What Causes Allergies to Cilantro?

Cilantro and Its Uses in Meals And Medical:

If you don’t know, keep in mind that Cilantro is one herb-based plant. Let me tell you that, the herb is a plant that can be used in both medicines, and in cooking. And you may have eaten Cilantro once in your life, people use to eat them as a raw, and use them in cooking as a tastemaker. You may have eaten a coriander powder, those are the seeds of cilantro. So, it’s clear that we use cilantro in our day to day life.

Allergies to Cilantro:

Though, we know that Cilantro is used in medicines, and meals for decades. But do you know allergies to cilantro? You may have one question in your mind, that can Cilantro have any allergies? Though all of the parts of cilantro are edible, and people use them with full of confidence. Now, let’s come to the point. Can cilantro have any allergies? It’s, rare to find allergies in cilantro, but its true fact that it’s possible, cilantro can have allergies.

You can say that allergies in cilantro are in the Categories of food allergies. If you eat a dish that has raw cilantro or it has cooked cilantro you may face some allergies to your body if it is having allergies in its leaves. If your immune system finds it not good for your health, it releases antibodies to neutralize the effects. And the antibodies released at that time are lgE, these antibodies work for neutralizing the threats that are entered in your body.

Your immune system also releases the Histamine that is one of the symptoms of allergic reactions. Some medical experts have said that the allergic reaction in coriander or cilantro seeds is protein.

Symptoms OF Allergies To Cilantro:

The allergic reactions caused by cilantro allergies can be from mild to life-threatening. They are similar or same and the food allergies. Once you have eaten allergen foods, you will start receiving symptoms of allergic within few minutes to few hours. It all starts with mild symptoms at the initial level or it suddenly boosts in symptoms appearance.

If you have mental symptoms, it will have effects like itching, hives, and tingling sensation in tongue, and mouth. If symptoms are not mild, symptoms are severe, and it includes swelling of lips, and mouth. It also causes difficulty in wheezing and breathing. You may have to go through vomiting, abdominal pain, and nausea.


There are some extremely rare, but possible allergic reactions in coriander leaves or cilantro seeds. Those are highly affecting factors and can cause severe problems in your body. Anaphylactic shocks are the result of these extremely rare allergic reactions. They can really damage your body. Anaphylactic shocks are life-threatening, they can immediately or within a short time kill you. If your body has these types of reactions, you immediately need to go to the hospital and your body needs immediate medical treatment.

If your body has reactions of this type, your body’s all of the tissues will start releasing Histamine. Here, we are giving a common, and most dangerous symptoms of anaphylactic shocks. The symptoms include low blood pressure or drop in blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, swelling of face, abdominal cramping, confusion, difficulty in swallowing, breathing, and cough.

It also includes rapid pulse, shock, fainting, and loss of consciousness. If you find some of these symptoms or all of these symptoms, you need to call an ambulance and your body is requiring immediate medical treatment. Otherwise, it can be life-threatening, and it’s very dangerous.


So, these were some of the most shocking facts related to allergies and allergies to cilantro. So, if you were looking for the right, and correct information about what causes allergies to cilantro, we hope this information can help you. If you find any symptoms, it’s time to be alerted.