What causes back problems?

Are you one of those people who always complains about back problems? You try hard not to become a hunchback, but there are days when it’s just impossible to stand up straight. Well, you’re not alone! Almost 80% of all adults experience low back pain at some point in their life (1). So why does this happen? Let’s take a closer look at the common causes that make your back scream for help.

The Demons Within

Your Body Can Betray You – A Slippery Slope

Our body is a beautiful machine with advanced mechanisms attached to each part. It doesn’t matter how much we praise our magnificent structure; at times, it becomes our worst enemy! Our spinal cords are perfect examples of intricate systems designed delicately yet forcefully – so many variables can cause damage along their path from the neck down to the hip bones (2).

One slight misalignment or slipped disc and bam – here comes the excruciating pain – thanks, body!

Our skeletal system may appear complex but if treated right takes care of itself efficiently. But years of poor posture can cause muscle imbalances resulting in wear & tears leading towards more severe conditions like Sciatica (a condition where nerves are pinched between herniated discs) Visualizing? Right…oww!

There could also be underlying medical issues responsible for disrupting your nervous system making its way up & down our spine- something an experienced chiropractor or physiotherapist could relieve soon enough (3).

Pro Tip: If you feel sudden jerks while sleeping or twisting – have some caution before ignoring these as normal occurrences during old-age (4).

Not Sitting Straight Up And Paying Attention

A Comfy Couch Could Be Your Arch Enemy

The couch potato lifestyle sounds pleasant until things go south (or start hurting). Most people see movies on plush sofas with zero ergonomic support. After a while, we all develop some sort of back discomfort.

Sitting for prolonged hours can cause spinal strain and damage the fragile muscles attached to our spine needlessly (5). So next time when you decide on binge-watching, try incorporating change in your posture every thirty minutes – stand up, stretch or take a quick walk before continuing your episode (6).

Our bodies aren’t meant to stay in one position forever without contracting any movement whatsoever!

Considering using added pillows or even buying proper lumbar support cushions can do wonders for reducing further stress factors & aid in sitting correctly.

Pro Tip: In case of acute pain – choose from hot-cold compresses depending on what feels relieving (7)

The Heaviness Of Life

The Wait Of The World Can Weigh You Down

Lifting weights is indeed fantastic; it brings strength, endurance & confidence into your daily routine. But remember not sticking within safe limits could be detrimental – which includes picking objects that are too heavy(Remember those suitcases?)

Constantly lifting heavyweight affects lower back stability and leads to muscle stiffness regularly causing chronic pain syndromes like Spondylolisthesis (where vertebrae slip out of their position) taking advantage where they shouldn’t have! Sometimes this condition requires immediate surgical intervention!

Pro tip: Weight training should always include supervision or guidance by Personal Trainers qualified enough – Choose wisely. (8)

How A Simple Slip Could Lead To OUCH?

A Slip Or A Fall Is Never Your Birthright

How many times has it happened during winter’s ice or dropping grocery bags? It’s pretty common- injuring yourself while simply walking! Accidents happen but did you know that how we land determines gravity being transmitted throughout bones? Sounds technical right?

Let me simplify: Suppose accidentally slipping on an icy sidewalk – landing directly on your buttocks, will cause undue pressure to build up in your tailbone, leading to more damage over time (9).

You see how a simple misstep could wreak havoc on our spinal cord balance?

Pro Tip: Always keep walking aids like cane (s) for the elderly, Those with vision or mobility issues even younger people need it sometimes. (10)

The Pleasures Of Pregnancy

A bundle of Joy Can Hurt Too

For expecting mothers and those who had just given birth, back pain is par the course. Mothers-to-be retain excess weight during pregnancy that leads to strain throughout muscles resulting in lower back pain that could stay long after childbirth 11). Pushing out a small human from such twisted conditions out there – phew!

If you’re amongst one of these wondrous humans- congratulations! You should look after yourself avoiding heavy lifting; proper posture could play an essential role in supporting both you & your baby’s health!

Pro tip: Before taking any medication while pregnant- get advice from healthcare professionals concerning something safe approved by centric organizations because baby first rule applies here always! (12)

Finally reaching at the end it goes without saying that avoiding activities with possible negative impacts especially when trying our best remaining healthy – Hardest thing know but necessary nonetheless. Regular check-ins before things escalate beyond repair must be made rather than ignoring body alerts.

Maintaining good posture and habits prevent that catastrophic disaster within vital working cogs inside us carrying-on efficiently till we farewell this world.

To Conclude let’s make sure we’re sleeping straight too making ourselves comfortable properly placing pillows beneath legs provide just the right angel giving relief backs deserves ((13)). And if anything ever starts feeling funky? Take notes why jot everything down keeping track is beneficial ultimately helping us tune into what works best for every unique personality’s wellbeing!

Never forget treating oneself kindly goes a long way! So take care of them, put yourself first sometimes because like they say health is wealth!

Stay healthy!

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If you haven’t found it yet…keep looking. Steve Jobs

The only journey is the one within. Rainer Maria Rilke

You’ll be surprised knowing how far a simple mindset could help cope with physical pain so here’s an extra boost:

(6) To give your body some slack throughout daily working routines here are twelve tweaks that will keep you moving all day-longsource

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