What causes a pseudotumor?

Pseudotumors are abnormal growths in the brain that mimic the symptoms of actual tumors, even though they are not true neoplasms. Understanding what causes pseudotumors is essential to prevent their development and ensure proper treatment. In this article, we will explain what a pseudotumor is before diving into its potential causes.


Before we begin delving into what causes pseudotumors let’s have an idea about them. A pseudotumor typically presents like a real tumor with headaches, visual disturbances or loss, ringing ears among other symptoms but without significant brain tissue changes found during medical tests such as MRI scans.

Overview of Pseudotumors

Pseudotumors can be classified as idiopathic (where no obvious cause can be identified) or secondary when related to medication use or certain health conditions. They tend to occur mainly in women who overweight between 20-50 years old regardless of whether they’ve already developed regular cancerous tumors or survived traditional treatments for the same condition, often caused by pressure buildup around optical nerves in the skull due to fluid accumulation.

Symptoms of Pseudotumor

It wouldn’t hurt discussing some of it’s commonly associated syndrome so you know when necessitated should seek professional help immediately:
– Headaches lasting several days
– Painful eye movements especially with bright lights
– Muffled hearing,
– Blurring eyesight/loss of vision partially/completely depending on severity; double vision and temporary blindness are also anticipated effects.
It’s important to recognize these symptoms in order to get prompt medical attention if necessary.

Diagnosis of Pseudotumor

A pseudo-tumor diagnosis involves several clinical tests such as imaging studies including CT scan/MRI scan and examinations by specialist neurologists along with history-taking about any underlying pre-existing conditions surfacing information regarding existing ocular symptoms such as optic nerve appearing swollen, bulging or restricted oculomotor movements indicative of intracranial hypertension with elevated fluid pressures in the skull.

Causes of Pseudotumors

Now we can finally get to business – understanding what’s causing a pseudotumor (or even if there is an exact cause). Here are some potential contributors:

Medications and Supplements

Some prescription medications and supplements have been associated with the development of pseudo tumors. Tetracycline antibiotics used to treat acne, excess vitamin A supplementation() for acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) which was observed during COVID-19 pandemic +other retinoids , anemia drugs known as erythropoietins, and corticosteroids found ubiquitously across medicine including lymph node swelling/painful joints management are linked here.

Blood-clotting Disorders

Individuals affected by blood clotting disorders may develop psuedolumps because their blood cannot circulate throughout their vessels normally leading more fluids accumulating increased pressure discomfort rendering symptoms like headaches, ringing ears etc.

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances could lead females especially those battling PCOS with fluctuating estrogen/progesterone levels(Also occurring naturally during menstrual cycle) creating buildups/fluid fluctuations around the optic nerve(s).


In rare cases where certain proteins/enzymes Deficient metabolism disorder phytanol-CoA hydroxylase ATP-dependent potassium channel issues has plagued people with Monilethrix-like congenital hypotrichosis spastic paraparesis genetically predispose them to developing pseudocysts but these scenarios don’t happen often so parent should not exercise extreme worry chances indicate otherwise herein.

Note that these potential factors do not apply universally -> what affects others doesn’t entirely surface same defects in you too likely underlining individually exhibiting developmental facotr(s).
## Prevention
If you’ve dealt with psuedotumours before or feel susceptible, there are some tactics to take charge of your body and decrease the chance by:
– Avoiding certain medications
– Making healthy lifestyles choices such as physical activity
– Observing healthy dietary practices
– Getting regular checkups with primary care doctor to document concerned changes.

Treatment Options

Like most medical conditions if you suspected have a pseudocyst under investigation here [Doctors would normally start targeting underlying root cause(s) first]. Patients will be directed against utilizing drugs that could lead to swelling/pressure buildup like Vitamin A supplements etc. If medication is defective then minimally invasive surgical procedures including cerebral spinal shunts would apply alter cerebro-spinal fluid draining pathway measures can also include Eye therapy improve swollen optic nerves.


Having understood causes and preventive measures pertaining towards psuedotumours further highlights how essential it is for individuals should seek professional help immediately when feeling uneasy about any distorted symptoms anywhere from headaches,muffled hearing, ringing ears , temporary blindness (or other vision distortions). While formal identification brings significant relief in taking appropriate curative/treatment steps necessary reduced stress make sure considerate steps taken lifestyle altered observing intake habits limit risk factors associated complications regarding its pre-dispositions thereof…