What can you put on blisters on feet?

Blisters are those annoying bubble-like things that can occur anywhere in the body, but most commonly on feet. They usually form due to friction or burn and pop up unexpectedly without an invitation. If you’re reading this article, it means you’ve got one or more blisters gasp! But don’t worry; I’m here to help. In this piece, we’ll be discussing various remedies for treating blisters, including what you can put on them.

Understanding Blisters

Before we dive into the solution section of the article let’s learn a little about what causes these pesky bubbles is severe friction between your skin and something else – like tight shoes rubbing against your skin or walking long distances with sweaty socks (ICK!). This process forms a pocket of fluid beneath your upper layer of skin resulting in a very swollen bump.

This swelling may sound daunting but actually helps keep germs from entering deeper layers of skin before they close over allowing moisture to drain out naturally. It’s important not to remove that natural ‘roof’ as it will increase risks of infection even further!

Prevention is Key!

You know how they say prevention is better than cure? Well in terms of reducing blister risk factors taking preventative measures should go side by side with any attempt at curing its symptoms:

Invest In Good Shoes

Good quality shoes provide great support thus minimizing chances excess movement inside shoe which potentially cause irritation leading cutting off any chance for friction from arising.

Socks Rule

Not just any sock though- first make sure socks fit well and stay dry when wearing them around especially during physical activity while exercising outdoors etc where moisture build-up may happen faster than regular days meaning prevention sometimes becomes much harder work!

Add Moisture To Your Skin Regularly

Dry skin leaves cracks within our epidermis making us more vulnerable tear from even the smallest form of friction. Add lotions and creams to maintain softness which provides better protection.

Once you have done all these things, it’s not 100% guaranteed that you won’t get a blister, but at least prevention combined with some practical steps will eliminate many causative agents.

What Can You Put on Blisters On Feet?

Here are few remedies grouped according to type:

Natural Remedies

Aloe Vera

Oh my goodness! Who doesn’t love a good natural remedy? The power of aloe vera is like no other – its outstanding anti-inflammatory and healing properties make it perfect for treating blisters as well. Break off fresh leaves from an organic plant then apply their mucilage gel directly onto opening in skin area covering them afterwards + leaving rest & repeat process until symptoms cease!

Chamomile Tea Bags

Incorporate oil extracts especially tea bags infused with special bandages ! Place such a bag onto affected part of foot once soaked chill overnight or atleast3+ hours this helps reduce inflammation making way for rapid recovery.

Over-The-Counter Solutions

If going down the over-the-counter path check out stores featuring excellent products :

Compeed Blister Plasters

This brand offers one the best plasters {Stichwort} available online/in-store ideal for before or even after your blister pops these come in various sizes – try selecting one along specific size lines allowing room between themselves heal naturally respectively.

When Should You Seek Medical Advice For Blisters?

These times are when medical advice may be required :

  • If blister covers large area(s) (whole sole etc).
  • Getting multiple blisters episodically without any apparent reason (hike, run) could signal chronic condition .
  • Lesion pops becoming infected: worsening redness pain swelling discoloration yellow/green discharge = Visit doctor!

Having gone through all possible home remedies without seeing any sort of improvement or worse symptoms starting to show means it’s time to consult.


Dealing with blisters on feet isn’t pleasant, but following the above tips can prevent them from forming in the first place. And should they happen? You now have an arsenal of natural and store-bought remedies that’ll help you bid adieu painless enough so kicking off shoes doesn’t become a chore again! Ultimately remember to keep skin soft & hydrated while not overdoing physical activity for prevention note: when all else fails seeking medical attention is last resort.

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