What causes blood and clots in urine?

Strangely enough, many people find themselves pissing off seeing red. That’s right, if you’re experiencing bloody or clot-filled pee-pee (cue immature giggling),you may be feeling a bit alarmed. But fear not! We’re here to dive deep into what could be causing such unsavory symptoms.

The Basics

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the basics:

  1. What is urine? Urine is a liquid waste product that comes from our kidneys and travels through our urinary tract before being expelled from the body.
  2. What color should it be? Healthy urine should typically fall within a range of light yellow to amber.
  3. How much should I pee? Your urinary habits can vary depending on your body type, lifestyle choices… oh wait, you didn’t need me to go there.

So if your normally-hued whizz has suddenly turned crimson (nope still can’t say it without chuckling), here are some possible culprits:


Urinary tract infections are pretty common but no less disruptive or painful for those who experience them. Although they generally hit women more than men thanks anatomy(!), anyone who doesn’t empty their bladder properly after peeing is at risk for this infection(there ya go guys). While these bad boys usually start off slow and subtle(pretty sneaky stuff huh?),they can develop into an intense burning sensation(which admittedly does sound familiar.) And then sometimes clouds of pink piss could come out next time you relieve yourself(I know how sexy it sounds).

Kidney Stones

Remember all of those hot summer days spent guzzlin’ down gallons of sweet tea while basking in sunlight? Well apparently that wasn’t as good an idea as first thought because kidney stones become much more prevalent during hotter months – likely because our bodies become more easily dehydrated. (So maybe a water bottle isn’t joking around.)

Symptomatically, kidney stones can cause excruciating pain(don’t take my word for it but I have been told it’s similar to labor) on one side of the lower back or abdomen as well as periodic blood in urine.(the whole “periodic” thing is pretty ironic, right?)


Sorry all you rascals who are hoping we wouldn’t go there(we mustn’t shun them), but many sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea and chlamydia can manifest physically within your urinary system. (urinary schmystem)

Plenty of folks with STIs don’t show observable indications and so STDs could be unintentionally spread without there being any signs; however, painful urination coupled with bloody discharge is possible during STD outbreaks(Not really doing much for my reputation here). Nevertheless reminding those impatient little guys that burning hardwood should never substitute the feel-good of using some protection.

When people act fast following an official diagnosis , they typically make quite a full recovery- although neglecting treatment could send symptoms(repercussions usually suck) spiraling further out of control.


For anyone thinking BE QUIET FOR GOD’S SAKE – let’s slow down because unfortunately this product description has taken yet another turn into unpleasant territory(as if pee wasn’t gross enough already).

Urinary tract cancers may genrate unusual amounts of bleeding in a person’s urine(of course someone had to bring up cancer ugh). While bladder cancer stays relatively curable when caught early on(So get checked!!! Please), others like testicular cancer do seem treatable even after spreading(hopefully giving everyone comfort while also realizing we’re not invincible).

Other urinary cancers are less pleasant statistically speaking, prognosis aren’t always favorable BUT cannot be helped by denial. Early detection and treatment are definitely key in conquering this sickness(being well informed always pays off).

Chronic Kidney Disease

We’ve saved the funniest prospect for last! (I’ll let you all guess which one that is) One of the main functions of your kidneys is to clean your blood and expel waste through urine… So if they’re failing, it means that toxic fluids can build up in various parts of the body – including presenting itself as pee filled with clots or bloody substances(the prize goes to chronic kidney disease folks). Symptoms may be mild at first but overtime,the damage from this condition could become irreversible. Treatment early on helps prevent these gradual health decline so get checked regularly.


Alright folks, there you have it – a listicle-y rundown (Yes wrote Listicly HAHA) of some common causes behind bloody-clotty whiz (It’s better than Crimson Claustrophobia)…
And while there’s no denying blood in urine is scary,staying aware about what symptoms occur when will help us catch many ailments before catastrophic results take over(beats facing reality right!)
So drink lots water(perfect timing eh?) wipe front-to-back(or whatever does it for ya), practice safe sex(which nobody seems able to teach my nieces and nephews these days), exercise caution during hot weather sessions, keep an eye out on pain near lower back-abdomen(tested enough out already),and get regular check-ups.
As usual,No we do not offer refunds.Goodbye.

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