What causes a abscess in your gum?

Have you ever experienced a sharp, throbbing pain in your mouth that makes it difficult to eat or speak? If so, you may have been suffering from an abscessed tooth. An abscess is an infection caused by harmful bacteria that invades the soft tissue of your gums and creates a collection of pus.

Understanding what causes these painful infections can help prevent them from happening again in the future. So let’s get started with some key insights!

Poor Oral Hygiene Leads to Bad Breath

You heard that right – neglecting basic oral hygiene practices could lead to periodontal issues like abscesses! Things like skipping those regular checkups with your dentist or forgetting about brushing twice daily will do more harm than good for your teeth and gums.

Not only will poor hygiene make any existing gum disease worse and result in halitosis (aka bad breath), but it also puts one at risk for necrotizing gingivitis — a serious condition where the gum tissues begin to break down / develop into debris quickly turning into an acute bacterial infection commonly known as ANUG Ain’t nobody got time for dis!

Tooth Decay: The Major Culprit

Tooth decay often leads to cavities which are holes on our teeth surfaces. But did you know this decay doesn’t stop there? It goes further until it gets through our enamel level! At left unchecked even longer, it ultimately reaches through to other layers including dentine before finally reaching the inside pulp chamber where nasty – surprise- bacterial growth occurs spawning either millions or billions of little “toxic crawlers” slowly spreading outwards turning up pressure until BOOM!–the offending gland turns itself visible supparing between two teeth signaling extreme pain has arrived usually late afternoon/early evening when no dental provider is around!!! Don´t end up stranded!!

Once one develops a cavity, allowing food and other debris to collect within it can put the tooth at a high risk for infection, which can eventually lead to an abscess. The bacteria present in these spaces have access to decaying food particles and sugar that cling there without proper cleaning – providing nourishment & delighting in breeding new squadrons of microbes readying themselves for resurgence against humanity!!

To avoid this looming menace, we should be sure always to address cavities early by performing regular checkups with our dentist. 

Periodontitis: An Enemy You May Have No Clue Of

Periodontal diseases are typically caused by gingivitis — inflammation from bacterial growth on gum tissue surfaces. Neglecting daily cleaning habits allow sticky substances called plaque bacterium located between teeth and along the gum line leading many patients’ periodontal diseases much more difficult than suppose “to deal with easily”. Oh tragedy! Gingivitis doesn’t just cause bleeding gums but leads further towards periodontiti where oral swelling greatly advance allowing nasty subterranean colonies of biofilm begin developing pockets surrounding roots creating large infected lesions underneath until BANG – your apicoectomy surgery free ticket has disappeared- welcome root canal pain!!

Be vigilant about the massive infiltration occurring inside our mouth especially when brushing & floss regularly so as not let gingival infections spiral into pathological problems!!! Also keep your eyes peeled (insert picture here) watch out any signs emerging like chronic bad breath or overall orange pigmentation infiltrating gums looking like—well–let’s say anything resembling something already overripe.

Trauma Wreaks Havoc Too

If trauma arises due ant faulty dental practices , accidental injury could occur exposing your pearly whites arrayed neatly within their sockets giving villains quick entry points direct into soft tissues leading ultimately draining toooutwardly on cheek sacs oftentimes causing extreme pain since ruptured abscesses reaching superficial layers containing pressure no longer through protecting layers like alveolar bone.

To avoid trauma induced imbalance or teeth abnormalities, it’s important to always make use of safety gear when needed while also engaging cautiously in sportive activities with the potentials for facial altercations happening around. 


Abscessed gums, an infection caused by bacteria accumulation within gum tissue is no joke! Good oral hygiene habits, visiting your dental provider regularly should be ensured so as not to develop periodontal diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis which are known abscess onset agents. Remember cavities can also lead to infections and necessary steps must be taken early on to prepare yourself against disease inducing factors.

Let this reminder from tooth care professionals seep into our brains–lest one mistakenly thinks a daily floss appointment an irritating time consuming affair!! And let’s work towards brushing twice every day (with fluoride toothpaste please!); keep those mouth-cleanliness practices topmost close-by enabling us all better prevention from any painful inflammatory bodily situations arising inside us!!!

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