What can you take to suppress a cough?

Ah, the joys of coughing – that unpleasant sensation in your throat making you sound like a pack-a-day smoker for no good reason. Whether your cough stems from allergies, seasonal flus or simply too much dust inhalation, one thing is for sure: suppressing the urge by yourself can be pretty difficult. But do not fret, dear reader! As always here to save the day with our outlandish sense of humor, we have put together everything “juicy” you might need (pun fully intended) to suppress that pesky itch in your throat.

The first line of defense: Over-the-Counter Medications

In this vast pharmacy world we live in (cue sarcastic drum roll), it’s only logical first things come … medicine shopping. So let’s get cracking on these over-the-counter sweet like candy pills:


Be careful not to start sucking a lollypop while taking these babies as they are easily mistaken for candy with their raspberry and honey flavors. They work by numbing your nerve reflex in the throat so all you feel then is cool relief! Side effects include excessive drooling but hey … if anything it’s an incentive right?


A spoonful of sugar helps the medication go down … or does it? You may still be startled when tasting some syrups out there because boy oh boy are they bitter; imagine scooping dirty dish water off a plate at a junior high cafeteria with a rusty fork before being drenched full-throttle in seawater … yum!

Honey & Lemon Syrup

The humble combo which has been suppressing coughs long before Big Pharma showed up!! To make it interesting try adding ginger or baking soda for extra fun!!!! Note: Just don’t eat cake batter after experimenting with ingredients … Baking powder tastes nothing like baking soda.


Probably one of the most overlooked medications out there, not only do they clear up congestion which is associated with coughs but you can also mix them with hot water and create a lovely sauna atmosphere without having to leave your house. Just don’t fall asleep in the midst of it all … water everywhere!!!!

When OTC Medications Don’t Do The Trick: Prescription Drugs

If after tormenting yourself – and maybe those around you – for more than three weeks of persistent hacking and spasms at night, it’s time to take things up a notch:


Often provided as a last resort when everything else falls short except its side effects might make some people unwilling to try: dizziness, nausea, vomiting or constipation just to name but a few.
Tip from experts; Don’t try this on days you have important dates (or work presentations) lined-up!

Dextromethorphan aka DXM

It sounds like something from prehistoric times doesn’t it? I bet our ancestors recognized this immediately upon hearing its sound in their first pentatonic jam sessions over campfires! But moving away from weekend anthropology lectures … Apart from sounding complicated enough that no-one will guess what’s wrong if caught reading off instructions mid-date – this medication works by inhibiting cough signals sent via the brain even though consuming too much can lead to sedation so handle these with kit gloves!


Good luck getting anyone at Walgreens (“America’s Drugstore”) excited about selling Guaifenesin. However don’t let your peers who can’t pronounce medical terms give you second thoughts; spending less downtime … clearing out, means more playing Candy Crush on your phone whilst sipping Pina Coladas or actually doing something productive because frankly we’re sick of seeing vacation hashtags running down our Instagram feed!!!

Natural remedies that are funnier than the last season of Riverdale (if that’s even possible!!!)

If, on the other hand, you’re trying to avoid manufactured medicines altogether, there exists a plethora of natural remedies.


Did someone say candy cane? Or was it actual honey? I’m confused! Sure honey is nothing new; we’ve been using it for centuries as an all-around healing agent which presupposes its effectiveness against symptomatic coughing. Why not give yourself something sweet while giving applause-worthy performances whilst choking up?


It’s good for preventing vampires getting me and more importantly helping suppress that cough – because hey who needs mints anyway when you have garlic breath to keep coworkers at bay?! But seriously, just ensure your dependents don’t go into vampire slayer mode if they smell your breath over their morning croissants … but at least no-one will be catching anything nasty from you!!!

Pineapple Juice

One word – Bromelain. Yes let those memories come flooding back … Forgetting who’s who during Christmas drinks because things get really “fun”??? well, now imagine having pineapple juice without feelings of hangovers and regret!!

Foods That May Help Suppress Coughs

Now that we’ve established food as potential medicine proponents (because our readers can’t possibly get enough) here are a couple of items worth including in your diet in order to lower any onset of cough:


Not only do these look like alien invaders about to hatch some sorta invasion plan (just me?) but mushrooms help improve immune function so why not add them… ^(to pizzas) and grab burgers being sure … take note:^ eating healthy foods also means stuffing superfoods inbetween indulgent meals!

Brazil nuts

My personal favorite sounding nut out there!!! No need for supplements when munching on these bad boys because this south-american staple has high levels of selenium essential to immune function (and a loud crunch too) for added fun!


Words cannot express enough how it’s become one of the go-to food-staples during cough season. From ginger tea, candy or even just munching on raw ones throughout the day – this powerful anti-inflammatory has been known to ease sore throats and reduce inflammation in air-passages so why not add them… ^(to smoothies) knowing you’re doing your body some favors!!

Drinks That Might Relieve A Cough

Finally onto liquid treatments that might be worth exploring alongside medication.


Chamomile tea is probably one of the most popular options here as its soothing properties help relax lower respiratory tract muscles; a calming effect we desperately require after our lungs undergo intense bout(s) of trauma caused purely by trying not to cough. If chamomile isn’t quite hitting those high notes then let’s get experimental with combinations such as Lavender-Mint or Citrus-Ginger! Drinking these can turn rooibos fanatics into herbivores overnight … (we couldn’t resist).


Last but far from least – H2O. Yes plain old water may seem basic if compared to Chamomile-Lavender-Cream-and-Sugar-Blend but dehydration often triggers ruthless coughs meaning continuous ‚hydration makes all the difference between getting better sooner rather than later.

At this point dear reader, there lies at bay everything conceivable towards suppressing that annoying itch within our respiratory system aside from visiting a real doctor because no matter how much my mom wishes her homeopathic remedies would suffice sorry mom I have subscribed for health insurance.

Peace Out & Medicate Responsibly!

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