What causes a clogged carotid artery?

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a clogged carotid artery – and let me tell you, it’s not just unappetizing but also dangerous! For the less medically-inclined folks out there, the common carotid arteries are blood vessels in your neck that transport vital oxygen to your brain.

A healthy bloodstream ensures good health and mental fully-functionalism (not sure if that’s an actual word). However, things can go downhill when plaque buildup obstructs these essential vessels for nutritional supply to our neurons. In other words, having clogs in your head is very bad!

In this article about understanding what causes a clogged carotid artery, we’ll discuss more about:

  1. The purpose of your arteries
  2. The warning signs of blocked carotids
  3. Risk factors involved with blocked arteries
  4. Issues attributed to clogged up arty semis

Understanding Your Arteries: A Little Anatomy Lesson

Before diving into why these important pipes get so backed up in certain individuals’ cases let’s first understand them.

The average human body has 100k miles of blood vessel veins on its person – no nitpicking or taking one for the team here folks; everyone gets roughly 100K give or take few inches/femtolitres) lengthwise pipeline going through their organs like intestines lungs heart as such.

Fun Fact: Did you know that if all those miles were strung together end-to-end throughout Texas…well it’d probably look weird since they’re see-through? Regardless of their visibility issues though I promise they could make another chain-link fence around Greenland…. If only we had proper visual representation.

Your circulatory system consists of veins and arteries which supplies nourishment/BC, produces hormones & chemicals substances coherently across each tissue group while working in unison, in your body. Arteries take blood from the heart to different parts of the body while veins return it back.

Now, let’s consider terminal branches numbering two in number (L or R) known as carotid arteries collectively responsible for channeling oxygen and several macronutrients to our craniums – . Additionally, these crucial transporters are connected with branches that ensure other vital organs such as eyes mouth tongue ears get proper supply throughout their own set pathways running through skull cap/base.

What Are The Signs Of Blocked Carotids?

While we’ve already discussed some basic information regarding the circulatory system – knowledge is power people! If one does not know when something isn’t working right then how can they ever hope for a solution…right?

Here are some of the common signals that suggest you might have clogs within those piping systems:

  • Lack of movement
  • Bouts Of Blue Or Pale Skin Tone Patterns
  • Pulsating Headaches
  • Tiredness after physical activity

Clearly …clearly ..none of these symptoms sound refreshing or revitalizing enough leave someone fully charged up like an Energizer bunny. Not only do they bother us by draining energy levels but also disturb professional/academic focus thus affecting overall daily routine functioning on every level whether work life balance wise!

And frankly speaking, when was “Half-asleep both physically & mentally” listed under employee skills requirements list eh HR depts all over world?

Glossary Check: By ‘nourishment/BC’, I mean ‘nutrient-oxygenated’2.supply-blood cells’.

Risk Factors Associated With Clogged-Up Pipes

So what causes plaque build-up in carotid vessels leading them down this path/ditch towards becoming clogged straw drinking devices? While there’s no straightforward answer here let’s read few possible stumbling blocks causing velocity bottlenecks today.

  1. Age: As we all know, age is an inevitable phenomenon. Our bodily functions and circulation slow down as we grow older, making us more susceptible to blockages.

  2. Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices: Need I say more about junk food intake? The typical western diet of overconsumption is not healthy at all – high blood pressure leads to plaque build-up in your carotid arteries.

  3. Tobacco Use: Smoking cigarettes increases the risk of inflammation which eventually contributes towards increased plaque accumulation thus decreasing streamlined transportation routes for nutrients/oxygen supply

Well dam … sounds like a recipe for disaster waiting around few corners there eh readers? To avoid those numbers from skyrocketing here’s what folks do in order keep these consequences bay :

  • Eat healthily/smaller meals– pumpkin can suddenly look incredibly enticing who’s with me?
  • Exercise / Walk More often- meet that menacing treadmill or jog away into woods… Or just out preety close enough
  • Limit smoking/drinking- trust me on this it doesn’t help breath/kissing game either…
  • Monitor Cholesterol/Blood Pressure Levels regularly

Caution Check: Consult your Doctor before taking any steps/formulating plans geared towards resolving such issues mentioned above; everyone needs personal tailored attention depending different individual cases & type of functional disease(s) involved therefore safety first right?

So What Exactly Happens When Clogs In Your Pipes Time-Out?

Just like oil gunk builds up inside pipes/straws once accumulated threshold value nears full capacity flow rates decrease gradually causing—wait does anyone hear trickling faucet sound drip drip drop little April shower..wahey Hercules childhood memories fleeting through my mind.

Anyways focus people let’s get back on track with what occurs when artery systems hit their obstructions –

  1. Stroke Risk Increases : Reduced blood flow creates greater chance neurodegenerative ailments including paralysis/difficulty speaking amongst other things – yikes!

  2. Heart Disease Risk Increases : Obstructed arteries not only affect blood flow to your brain but other organs too, increasing the risk of heart-related issues.

  3. Carotid Artery Disease: Minimum damage can span from severe headaches/ dizzy spells to symptoms as miserable as lessened vision ability potentially caused by partial/or complete slippage in aforementioned capillary channels (carotids).

Simply put guys these conditions hurt! Yes they do …… no exaggeration needed here.


Feeling sluggish lately or experiencing some tingling sensations within facial muscles? Hopefully, after reading this article you’ve gained a better understanding of what causes clogged carotid artery and how certain poor health choices may contribute towards blocking our much-needed nutrients/oxygen supply routes!

Improving lifestyle choices alongside regular check-up appointments with personal physicians will go a long way in combating potential build up riddled inevitably haphazard scenarios lurking around every corner waiting for watershed moments such full blockages causing irreparable bodily harm & paralysis amongst others- always remember kids “an ounce of prevention is worth more than pound cure” so get those steps counted topmost important prerogative right there people!