What can you not do when breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience for any mother, but it has its limits. As much as you wish to reclaim your freedom and multitask while nursing, certain things just can’t be done. Sorry guys, no Superman or Wonder Woman superpowers here! So let’s keep it real and talk about what can’t be done when breastfeeding without endangering your baby.

Jumping Jacks? No way!

Physical activities that require jumping, bouncing or rough movements are definitely not on the list of things to do while nursing. The last thing you want to do is wiggle around so much that poor little junior fails off the nipple causing nipple trauma (ouch!).

Tip: Save those jumping jacks for after feeding time.

Using Heavy Machinery? Hells No!

This should go without saying – heavy machinery does NOT mix with breastfeeding! Handling large machines requires complete focus and undivided attention; there isn’t room for accidents due to secondary distractions like breastfeeding.

Tip: Wait until feeding time’s over before heading back into work mode.

Sky Diving? Not really…

One adventure sport adrenaline junkies might have a hard time doing again while breastfeeding is skydiving! Surprised?

You wouldn’t want anything unexpected happening mid-jump leading both mama’s equipment (if you know what I mean) and the kidlet in danger because we all know who’d prioritize saving during mishaps- Mama will always neglectless her own safety over her child’s grin.

Fun Fact: Your body goes through physiological changes during early pregnancy which may necessitate limitations on some active sports prior to birth delivery also postpartum till recovery processes are completed.

Also don’t forget new jeans size my friend

Drinking…and Smoking?

While drinking small quantities of alcohol maybe allowed by many lactation professionals unlike smoking cigarettes, drinking more drinks or smoking any quantity of cannabis/hash/ and nicotine/tobacco are not safe for you or your baby.

Alcohol enters breast milk within an hour postconsumption, this might make little one feel sensitive, restless and episodic during breastfeeding. The time taken to clear off Breast-milk is also uncertain in many cases but it can be prevented.

Smoking passes chemicals such as nicotine into Mommy’s bloodstream which will eventually drip-pooop into the Breast-milk too. Therefore refrain from lighting a cigarette/smoke at least two-hours before feed-time.

Tip: If Mama needs alcohol she must pump and dump afterwards (once every 2oz/60ml drink) so that there’s no trace of alcohol left on mama’s bloodstreams or milk supply levels during next feeding sessions after consumption history. But for smoking/unhealthy habits best bet would be avoiding them & seeking professional aid where needed!

Taking “Prohibited” Medications

Some pain medications containing opioid substances are prohibited while breastfeeding because they pass through breastmilk potentially leading to toxic effects on the baby as well; other drugs may have “passive” transfer rates being able to reach potential risk areas consequently causing unwanted episodes in kiddo!

Always consult with a physician about what medicine is suitable before administering anything new when nursing opting instead for ones modulated specifically towards mothers comfort if need-be, ensuring minimal effect on neonates optimal health status – remembering there just some modifications fit altered medical conditions respectively!

Fun Fact: Did you know monitoring only takes place via case-by-case basis?

Other Notable Things You Can’t Do

Aside from heavy machinery operation sports events like (here goes nothing) snowboarding/skiing/mountain-climbing/show jumping-dressage otherwise known mostly dangerous outdoor sport-fun activities requiring balance and intensive muscle strength usage should better be outperformed far away from newborns’ delivery rooms too!

Other “forbidden” things moms should avoid doing when breastfeeding includes:

  • Lifting heavy items which may strain back, shoulders or arms muscles that’ll affect babies’ feeding sessions and posture.

At other times Moms maybe the ones being lifted – no judgements here- but precautions must be taken considering how uppermost babes can grow quickly over time. Carrying heavyweight bags for lengthy periods also isn’t valid resulting in unfavorable consequences due to poor body balance, coordination loss & likely injury occurrences..

  • Applying strong odours/perfumes around while nursing such as hair dyes/harsh deodorants might trigger potential allergies or breathing issues for baby.

Still ensuring sanity amidst the struggles of coping with raising a precious life is important thus every once in awhile mommy deserves something up-cheerful delightful like manicure-pedicure/weekend spa treatments/self-indulgences! Just ensure good ventilation etc when possible so some special moments do not bring unnecessary harm!

Tip: Overcoming postpartum depression could benefit from added caregiver support both materialistic and emotional provisions.


If you’re reading this article it shows astounding proactiveness towards maternal responsibilities – kudos girl power!
Although there are limits on what you can do while breastfeeding; mums should remember how significant their roles truly are ensuring children get optimal nurture during these fragile infancy stages.
So don’t fall for society’s dilemma about making impossible demands (sometimes even unsafely) by pushing yourself beyond reasonable extents because always remember to prioritize caring attentive presence toward our little munchkins first before any other goals!
And finally congratulations instilling that enhanced version of womanhood within your beautiful stories- Happy Breastfeeding 😊