted by clotted veins inside limbs thanks deep vein thrombosis usually found in hips, thighs etc…unfortunately sometimes this one isn’t so funny(just being honest here).

How Can I Prevent Blue Hands?

So how does one avoid becoming best friends with Smurfette? Glad you asked! There’s no surefire answer on the topic involving behaviours in totality, however my friend try starting small such avoiding smoking cigarettes for starters(i know… easier said). Beyond less obvious options things like spending less time typing/working long hours coupled with exercise routines & healthy diets heavy on omega-3’s have been known help mitigation Risks associated with above mentioned diagnoses ….there are always extremes not recommended ranging smearing living snakes all over hands during yoga sessions or encompassing entire hand up the cats butt (not joking either) all in attempt to get blood flowing but probably a Ursa-sized risk if I’m being truthful.

Preventative Actions
Avoid smoking
Reduce long hours typing/work
Exercise routines
Omega-3 heavy diets

When to Seek Medical Attention?

It’s suggested that if you ever experience any prolonged blue discoloration paired with numbness or tingling contact your doctor ASAP and go from there! If it is brought on by an underlying medical condition like heart failure, trouble breathing, pain when exertion exist seek out for help immediately even more than usual dealing with Raynaud symptoms.

Don’t Be Blue!

Whether you’re suffering from Raynauds syndrome or poor circulation due to other health issues…we’ve covered many ways potential reasons why your fingers might have turned blue, but don’t let that color define you! Take preventative action one step at a time starting small and then suddenly next thing you know everyone will be singing “blue da ba dee” instead of giving weird looks #takeonme

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