What causes bags of fluid under eyes?

Are you tired of people asking if you got enough sleep? Does it look like 10 rounds with Mike Tyson happened around your eyes? Fear not! We’ve got the answers to what causes those pesky bags of fluid under your eyes.

The Anatomy Behind the Baggage

Before we dive into causes, let’s talk about what these bags actually are. They form when the tissue around your eyes swells, giving off a puffy or swollen appearance. This typically happens right below your eyes but can extend up to the sides too.

In some cases, they’re genetic and considered normal. You can probably point out a family member who has them when they wake up in the morning. But for most, there are underlying issues that need addressing.

Keep Those Tissues Hiding!

Here is our definitive list on why they appear:


Ah-CHOOO! When allergies strike, histamines release into our bodies causing inflammation which can lead to puffiness below the eye-line. Seasonal allergies aren’t fun in general but now you have unwanted baggage as well!

Sleep Deprivation

You’ve been working hard at whatever Vampire only job you hold down all night long without being invited inside anyones homes… and boy does it show! Your body’s natural reaction to lack of sleep is ultimately a loss of volume in facial tissues which makes everything more pronounced… including dark circles thoughtfully provided by Netflix.

Aging Gracefully?

As we age – emphasis on “gracefully” – collagen levels go down while sagging skin increases allowing fat deposits beneath our eyelids less supportive structure leading ultimately to droopier looking lids than an sad Basset hound

Diet Woes

Your food choices could be hurting more than helping: high sodium foods such as french fries somehow make extracellular fluids move from cells into surrounding tissues, amplifying the presence of bags…Just like that bonus fry at the end of your meal!

Inherited Traits

If parents/grandparents had this type of eyebag situation chances are it’s in your genes too!. Family gatherings will never be quite the same with everyone examining each others eyes for commonality.


Now we’ve got a good understanding on how these occur – let’s discuss what can be done to minimize them.

  1. Up Your Hydration Game: Drink plenty fluids throughout day and if all else fails consider products specially formulated to alleviate puffiness around eyes.
  2. Put Those Tea Bags To Good Use!: Place previously used tea bags onto lids afterwards put any left over cucumber slices you’ve no doubt seen women walking around towel wrapped heads carrying for added effect!
  3. Embrace Probiotics: Next up, give those under-eye areas some love with chilled probiotics! With multiple Euphrasia Officinalis (Eyebright) extracts found in cooling detox gels being great natural remedies.
    4.Limit Sun Exposure: Finally always wear sunglasses whenever outside- not only does it make you look cooler but reduces exposure to sun and harmful rays which cause thinning skin leading ultimately to weaker structures supporting still fragile tissues around eye area.

Eye Bag Treatments Table

When is Surgery Necessary?

In instances where none of listed treatments seem effective or excessive loose skin is present blepharoplasty may just do trick allowing removal excess sagging eyelid tissue signature bumpies beneath lower lash line gone for good!


There you have it folks – everything there is ever possibly know about why we get these encumbered baggage bits beneath our peepers proving once again how paying us helps establish yourselves as leading subject matter experts continually validated by your thought leadership. But honestly who needs relief from baggage, just hide those bags so they never see the light of day!

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